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White, Blaylock, Tucker, Roller take IMCA wins @ Texas Thunder 7/4

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IMCA Lone Star Series @ Texas Thunder Speedway, 7-4-13

By J M Hallas


Killeen, TX.,(July 4th, 2013) What better place to be on Independence Day than at a race track, with historic old Fort Hood in the background. The IMCA Lone Star Series concluded its race schedule with one final show at Killeen’s Texas Thunder Speedway. Drivers from across the state signed in for a full night of racing and the crowning of three Lone Star Series champions in the IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Southern Sportmods and IMCA Stock Cars.


Calera, Oklahoma’s William Gould leads the IMCA Modified field by a scant 8 points over IMCA National Champion Keith White. David Davis, John Gober and Joe Spillman round out the top five in points.


In the Southwest Racing Specialties, IMCA Southern Sportmods Gabe Tucker(Carbon) comes into the night leading local driver GW Egbert IV by six markers. Rounding out the top five are Dean Abbey, Brad Shirley and Chad Hertel.


The Closest battle was in the Wildchild Racecars IMCA Stock Cars with Haslet’s Matt Guillaume leading the pack by four points over Cory Davis, who failed to make the trip. Gabe Tucker, Mike McCarthy and JC Howell complete the top five in points.


White Wires Modified Field for Big Pay Day

Defending National and Multi-time track champion, Keith White, showed his driving prowess on the tricky dry slick track to take the IMCA Modified A-main. White(Academy) was chased and challenged early by points rival William Gould, who faded in the final laps. Gould survived for fifth place finish, and despite losing the battle, won the war for the Lone Star Series Championship over White.


It was fitting that the two, not only series points contenders, but National points combatants, White and Gould, paced the 24-car field to green. White got the jump off turn 4 for the lead, but coming around for lap 1 Doyle Massa, Jerry Frydrych and Ben Ketteman got tangled in turn 4 ending Ketteman’s night early.


The second start saw White again power off turn 4 on the bottom with Gould, Josh McGaha, Darin Leonard and Hardy Henderson in pursuit. Chris Elliot, using the high side, picked off fourth as the top three settled in, nose to tail. Kevin Sustaire made his way into the top five getting by H. Henderson on lap 4.


Gould gave White his first challenge on lap 5, sticking the nose inside White, but White held the spot. The try on White gave McGaha a run on Gould, but Gould squeezed back to the bottom holding McGaha off. As the leaders hit lapped traffic nearing halfway, JP Dowell, who started out back, charged his way into the top 5, in a ‘where did that guy come from’ moment.


Gould again got the front bumper inside White on lap 19, but a caution for debris slowed the action. On the restart, Gould, McGaha and Dowell tried to go three wide into turn 3 with McGaha getting second. Gould then battled with Dowell for third while trying to retake second at the same time.


All the jostling behind him gave White some breathing room with two laps to go. Dowell and Gould swapped third before Dowell secured the spot while Elliot moved in on Gould on the final lap. White, in the KSG Motorsports, Braka Operating, Tubbs Paint & Body, Temple Iron & Metal, BSB Shocks, Extreme Graphics, Lampasas Iron & Metal, Craftmasters Powder coating, Chapman’s Bail Bonds, KSE powered, Hughes Chassis had a couple car lengths on McGaha at the checkers.


“We had some trouble the third race Abilene for the Lone Star Series and that put us in a hole.” Replied White, on falling short of the Lone Star Series title. “We’ve tried to claw our way back picking up a point here, two points there. It made it tough getting down that many, that early”


“We’re not only battling William(Gould) for the series championship, but the National championship as well. Starting together did come into my mind, plus this race paid $2,013 to win. When you add that in, you want to win it all.”


“We took what we could get. The car was pretty decent. Then we go on to the next race. I don’t think I had an advantage running here, except maybe the comfort level. Williams run enough to know what he’s going to do. He won this race here last year. He’s good wherever he goes.”


“Being the defending champion does put a little pressure on me. It’s ok. Everyone wants to outrun you and how hard they race you, especially here at one of my home tracks. I don’t look at that as bad thing, it’s a good thing.”


