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Rules package doubters

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I have heard for the past 2 years that you just can't compete against an open motor in our series. I wanted to put together a few fun facts on finishes, etc. After the first 3 races.


Race 1: 3 aluminum open motors in the field. Top 5 breakdown as follows: 4 crates, and 1 open. Winner was crate.


Race 2: 2 aluminum open motors. Top 5: 1 crate, 3 SUPR spec, and 1 open. Winner was SUPR spec.


Race 3: 3 aluminum open motors. Top 5: 1 crate, 2 SUPR spec, 1 SOS all steel motor, 1 open. Winner: SUPR spec.


3 races, 3 different winners. The only open motor to be top 5 more than once was piloted by Keith White at Cotton Bowl (home track), and the other top 5 with open was GW Hessong at Texana (home track)


SUPR spec motor is very close in power output to many of the motors that are currently being ran in the LLM class, and have won 2 out of the 3 races. The other was won by a 604 crate which is right at 400HP, with another crate picking up a top 3 in the last race at Cotton Bowl Speedway.


Can you now see the merit in this rules package? I don't think there is any one combination with a clear advantage here.


IF you'd like to see for yourself, come out to Cotton Bowl Speedway on August 29th and have a look at what type of racing exists between these varying engine combinations.

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