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Day 1 Report from San Antonio Speedway

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We had 85 driver check-ins today. Practice went smoothly and stayed on schedule. No major problems with facilities, lighting, etc.


Several cars were involved in incidents tonight: RL Alexander (Street Stock #98) Blew motor OUT, James Cole (Modified #11) - broke ball joint and hit wall in Turn 3 OUT, Matt Smith (Late Model #02) - solo spin and hit wall OUT; Matt Merrell (Modified #03) and Johnny Walker (Modified #72) hit wall in Turn 1 - both fixable. I'm not sure I have everything 100% correct, but it's the best information I could gather at the end of the night.

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I' ll bet on 'the' Chris Davidson in the 41. Just a hunch.


Go get 'em Chris and team, good luck and stay safe.

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Here are the Late Model Qualifying Results. Chris Davidson beat Brandon Bendele by .001 second - doesn't get any closer than that. A dice roll will be used to determine an inversion for the top six.


Late Model Qualifying Results


1. 41 Chris Davidson 18.668

2. 6 Brandon Bendele 18.669

3. 1 Stephan McCurley 18.698

4. 99 Casey Smith 18.707

5. 79 Joe Aramendia 18.800

6. 93 Kyle Sirizzotti 18.842

7. 5 J.C. Umscheid 18.931

8. 57 Mason Mitchell 18.942

9. 30 John Heil 19.008

10. 08 Sean Glennon 19.055

11. 81 Dillon Spreen 19.131

12. 55 Brad Queen 19.342

13. 72 Greg Davidson 19.384

14. 2 Davin Cravens 19.892

Did not time: 47 Trey Mitchell and 15 Cody Smith


Trey Mitchell was a no show, and they were changing out Cody Smith's motor last night.

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