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After talking to all drivers there and taking a tally on what they think is best the TALMS board has decided this is the best way to deal with the qualifying ordeal.


All new cars will qualify. Any car that was present on May 30th will be able to requalify and take the best time of the two qualifying sessions. May 30th will or June 6th.


The top 6 from May 30th will remain locked in and will redraw on the front stretch during driver intros.


This appears to be the most fair option for both parties. Thank you to all the drivers for giving your input.


I hope everyone understands the outcome of this extremely difficult situation.


Thank you for all of your support and I will see you all at the races!

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If you have any questions or concerns about this call ME! Not the track! This is not a CC Speedway decision!


CC Speedway has been very hospitable to us and any decision made by TALMS should not reflect them!


My number is 361-813-5594

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