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C Molis

SAS Updates?

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Anyone doing any live updates??


I read somewhere on here that track mgmt asked to refrain from live updates.


Unfortunate, because I don't believe updates here would prevent someone from going to the track.....if that has anything to do with it.

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If this thread doesn't already make you understand the positive effect you have on Texas racing, I'll go ahead and say it...you're the man nick.

We are wishing you were able to do the reports. Thank you for your efforts week after week. You are appreciated.

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Thanks, Michael. As you know, I do it for the fans who can't get to the track.


Frankly, I've been swamped with emails and PMs from folks who are disappointed that there will be no updates from OctoberFast!


Most live updates draw around 500-800 people (over 900 for the last Spectacular at THR) , with many thousands reading the re-plays for each event we cover. It's a great way to get the rest of the world to know that we are alive and well down here in God's country!



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I will be there tomorrow and plan on doing updates on Facebook. Mainly my guys. But I will try to do as many as I can.


And I'm with everyone. You do a great job Nick. I've had to do live updates at our track when Hallas isn't here. It's a tough job to keep up with EVERYTHING. Lol

Keep up the great work.

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Nick, I want to add my voice in thanking you for all you do for racing in south Texas. And a big thank you to Umpshied Race Services for sponsoring the updates.


I am one of the ones that have a hard time, physically, getting to the races. My uncle and cousin took me to my first race at Mercury Speedway way back when and I got my son involved also. I keep up with my sons team via the live updates from Speed51. They race mainly in Florida/Alabama.


Keep up the great work Nick.

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I can't recall many of the race winners but the track looked amazing, the racing was easily the some of the best I've seen there (lots of cars and all very close) and the show ran like the promoters had been doing it for years. The lighting was better then i remember it being with the old, perminate lights and save for a bump just outside of the line in 1 the track was VERY fast with latemodels in the 18.0 range. We got to the track at 6:15 and the mods where finishing qualifying and we left at 10 after the last race.


What I can remember

Truck Heats:Jesse Salazar, Mark Churdumsky, ?

Street Stock Heats: one of the Alexander's, ?, ?

Charger Heats: Hunter Montgomery, I think Greg Rohmer?

Grand Stock Feature: The purple #91 Crown Vic out of Austin with a very fast lady driving.

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Nick I'm sorry that they won't let you do reports from the track like you have been doing from THR and Hmp all of us that has been racing and supporting races for years in Tx depends on your report when we can't make it to the track

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Even though I didn't say it in my original reply, I'll just echo what everyone else here has said. Whether its Nick, Reb or someone in the stands, the updates are appreciated and, in my opinion, help to promote the sport.


I couldn't attend tonight because of work, but I'll be at SAS tomorrow night. Updates here would have helped me (and others) get familiar with car numbers, who's driving in what division, and who to watch for in the main events. It also could have prompted someone on the fringe of attending to take a drive to the track. As I said in my original post...it's unfortunate.


As always....just a fan's opinion.

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Here's some results that I scribbled down, not sure if I got them completely right or not, but this is what I have.


Street Stock Heat #1:

1. Greg Rohmer #51

2. Jamie Fuller #43

3. Brandon Gaither #01


Street Stock Heat #2:

1. AJ Wernette #37

2. Ray Becka #1

3. Mason Teague #50

4. John Witzsche #97


Street Stock Heat #3

1. Allen Alexander #80

2. Greg Carlucci Jr. #55

3. Levi Krauss #32

4. Doug LeStourgeon #27


Grand Stock Main Event

1. Marcia Moore

2. Mark Chrudimsky


Truck Heat #1

1. Jesse Salazar #18

2. Beau Bukowski #1

3. Gary Cavigliano #00


Truck Heat #2

1. Chris Davidson #85

2. James Lynch #13

3. Rick Pollaro #96

4. Robert Stewart #32


Truck Heat #3

1. Mark Chrudimsky #39

2. Cody Beddoe #97

3. Jason Marshall #42

4. Cary Stapp #3

5. Jake Wright #48


Chris Davidson did post fast time in his Late Model...Brandon Bendele was second quickest.


