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NASCAR AMCAR class to debut at HMP's 2014 season opener

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Gut and clean Body 20hrs @ 15.00 300.00

Strip and Clean frame 10hrs 150.00


Labor to weld cage assuming you have a welding machine 50hrs 750.00



$15 / hour?


Damn you work cheap.


At that rate, you migt want to consider workng at McDonalds. Or better yet, Whataburger.


Not near as labor intensive, you're in the A/C, and you probably get a discount on the food.

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CC57 the discount on the food looks pretty inviting to me.I set the rate to make a point. But if you want to save money you may have to work a little cheaper than you like.

Mark you know that question leads to multiple questions.

What and how many gauges do you want.

Do you want your radiator with hose or AN.

Would you like to have 9" or 7.5 rear.

Should I put chrome or heavy painted wheels.

You get the point.

That's why I compared frame and body to frame and


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I want one for me! 360motorsports.com is working on a package price for the additional components not available through or required by AMCAR. Jason Trotter 855-360-7223

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