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Sport Mod Drivers!

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Sport Mod Drivers!


Sick and tired of Mother Nature ruining your racing fun?!


Don't wanna buy asphalt tires?


We now have a solution Ladies and Gentlemen!


Lawrence Mikulencak with Ace Transmission, Ray Doyon III with 3D Landscaping, William Hoffstadt and Hector Agguire with Sames Ford and Charly York are putting up $100 each to the highest finishing car on dirt tires (with the exception of the right rear)


Ray Doyon is putting in a little incentive if you win with an extra $100.


Here is the regular purse on Asphalt Tires.










$125 on down


If you are the highest finishing car to run dirt tires (with the exception of the right rear) here's what you'll be paid by position. (Only the HIGHEST FINISHING dirt tire car will get the bonus money, this is just showing what the highest finishing dirt tire car will get paid wherever they finish. This is not the payout)










9-$625 on down.


Come and get it!

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