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Coors Light Summer Sizzler Presented by Backwoods Saloon and Sames For

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Fin Start # Driver Laps Best Lap Points Purse

1-8-96 John Heil-35-14.530-44-$700

2-7-82 Anthony Monroe-35-14.794-42-$525

3-2-101 Tanner Whitmire-35-14.554-41-$400

4-5-11 Gary Box-35-14.943-40-$350

5-9-23 Cody Limerick-35-15.123-39-$325

6-1-97 John Witzsche-35-14.722-38-$300

7-13-21 Eric Ramos-34-14.854-37-$200

8-6-14D Derek Legg-34-14.884-36-$150

9-14-123 Chuck Perry-34-15.285-35-$125

10-11-15C Colt Mize-32-15.962-34-$125

11-3-15 Cody Beddoe-30-14.438-33-$125

12-4-25 Tyler Box-25-14.948-32-$125

13-10-17 Donald Krahn-22-15.302-31-$125

14-12-51 Rocky Mize-2-16.763-30-$125


Mark Herring Race Engines Long Haul Award 14D Derek Legg $100

Browning Auto Parts Hard Luck Award 25 Tyler Box $100

Rhino Race Rearends Hard Charger Award 96 John Heil $50

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