James Cole took some hot laps in his Modified (he crashed Thursday night in practice)...he looked really fast.


I would of taken some better notes, but I thought Nick was doing his LIVE stuff.

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Here's the complete race coverage from Mike Haag with the SA Express-News:


San Antonio Speedway roars back to life


The usual quiet countryside portion of southern Bexar County was awakened by the roar of stock car engines on Friday night when San Antonio Speedway reopened after having been closed for the past 5½ years.


Billed at the 11th Octoberfast event, more than 100 stock car drivers from across South Texas filled the infield pit area with their cars and race haulers. Many of the drivers were veteran racers who once raced at the half-mile speedway before it closed in March 2007. However, a large percent of them were newcomers who had never raced at the 35-year old facility.


Friday’s action featured two-lap qualifying time trials for the Modified and the Late Model classes. The event also featured heat races for the Chargers, Street Stocks and the Truck classes. The event was highlighted by a 25-lap Grand Stock feature race.


The action continues on Saturday at 4:55 p.m. with a 25-lap feature race for the Lonestar Legacies. The opening ceremonies are set for 5:55 p.m. The feature races start at 6 p.m. and will include Chargers (35 laps), Street Stocks (50 laps), Trucks (75 laps), Late Models (100 laps) and Modifieds (75 laps).


During qualifying time trails, Mark Chrudimsky was the fastest qualifier during time trials after he posted a 19.582-second lap in his #39 Modified race car. Austin Self qualified second with a 19.689, followed by Bayley Currey in third with a 19.700, Joe Aramendia in fourth with a 19.717 and Johnny Walker in fifth with a 19.801.


In the Late Model class, Chris Davidson topped the field with a blistering 18.668-second lap. Brandon Bendele, a multi-time former champion at SAS, qualified second at 18.669. Bendele was followed by Stephan McCurley in third at 18.698, Casey Smith in fourth at 18.707 and Joe Aramendia in fifth at 18.800.


In the 25-lap Grand Stock race Marcia Moore held off 11-car field to take the checkered flag. Moore started seventh on the grid and had to work her way through the field.


Mark Chrudimsky finished a close second, followed by Floyd Reed in third, Mike Farish in fourth and Les Bettis in fifth.


Heat races were also held in the Truck, Street Stock and Charger classes. Winners were Jesse Salazar, Chris Davidson and Mark Chrudimsky, Trucks; Greg Rohmer, A.J. Wernette and Allen Alexander, Street Stock; and Brent Reeves and Hunter Montgomery, Chargers.


Modified Qualifying Results


1. 39 Mark Chrudimsky 19.582

2. 15 Austin Self 19.689

3. 05 Bayley Currey 19.700

4. 79 Joe Aramendia 19.717

5. 72 Johnny Walker 19.801

6. 03 Matt Merrell 19.821

7. 97 Robert Barker 19.846

8. 5 Paul White 19.849

9. 55 Brad Queen 19.855

10. 75 Bruce Beddoe 19.986

11. 50 Brian Moczygemba 20.001

12. 14 Chris Swenson 20.021

13. 5R Newton Barta Jr., 20.307

14. 92 Jason Stanley 20.372

15. 25 James Raborn 20.618

16. 26 Bob Slezinsky 20.672

17. 77 Jason Ray 21.198

Did not time: 96 Jake Kruger and 11 James Cole


Late Model Qualifying Results


1. 41 Chris Davidson 18.668

2. 6 Brandon Bendele 18.669

3. 1 Stephan McCurley 18.698

4. 99 Casey Smith 18.707

5. 79 Joe Aramendia 18.800

6. 93 Kyle Sirizzotti 18.842

7. 5 J.C. Umscheid 18.931

8. 57 Mason Mitchell 18.942

9. 30 John Heil 19.008

10. 08 Sean Glennon 19.055

11. 81 Dillon Spreen 19.131

12. 55 Brad Queen 19.342

13. 72 Greg Davidson 19.384

14. 2 Davin Cravens 19.892

Did not time: 47 Trey Mitchell and 15 Cody Smith


Trucks Heat Race #1


1. 18 Jesse Salazar

2. 1 Beau Bukowski

3. 00 Gary Carvigliano

4. 76 Lynn Hardy Jr.