IMCA Modifieds

1 Keith White, 911 Josh McGaha, 95 JP Dowell, 9c Chris Elliot, 60 William Gould, 12 Scooter Bates, 71k Kevin Sustaire, 5k Kenny Stone, 63 Hardy Henderson, 52x John Gober, 1x Jake Henderson, 444 Joe Spillman, 52 Ken Old, 126 Darin Leonard, 78 Trevor Egbert, 37b Don Banker, 31 Doyle Massa, 19 George Lamphere jr., 51 Tom Walp , 13 Jerry Frydrych, 555 Joey Craig, D02 David Davis, 707 PJ Egbert, 37 Ben Ketteman, 01x Anthony Bradley---DNS




IMCA Modified heats

Heat 1; 12 Scooter Bates, 78 Trevor Egbert, 5k Kenny Stone, 52x John Gober, 444 Joe Spillman, 13 Jerry Frydrych, 95 JP Dowell


Heat 2; 9c Chris Elliot, 63 Hardy Henderson, 71k Kevin Sustaire, 52 Ken Old, 51 Tom Walp, 19 George Lamphere Jr.


Heat 3; 1 Keith White, 1x Jake Henderson, 126 Darin Leonard, 31 Doyle Massa, 555 Joey Craig, 01x Anthony Bradley


Heat 4; 60 William Gould, 707 PJ Egbert, 911 Josh McGaha, D02 David Davis, 37b Don Banker, 37 Ben Ketteman


Blaylock Best of the Bunch in IMCA Sportmods

In his first ever visit to Texas Thunder Speedway, Brandon Blaylock, who recently moved to the Austin area, played the spoiler roll in Lone Star Series points Battle. Blaylock went flag to flag holding off point’s chaser GW Egbert, who had his own challengers. After a late caution re-stacked the field, Blaylock eased away in his Diamondback Transport, BeBo Graphics, Big Chief Chassis for the win.


As the 22-car IMCA Sportmod field rolled to green, Blaylock(Pflugerville) held off Egbert for the lead coming off turn 2. After a quick yellow for debris, multi-time I-37 Raceway track champ, Johnny Torre began making progress on the high side moving by Randy Doyle for sixth, after starting in row 5. Blaylock began inching away, while Torres cracked the top five getting by Cody Leonard.


Staying up top, Torres made his way past Gabe Tucker and Jeff Sheppard for third as the leader run up on slower traffic. Egbert was able to make up some distance and caught a yellow for debris on lap 11. On the restart Torres got around Egbert for second, with a four wide battle for sixth behind the lead group.


Torres pulled alongside Blaylock for the lead on lap 16, but slipped in turn 2 giving up some ground and falling back to the clutches of Egbert. Egbert was able to retake second before a caution for Don Painter and Doug Lorenz getting hooked on lap 22. Blaylock got away by a car length as Torre began to fade with a flat left front. David Goode jr. made a big run on the high side on the last lap, but it was Blaylock grabbing the victory.


Tucker held his top five spot, finishing fourth while Egbert came up a little short despite finishing second. Tucker earned the IMCA Lone Star Series Southern Sportmod Championship.


IMCA Southern Sportmods

9 Brandon Blaylock, 717 GW Egbert, 7g David Goode jr., 95 Gabe Tucker, 66 Johnny Torres, 601 Chris Cogburn, 65 Randy Doyle, 37 Jeffery Abbey, 171 Jeff Sheppard, 12 Cody Leonard, 712 Colton Monroe, 97 Doug Lorenz, 21r Kevin Rogers, 05 Dennis Purrington, 2m Brittany McElroy, 6 Jarrett Roberts, 23 Dennis Heard, 10d Don Painter, 32k Michael Knight, 53 Robert Scrivner, 20k Kevin Stanford, 13g Sarah Goode, 18 Clayton Weatherman---DNS, 555 Richard Shields---DNS




IMCA Southern Sportmod B-main(top 10 transfer)

10d Don Painter, 53 Robert Scrivner, 37 Jeffery Abbey, 13g Sarah Goode, 97 Doug Lorenz, 6 Jarrett Roberts, 32 Michael Knight, 05 Dennis Purrington, 23 Dennis Heard, 21r Kevin Rogers, 555 Richard Shields, 18 Clayton Weatherman, 51 Anna Walp, 24 Robby Minten, 202 James Brown




