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Update from the Suberg Family

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Dorothy Suberg shared the following status on Richard Suberg's recent illness. Many of you know the Subergs from both SAS and THR. I'm sending prayers Richard's way for a complete, speedy recovery.


As many of you know, Richard was admitted in the hospital just after the New Year with pneumonia. And at that time they also found something strange on the lung as well. So the more testing and found that he had an infection as well. Well with this infection it can spread to other parts of the body, and in our case it did. They did an MRI to see if any had spread to the brain and found that it had. Only good thing in all this it looks to have been found early as Richard don't have the symptoms of it being in the brain.


So Richard was called by the doctor on his birthday, this past Monday to come to the hospital so they could start IV meds. So now the game plan is he has Picc-line (one step up from a IV) in his upper arm. He is been discharged from the hospital and is doing fine. He is receiving the IV treatment at home before work and after work and that will be for the next 6wks. The MRI will be repeated to see where we are at in about 1-2wks. And he is also on other pills to help. We are hitting this hard and heavy. At this time both transplant organs are doing fine and holding strong, and that is the plan to keep them going strong and also get this other infection out of his system.


Our spirits are high, that this too shall pass. We thank our friends,family and co-works for understanding. As the dr's said we follow every thing to the T, no missed labs, no missed appointments and everything happens to us. But they have people that don't do everything and have no problems at all. Makes you think, I joke with the Dr and said well then we are not following the rules anymore. She said that wont happen they know us too well.



Richard & Dorothy



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Im praying for both you guys. Im sorry to hear about the infection but glad to hear that the organs are doing good. Please continue to keep us updated.

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