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Frist time sprint car ride

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After waiting four years because our fine ,honest,peice of **** type of people we have in some parts of our juducial system that said I could not let my grandson drive on my racetrack enough ,enough.... We sit Cooter Brown alis Dustin Welch in a 410 sprinter . good show no spin outs no hit the wall . Thanks to Brandy Jas for coming out to show him some lines and to find out what traffic is . He carried more speed thatn some of the racers I see. We are preping the track this after noon for him to run some laps. Thanks to the friends that came out and helped us make that happen Special thanks to Harry Yerington and Roinne Gill . He learned alot . thanks to Chirs Adams for showing what mud in the face is like. now he wants to learn to pass . Guess I sound like a proud granddad you betcha . Oh by the way my grand son Adain Wayne alis fat a*** not only made the honor roll but got out of school early because of his test score good job

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