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Mufflers at Cotton Bowl Speedway

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As a reminder for those that raced with us at Cotton Bowl in 2013, and for those that haven't raced there before, They do REQUIRE mufflers and turndowns.


Shoenfeld has a few good options that they stock through Day Motorsports



From Cotton Bowl Speedway General Rules:


"NOTE: All cars, all classes must have Cottonbowl Speedway approved UNALTERED mufflers and meet the 98DB noise reduction rule. Mufflers Options: IMCA Sport Mod. must run SCHOENFELD IMCA609, IMCA930, or IMCA935. to meet 98 dB rule IMCA Modified must use IMCA legal Mufflers to meet 98 dB rule. 305 Racesaver Sprints Must run Mufflers. to meet 98 dB rule All Other Classes You Must run one of these un-altered Mufflers or inserts to meet 98 dB rule: (SCHOENFELD IMCA609, IMCA930, or IMCA935. Reduce sound by 9 dB) LOBACK MUFFLER, , DYNTECH 11" AUGER INSERT or SPEEDWAY 11" UN-ALTERED AUGER INSERT. (EXTREME MUFFLER P/N 1014-3030 or 1114-3535 97dB) Turn downs Are required and you must meet 98 dB rule for 2014."


Cotton Bowl Speedway will not give any grace periods on mufflers and turndowns.


Let me know if you have any questions.

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