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Texas race tracks ?

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I was going through the Texas Race Track list and see there's no Texas road courses listed. This forum not cover road course racing?


Sure, we would love to have information and discussions about road courses. So far, however, no road courses have expressed an interest in a LSS forum.


And when Jay Hallas (rebelracewriter on here) compiled that list of Texas tracks (Thanks again, Reb!) I believe he had the oval tracks in mind.


With that being said, there are two or three road courses in Texas - such as Harris Hill and Grandsport - that are basically for-profit racing clubs that would not listed in the forums unlike Texas World Speedway which would be listed if there were any demand for such a forum.


Great question. Thanks for asking.



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There are several different road courses in the infield at TMS. Been there done that, and it was a hoot! LOVE to do it again!

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It wont be long before we have a really cool road course to add to the list. What say you Mr. Tavo?


There will be 3 road courses in the Austin area once the FI track is completed, which has already booked a V-8 Supercar race and the Super Bikes. Other than the F1 track there's Harris Hill and Driveway. Driveway started out as a privately owned go-cart track that expanded to a high speed driving course for law enforcement. The resent track owner is a stunt driver and an ex Ferrari test driver. He took me for a ride in his Ariel Atom around the track and showed off his stunt driving skills, needless to say I almost had skid marks in my pants, but even still had a blast. Driveway has some great elevation changes. Very fun track to drive.

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