5. 197 Michael Villarreal

6. 07 Rusty Mirth

7. 8 Jim Nides

8. 69 Mike Pollaro


Truck Heat Race #2


1. 85 Chris Davidson

2. 13 James Lynch

3. 96 Rick Pollaro

4. 32 Robert Stewart

5. 12 Kristen Wallace

6. 77 Cole Miller

7. 57 John Kelly Jr.


Truck Heat Race #3


1. 39 Mark Chrudimsky

2. 97 Cody Beddoe

3. 42 Jason Marshall

4. 3 Cary Stapp

5. 48 Jake Wright

6. 28 Kevin Wiseman


Street Stock Heat Race #1


1. 51 Greg Rohmer

2. 43 Jamie Fuller

3. 01 Brandon Gaither

4. 98 R.L. Alexander

5. 68 Kenny Wright

6. 28 David Schooman

7. 19 David Sevilla Jr.


Street Stock Heat Race #2


1. 37 A.J. Wernette

2. 1 Ray Becka

3. 50 Mason Teague

4. 97 John Witzsche

5. 22 Anthony Gordon

6. 09 Clint Montanio

7. 83 Tommy Wynd


Street Stock Heat Race #3


1. 80 Allen Alexander

2. 55 Greg Carlucci Jr.

3. 32 Levi Krauss

4. 27 Doug LeStourgeon

5. 11 Mark Hudler

6. 72 Butch Teague

7. 88 Brandon Spreen


Charger Heat Race #1


1. 19 Brent Reeves

2. 38 J.R. Eichelberger

3. 9 Jarrett Payton

4. 02 Matthew Hicks

5. 31 Name unavailable


Charger Heat Race #2


1. 15 Hunter Montgomery

2. 30 Marcia Moore

3. 83 Mark Mathias

4. 5 Ryan Doyon

5. 88 Brandy Ramzinski

6. 01 Wes Walker

7. 94 Butch Havelka


Grand Stock Feature Race Results


1. 91 Marcia Moore

2. 30 Mark Chrudimsky

3. 53 Floyd Reed

4. 88 Mike Farish

5. 578 Les Bettis

6. 8 Todd Colvin

7. 3 Sean Folsom

8. 6 Jerry Jones

9. 12 Name unavailable

10. 58 Kevin Carroll

11. 13 Cooter Lynch

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I got a call from the track this morning and they have decided to allow the Lone Star Speedzone live updates this evening.


So, I will be going live around 5:30 pm if you would like to join me.


Click here to get started.



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I will do my best, but I have zero communications with race control or scoring. There is no power here at the track other than what is coming from gas or diesel generators. I am using my car battery to keep the computer alive and a wireless cell card to connect to the internet.


Scoring is all by hand on score sheets and no way to contact anyone other than by cell phones and battery powered two-way radios.


So.... Since I will have no results until well after the last checkered flag flies, I will concentrate on getting the top finishers and report any incidents I get to see. I am on the back straight wall and can see the exit of turn two all the way into the middle of turn 3-4, so I will be missing quite a bit of the action.


At least we'll have live updates and for that I am grateful!



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Awesome Nick!


I just got to the track and this is the biggest crowd I've seen at a track 2 hours before race time. This is a great site.....I don't have the attachment to the place like most of you have. But after seeing it sit and deteriorate this just brings a big smile to my face. This is an EVENT! And I'm really happy to witness it. The crowd is big...but so are the stands. Plenty of great seats left. If you're on the fence...get off it!



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