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Proposed Purse / 2015 Changes

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With the 2015 Season rapidly approaching, we have some exciting things in the works.


First item is the purse we will be racing for. Proposed Purse will be as follows:


1) $800

2) $600

3) $400

4) $300

5) $250

6) $200

7) $150

8-24) $100


Less than 15 cars, first place will be dropped; Less than 10 cars, first and second place will be dropped.


The majority of the sponsorship to make this purse reality is already in place. We have a little work left to finalize that and work on a points fund.



Second item is a few slight changes to race procedures.


1) We will be using a passing points system in 2015. There will still be points for finishing position, but there will be the addition of passing points for any positions gained throughout the heat races and features.


2) We will be adding a QuickTime session after the heat races. We will have a 3 lap session with the top 2 drivers in passing points from each heat race (if only one heat race, we will take top 4). This will set the top positions in the feature by order of lap times, fastest in the front. This will allow a guy that had a bad pill draw to still have an opportunity to gain some spots in the heat race, lay down a fast lap, and still have an shot at the pole. This should also help a little with torn up equipment.


3) We are in the process of getting our own support staff to travel with us, including but not limited to, Flagman, Techman, announcer, etc.


We are looking forward to a successful 2015 season.

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LOL.. we are working on it.. Trying to get the limited finished but we are working on it. Nobody wants to get it done more than we do.. trust me..

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