Heat 1; 2m Brittany McElroy, 65 Randy Doyle, 20k Kevin Stanford, 23 Dennis Heard, 13g Sarah Goode, 202 James Brown, 6 Jarrett Roberts


Heat 2; 9 Brandon Blaylock, 171 Jeff Sheppard, 7g David Goode jr., 10d Don Painter, 21r Kevin Rogers, 51 Anna Walp, 32 Michael Knight


Heat 3; 717 GW Egbert, 601 Chris Cogburn, 12 Cody Leonard, 18 Clayton Weatherman, 24 Robby Minten, 37 Jeffery Abbey, 97 Doug Lorenz


Heat 4; 95 Gabe Tucker, 66 Johnny Torres, 712 Colton Monroe, 53 Robert Scrivner, 05 Dennis Purrington, 555 Richard Shields


Tucker Tames Stout I-Stock Field

Running for two Lone Star Series titles, Gabe Tucker needed some help in the IMCA Stock Cars. He had to count on troubles with Matt Guillaume, which occurred. Second place Cory Davis to not show, he was a no show. Win the I-Stock 25-lapper, which he did. Finally have a big enough field to overcome his 21-point deficit. Only 19-cars took the green. Tucker fought his way past early leader Mike McCarthy near halfway, then had to hold off a late charge from Jason Batt to secure the win.


Mike Walter led the way on the start with Tucker, McCarthy, Charles Cosper and Tyler Muirhead on his tail. Guillaume, who started in the sixth row, tried a bold three wide move, but found an infield tire in turn 3, along with a cut tire. Guillaume pitted for repairs, but pulled off later in the race. Up front, it was McCarthy using the outside to get past Walter for the lead on lap 4.


Walter fought back with he, McCarthy and Tucker three wide on lap 5. McCarthy held the spot, with Tucker taking over second. Cosper was next to put Walter back a spot while Guillaume made his way to the top ten. As McCarthy and Tucker slugged it out for the lead, perennial track front runners, Eric Jones and J. Batt cracked the top five.


As McCarthy and Tucker fought hard for the lead, McCarthy went over the hill on the back stretch giving Tucker the lead on lap 14. McCarthy was not pleased letting Tucker know his displeasure before going to the tail. After a caution for Zach Riley, J. Batt, Jones and Cosper ran three wide for the second spot.


J. Batt came out with the position and started looking under Tucker for lead with five to go. Tucker held steady, with J. Batt again giving him a look on lap 22. They were door to door for the win on lap 23, but it was Tucker able to hang on in the KSG Motorsports, Stephenville Starter, Stacy Farms, Fast Signs, AVP, Triple T Trucking, Fletcher Motorsports powered, Medieval Chassis.


“Finesse, lots of finesse,” said Tucker on getting the win. “It was definitely a slick track. We made a crap shot on the set-up for the Stock Car. Then we lucked out and drew good. We got a lot of pressure from the locals, but were able to hold them off at the end.”


“I didn’t know Matt(Guillaume) had trouble, but knew he drew a 12. We just went out there like we do every weekend and try to run a good, fast, hard race. Mathematically we put ourselves out the first two races of the series.”


I want to thank, Philip and Sherry Arthur, BJ Dulock, Cory Davis, Brad Gaines, and my dad, Jim Tucker.


IMCA Stock Cars

28 Gabe Tucker, 9 Jason Batt, 84x Eric Jones, 4 Tristan Carmen, 33c Charles Cosper, 7 Pat Wilson, 103 JC Howell, 98 Peter Delevan, 489 Anthony Otken, 404 Michael Walter, 20 Trevor Sparkman, 10 Mike McCarthy, 72 Michael Richardson, 03 John Frydrych, 3 Robin Batt, 22t Tyler Muirhead, 110 Zach Riley, 50 Matt Guillaume, T4 Tony Hamil



IMCA Stock Car Heats

Heat 1; 50 Matt Guillaume, 489 Anthony Otken, 20 Trevor Sparkman, 404 Michael Walter, T4 Tony Hamil, 72 Michael Richardson, 03 John Frydrych


Heat 2; 98 Peter Delevan, 3 Robin Batt, 4 Tristan Carmen, 10 Mike McCarthy, 9 Jason Batt, 103 JC Howell


Heat 3; 33c Charles Cosper, 84x Eric Jones, 28 Gabe Tucker, 22t Tyler Muirhead, 7 Pat Wilson, 110 Zach Riley


Roller Rebounds for Hobby Stock Win

Andy Roller rebounded from early trouble then made his way to the front in the 13-car, 20-lap IMCA Hobby Stock main. Roller was battling in the top three with Markiss Harcrow and Jeremy Oliver when problems forced him to pit. Roller quickly cut his way back through the field to fight for the lead with Garrett Rawls and Harcrow. Roller grabbed the top spot in the final laps, while Rawls was shown the black flag.


