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Found 5 results

  1. Central Texas Speedway Suggestion and Comment Inbox CTS management has created this inbox for drivers, fans, and anyone else who would like their compliments, concerns, or suggestions heard. Please note that this form does not guarentee a response from CTS management. If your concern warrants a reply from management, you will recieve a response follow up if contact information is left. You are welcome to stay anonymous if you wish. This inbox is to help CTS management and staff better serve you because we truly value your opinion! Please understand that CTS will do its best to address any concerns based on their priority to the program. If you do not get a response or see any changes to the program based on your submission, please do not get discouraged and feel we have neglected your thoughts; every submission will be read and carefully thought through. Some things may be out of our control due to budget restraints and other issues. We hope that this will help drivers and fans get their compliments and concerns directly to the management department that needs to see them to minimize negative feedback through social media and other outlets, which is never good for ANY business. Help us help you! Again, you are welcome to submit your name or remain anonymous if you wish. Thank you for supporting Central Texas Speedway! To access the comment box, click here >>>>> https://centraltexasspeedway.formstack.com/forms/cts_comment_and_suggestion_inbox
  2. Click here >>> http://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/71389-updated-street-stock-rules-posted-here-at-request-of-chris-saathoff/
  3. 2016 CENTRAL TEXAS SPEEDWAY SUPER STREET STOCK RULES Cars and Frames 1. Any stock American production vehicle with a minimum wheel bases of 108 inches. 2. Tube rear clips will be allowed. (2x3 rectangular tubing on unibodies) 3. OEM replacement Camaro clip will be allowed, Lower pick up points and steering box and idler arm must be in stock location. Clip must be built from 2x4 rectangular tubing, 25 pounds of weight must be bolted to crossmember. 4. Drivers side door bars will be plated with a minimum 1/8 inch steel plate from top door bar to bottom. Wheelbase 1. Must be a minimum of 108", with a 1/2" tolerance. Track Width 1. 67" Maximum measured with referee, no tolerance. (Measurement will be 65" on referee due to 8" wheels) Front Suspension 1. All suspension parts will be factory stock and in stock location for make and model. 2. Upper control arms may be replaced with aftermarket steel a-frames. 3. Upper control arm mount may be replaced but can only have 1 mounting point, no slugs or adjustable upper mounts. 4. Lower control arms must be factory stock and unaltered for make and model of front clip. 5. Spindles may be changed as long as left and right match and are factory stock. 6. Weight jacks are allowed and shocks may be relocated. Rear Suspension 1. Must use rear suspension style for make and model of front clip. 2. Weight jacks are allowed. 3. 3 link suspensions must use stock for front clip lower control arms and third link must be solid with no springs or rubber bushings. 4. Leaf springs must remain in stock location. Adjustable shackles and sliders are allowed but front mount must be single hole. 5. Rear end must be in stock location, + or – ½ inch. 6. 9” Ford floaters are allowed. 7. Stock OEM posi-trac or steel unlightened spools Minimum 6.1 pounds are allowed. No lockers or gleason type rear ends. No polished gears. 8. No aluminum allowed on or in the rear end. 9. No Chrysler style leaf spring unless Chrysler front clip. Shocks 1. Shocks must be steel and nonadjustable. 2. No gas pressurized shocks of any type. 3. No bump stops of any type. 4. All shocks are subject to claim of $100. A. Claim must be presented to tech director within 10 minutes of checkered flag. B. Claim must be legibly written on paper with car number and which shocks are being claimed. C. $100 per shock must be presented with letter in cash. D. Refusal of claim is automatic disqualification and loss of season points. Springs 1. Springs must be in stock location 2. Springs will be a minimum of 5” outside diameter. 3. Racing leaf springs are allowed in stock location. 4. No coil binding. Steering 1. All steering parts will be stock OEM type, in stock location for clip. 2. Drag link, idler, pitman arm, and tie rods must be stock OEM type. 3. No rack and pinions. 4. AFCO centrlink part# 30271 is allowed. Sway bars 1. Must remain in stock location and be OEM. Cannot be OEM replacement. 2. Sway bars may be adjustable but only from under the hood compartment. 3. No splined bars. Transmissions 1. Standard or automatic is allowed. 2. Automatic must have 11” minimum working fluid type converter. 3. Standards will have no more than 4 forward gears. 2 forward and 1 reverse gear must be 4. No gears may be removed from transmissions. 5. Transmissions may not be lightened or polished. 6. Clutch and flywheel will be a minimum of 10 inches and steel. 7. Must use steel bellhousing or SFI approved scattershield. 8. Engine option #3 may use minimum 7.25" mini clutch. Driveshaft 1. Will be steel and painted white. 2. Driveshaft will have a minimum of 2 steel 360 degree loops. Brakes 1. Must have 4 wheel single piston working brakes. 2. Calipers must be cast iron and fit in stock mount without modification. 3. Maximum piston size 2.875. Minimum piston size 2.00. 