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Del Harris

help needed

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anyone that would like to help wayne try to get hrh back up and running, please contact me at pro2000racing@yahoo.com or call 281-808-5475 leave name and number.


it has been a long road for wayne and his wife which is severally ill, wayne takes care of her with all his might, he has done a lot for many racers over the years, now he just needs help to get the track bacck in tact to open back up ( it has been closed for 5 years due to the court order over noise ), after winning his case, he is ready to give you guy's and ladies, a renewed playground.


with any luck and the LORDS willing, we want to have a BBQ/meet and greet at the track in april, at that time, we will discuss future plans for hrh ( playday's, classes, schedule, and other exciting things for hrh ). please, if you can, email or call with your information, so i can let wayne know what kind of help he has, he also ask if anyone has tools such as, saws, chain saws, bolt cutters, hand wrenches, and so on, he is replacing the wood in the bleachers and other projects like running new wiring for the lites and speaker system ( a trencher would help a lot ). anything that you think that would be helpful.


thanks from the both of us for your help, wayne brown and del harris / hotrodhill motorpark


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