Harcrow got the lead on green chased by Joe Williams, Stacey Robinette, Oliver and Roller. Roller worked past Oliver, Robinette and Williams, with Oliver tagging along to third. Roller began working on Harcrow for the top spot, with a three wide scrap for fourth behind the lead trio.


On a restart for a Chad Reedy spin, Oliver tried to dive from third to first, but Roller spun to bring out a yellow and send Roller to the back. Roller quickly made his way to the front battling with Rawls and Brandon Guerin for second going three wide on lap 11. Rawls made contact as he battled with Harcrow for the lead. Rawls got the spot, but the black flag as well.


This moved Roller into the lead on lap 12, while Oliver recovered from a crash to make the top five. As the laps wound down, Roller was able to pull away from Harcrow, who had Oliver back on his tail. Oliver was able to retake second spot, but had no challenge for Roller as the laps faded.



IMCA Hobby Stocks

63 Andy Roller, 82 Jeremy Oliver, 8e Markiss Harcrow, 77 Bill Siegman, 32 Joe Williams, 43 Stacey Robinette, 222 James Herring, 202 Chad Reedy, 69 Jesse Johnson, 14 Paul Scrivner, 4g Garrett Rawls---BF(Rough driving), 28 Brandon Guerin, 18 Jeremy Hendrix



IMCA Hobby Stock Heats

Heat 1; 28 Brandon Guerin, 4g Garrett Rawls, 32 Joe Williams, 18 Jeremy Hendrix, 202 Chad Reedy, 222 James Herring, 14 Paul Scrivner


Heat 2; 82 Jeremy Oliver, 63 Andy Roller, 8E Markiss Harcrow, 77 Bill Siegman, 43 Stacey Robinette, 69 Jesse Johnson


Florio Flies to Street Stock Sweep

Wade White led the 21-car, 20-lap Street Stock feature to green and got the lead trailed by Chris Cockrell, Thomas Schmidt, Jeremy Adkins and Chris Florio. Cockrell got the top spot on lap on lap 4, while Schmidt took a trip over the back stretch hill, moving Florio up to third. A slew of yellows slowed the mid-stages of the race.


Once back to green flag racing, Florio got past White for second and ran down Cockrell in traffic. Florio was able to get around Cockrell for the point just past halfway. Florio, in his sharp new bodied Camaro, held off Cockrell and White on some late restarts for the win.


Street Stocks

21 Chris Florio, 45 Chris Cockrell, 68 Wade White, 3 Gary Norman, 181 Ed Thompson, 43 Gene Burnett, 7 Jeremy Adkins, 632 Andy Roller, 23 CJ Gray, 1j James Cochran, 17 DeFrance, 2 Kevin Ashley, 46 Roy Tharp, 24 David Dunn, 47 Amy Ross, 44c Chance Shelton, 70j James Corliss jr., 27 Thomas Schmidt, 74 Dave Meadows, 555Troy Elenbaum, C3 Chris Birmingham, 41 Carl McConnell---DNS



Street Stock heat winners; 68 Wade White, 21 Chris Florio, 45 Chris Cockrell


Chris Brunner led every lap of the Outlaw Twister feature, pulling away from Rick Smith and Taylor Florio.

Outlaw Twisters; 10 Chris Brunner, 3 Rick Smith, 21 Taylor Florio, 528 Stephanie Henderson, 45 Brian Bagent, 50 Wendy Martel


Trevor Hudson went flag to flag in the 8-lap Texas Twister feature while the Bagent’s battled for second.


Texas Twisters; 75 Trevor Hudson, 07 Monique Bagent, 45 Brian Bagent, 99 James Enyert, 44 Wyatt Engdahl, 42 Cori Beatty, 14 Allison Cox, 02 Michalla Beatty---BF(Rough driving)

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