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racing this weekend

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I,m glad to announce,We will be opening this weekend.Weather permitting.Hope to see lots of cars.For those of you that wonder about racing in the day.Its not that bad .This track always has a nice breeze ,and sun goes down behind grandstand.More cars means more spectactors which leads to more money then lights.Plus you guys know matter where you go its hot, day or night .you would be suprised how nice it is to leave a track and things are still open.STOP AND EAT, GET GAS,HOME BY A DECENT HOUR.I know I have been there.Even with lights why not start earlier.Its an all around effort drivers and track . to make things run smooth.Make it fun for the fans.Compromise dont complain, lets just be thankful that we still have tracks that are trying to make a good place for racing.It does take help from the drivers to.




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Did HCR race Saturday? How was the car count?


Don in Austin


Yes we did race.The car count was not great.cars that aren't quite done or the fact tri city ran friday. Not sure. expecting more cars.I know several cars not done and a few drivers out of town this weekend.Other than that it was smooth.we all still had a good time.Track wasn't bad.Wish more cars would come up.Drivers would like some new competition.Some of the guys talking about going down to tri city and trying to get some cars up here on saturday.We have some really good guys here.




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