4. Drum brakes allowed on rear. 5. Rotors must be steel and round with no lightening Wheels 1. All wheels must be 15”x 8” steel racing wheels. Tires 1. Will be the Hoosier F-75. 2. No treating, soaking, chemically altering, cutting, shaving, or grinding of any kind will be allowed. Bodies 1. Any body is allowed. 2. Spoiler can be a maximum 6” x 56” with forward bracing. 3. All other aftermarket spoilers can be maximum 5” x 60” with no forward bracing. 4. Stock Camaro spoilers are allowed on stock Camaro bodies. 5. Outlaw type bodies are allowed, must use manufactured nose dirt or asphalt style. Must maintain 46” roof height 10” behind windshield, maximum 80” width, and maximum 36” quarter panel height. Heights 1. Body and chassis will maintain a minimum 4 1/2” ground clearance. 2. Fuel cell will maintain a minimum 8” ground clearance. Interior 1. If using stock firewall it must remain in stock position. 2. If using stock floor pan it must remain stock to transmission tunnel and from rear of 4 point cage to firewall. Exhaust 1. Must extend past driver and turn down or exit the side of vehicle. 2. Headers must be chassis style. 3. No stepped headers. Fuel System 1. No electric fuel pumps. 2. Maximum fuel cell size is 22 gallons. 3. Fuel cell must be encased in metal container. 4. If fuel line is routed through the drivers compartment it must be encased in steel conduit. Ignition 1. Will be stock appearing type HEI distributor. 2. No ignition boxes. Electrical 1. Only 1 12v battery allowed. 2. If the battery is located in the drivers compartment it must be fully enclosed in a battery box. 3. All cars must have a clearly visible and accessible master disconnect switch. Engine Location 1. #1 spark plug must be even with left front upper ball joint. Engine Options 1. GM maximum 350 maximum 360 C.I. OEM cast iron straight plug heads or World Products straight plug S/R heads with a minimum 62 cc combustion chamber. Straight plug aftermarket heads will be allowed with a minimum 72cc combustion chamber. Maximum vale size on all heads is 1.94 intake and 1.50 exhaust. May use stud mount full roller 1.6 or 1.5 rocker arms. Maximum valve lift at the valve will be .540. 2 or 4 valve relief pistons that do not protrude out of block . Must use stock OEM cast iron 4bbl intake or cast iron Chevy marine intake, or Edelbrock #2101 or 2701 intake. 2. Stock small block 350 bored no more than 0.060 with only stock OEM 68 cc straight plug heads with stock diameter valve springs. Max valve size 1.94 intake, 1.50 exhaust. Must use stock 1.5 no roller tipped or stamped 1.5 roller tipped rockers. Must use 4 valve relief pistons that do not protrude out of the block. Intake can be Edelbrock #2101 or 2701, stock OEM cast iron 4bbl or Chevy Marine cast iron 4bbl. 3. GM 350 crate engine # 88958602 or #19258602 with no modifications and all tolerances must remain within the specifications as published by GM for the crate engine. NO PORTING OR GASKET MATCHING OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED ON ANY PART OF ANY ENGINE! NO ROLLER CAMSHAFTS! ALL ENGINES MUST USE STOCK STROKE CAST OR STEEL CRANKSHAFTS WITH NO LIGHTNING OR KNIFE EDGING! Carburetor and Spacer 1. Engine option 1 or 2 will use a box stock Holley #4412 500 cfm 2bbl with a maximum 1” 2 hole carburetor spacer. 2. Engine option 3 will use a box stock Holley 4150-8054 650 cfm 4bbl with a maximum 1” 4 hole carburetor spacer. Weight 1. All cars will start with a base weight of 3250 pounds. 2. Maximum left side weight is 55%. 3. Maximum rear weight is 49%. 4. 1 pound per lap for burn off allowed after race. Penalties and Deductions 1. Engine Option #2 – 50 pounds. Engine Option #3 – 225 pounds factory sealed, -200 if rebuilt but must maintain all specs of the circle track crate engine rebuild manual. 2. Shocks mounted in stock location – 75 pounds 3. Drum brakes on rear – 25 pounds 4. Stock firewall and floor pan 56% Left side weight. 5. Stock steel OEM body Including front fender, roof, quarters, and deck lid -50 6. Stock OEM Swaybar, Not OEM replacement. -25 pounds 7. All tube chassis from front clip back +75 pounds. 8. Victor Jr. 4bbl intake +50 pounds. 9. Victor Jr. 2bbl intake +75 pounds. 10. 2.02 intake, 1.60 exhaust valves +25 pounds. 11. After market OEM replacement clip + 25 pounds. (25 pounds must be mounted to crossmember) All cars must declare at tech through filling out tech sheet proper weight declaration before end of practice. Tech director and race director reserve the right to adjust rules at anytime in fairness of competition. To download these rules as a PDF File, click here >>>> 2016 CTS Super Street Stock Rules updated.pdf
  4. It's DISCOUNT Mania at Central Texas Speedway For a limited time we are offering 50% off GO KART 3 and 6 Race RENTAL Packages! This deal is online only use promo code 50GIFT and get yours today! The perfect mothers day gift! Deal ends soon so HURRY! http://www.centraltexasspeedway.com/product-category/gift-cards-season-passes/ Matthew Donovan President Partner Relations Central Texas Speedway/ AM Racing 716-864-3931 www.centexspeedway.com
  5. CTS season passes now available Season passes are now available for purchase on our website! Save money on tickets for the season by purchasing a pass. You will also receive karting discount benefits as a season pass holder. Visit our website to see what other benefits you will receive as a General Admission or VIP season pass holder. Click here for season passes >>> http://www.centraltexasspeedway.com/product-category/gift-cards-season-passes/