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Qualifying results from IHRA Nitro Jam Summer Nationals at Cordova

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Qualifying Results From IHRA Nitro Jam Summer Nationals at Cordova International Raceway

CORDOVA, ILLINOIS (May 29, 2015) - Qualifying results from the IHRA Nitro Jam Summer Nationals at Cordova International Raceway in Cordova, Illinois. Due to weather, the second round of AMSOIL Nitro Funny Car Presented By Aeromotive qualifying will be held on Saturday.


1 Jason Rupert (Yorba Linda, California) 1969 Camaro 5.631 sec./259.01 mph

2 Paul Romine (Fishers, Indiana) 1979 Mustang 5.693 sec./250.92 mph

3 John Hale (Addison, Texas) 1969 Camaro 5.750 sec./247.93 mph

4 Tim Boychuk (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) 1977 Firebird 5.765 sec./242.93 mph

5 Mike McIntire (Mentor, Ohio) 1970 Camaro 5.820 sec./255.19 mph

6 Wayne Mellinger (North Ridgeville, Ohio) 1971 Challenger 5.919 sec./235.31 mph

7 Steve Nichols (Newark, Delaware) 1970 Camaro 6.015 sec./235.19 mph

8 Bruce Litton (Indianapolis, Indiana) 1974 Vega 6.038 sec./236.92 mph

Not qualified:

9 Greg Jacobsmeyer (Flourissant, Missouri) 1970 Challenger 6.135 sec./233.03 mph

10 Doc Halladay (Eagan, Minnesota) 1978 Arrow 6.168 sec./222.51 mph

11 Marc White (Chicago, Illinois) 1977 Monza 6.227 sec./204.29 mph

12 Shawn Bowen (Grand Blanc, Michigan) 1970 Challenger 6.667 sec./150.93 mph

13 Mark Sanders (Maple Valley, Washington) 1970 Mustang DQ

CROWER PRO MOD - after one round

1 Dina Parise (New Freedom, Pennsylvania) 2013 Cadillac 6.913 sec./154.35 mph

2 John Welter (Mitchellville, Iowa) 1968 Firebird 9.014 sec./89.49 mph

3 Ruben Tetsoshvili (Wesley Chapel, Florida) 1970 Camaro 9.404 sec./96.18 mph

U.S. BOUNTY HUNTERS PRO STOCK - after two rounds

1 Kevin Bealko (Bridgeport, West Virginia) 2014 Camaro 6.314 sec./222.55 mph

2 Cary Goforth (Holdenville, Oklahoma) 2013 Camaro 6.318 sec./221.78 mph

3 Dean Goforth (Holdenville, Oklahoma) 2015 Camaro 6.320 sec./220.58 mph

4 Scott Hintz (Odessa, Texas) 2013 Mustang 6.320 sec./217.84 mph

5 John Montevcalvo (Center Moriches, New York) 2014 Camaro 6.341 sec./221.13 mph

6 Matt Bertsch (Tecumseh, Michigan) 2007 Mustang 6.347 sec./220.04 mph

7 J.R. Carr (Pasco, Washington) 2015 Camaro 6.351 sec./221.71 mph

8 Trevor Eman (Pos Chiquito, Aruba) 2011 Mustang 6.381 sec./219.19 mph

Not qualified:

9 John DeFlorian Jr. (Arnold, Missouri) 2015 Camaro 6.398 sec./221.20 mph

10 Brad Waddle (Salina, Kansas) 2013 Mustang 6.422 sec./219.97 mph

11 Larry O'Brien (Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada) 2014 Avenger 6.451 sec./219.19 mph

NITRO HARLEY -- after two rounds

1 Jay Turner (Julian, North Carolina) 6.334 sec./220.66 mph

2 Larry "Drums" Brancaccio (Nutley, New Jersey) 6.377 sec./214.38 mph

3 Randal Andras (Amelia, Louisiana) 6.404 sec./218.80 mph

4 Alvin Kobernusz (Manly, Iowa) 6.723 sec./214.08 mph

5 Jim Fagan (Valley City, Ohio) 6.810 sec./209.17 mph

6 Tii Tharpe (East Bend, North Carolina) 6.934 sec./163.77 mph

7 Tracy Kile (Asheville, North Carolina) 8.535 sec./109.99 mph

8 Brian Jernigan (Cypress, Texas) 8.726 sec./185.56 mph

Not qualified:

9 Chris Streeter (Cleveland, Ohio) 8.733 sec./126.34 mph

10 Paul Kelly (Mohall, North Dakota) 8.744 sec./128.19 mph

11 Rickey House (Humble, Texas) 9.255 sec./200.17 mph

JET DRAGSTER -- after one round

1 Katarina Moller (Sarasota, Florida) 5.797 sec./277.60 mph

2 Elaine Larsen (West Welborne, Florida) 5.881 sec./273.27 mph

3 Shea Holbrook (Groveland, Florida) 6.225 sec./262.64 mph

4 Marisha Falk (Port Orange, Florida) 7.173 sec./187.36 mph



Third round of Nitro Jam qualifying - 2 p.m.

Pre-race ceremonies - 4:45 p.m.

First round of Nitro Jam eliminations - 5 p.m.

Second round of Nitro Jam eliminations - 7 p.m.

Final round of Nitro Jam eliminations - 8:30 p.m.

Schedule subject to change.



All tickets include a free pit pass.

Cordova International Raceway is located at 19425 IL Rt. 84 N, Cordova, Illinois. For more information, please call (309) 654-2110 or visitwww.racecir.com.

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