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Found 113 results

  1. http://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/61583-hmp-set-for-some-on-track-fireworks-this-saturday/
  2. Houston Motorsports Park set for some on-track fireworks this Saturday Houston, TX (July 1, 2014) - Houston Motorsports Park is aptly named the “Palace of Power,” but based on recent on-track events an equally appropriate slogan might be the “Palace of Paybacks.” For the most part, the NASCAR stock car racing at the 3/8-mile paved/concrete oval is clean and green, but there are a few rivalries in each class that fans know are likely to provide some fireworks this Saturday during the “Fiesta Independence Shootout” – and not just because it’s the Fourth of July weekend. In the fast and furious NASCAR Fiesta Modified division a couple of weeks ago, we witnessed some heated discussion between Johnny Walker and Brandon Kelley on the front straight next to their wrecked race cars after the pair claimed the same real estate coming through turns three and four. Both drivers blamed the other for the wreck and some believe we haven’t seen the end of this feud at this point in the season. And although the score in the ongoing feud between multi-time NASCAR Fiesta Modified champion Joe Aramendia and Michael Kourkoubes – a relative newcomer to the class – seemed to be settled with Aramendia’s last-lap “take-out” of Kourkoubes, insiders are betting this one, like the Walker-Kelley deal, is not over yet. And there is a growing rivalry between a pair of young NASCAR Fiesta Modified drivers named Zach – well, one’s named Zak Hausler and the other is named Zach Knowles, but you get the idea. Although there were no obvious flare-ups as the pair battled side-by -side and bumper- to- bumper for most of the feature race two weeks ago, fans would be well-advised to keep their eye peeled on this pair of up-and-comers during the “Fiesta Mart 75” on Saturday. Not be outdone, the NASCAR BWFS Trucks may have some unresolved rivalries of their own. Points leader Charles Evans, Jr, might want to check his rear view mirror often during Saturday’s 50-lap main event, the “BWFS Industries 50.” It would surprise no one if front-runners Mason Teague, Jake French and Kyle Books were to give Evans a nudge or two. With admission prices only $5 for the “Fiesta Independence Shootout” when purchased at any Houston-area Fiesta Mart, bringing the whole family to enjoy the NASCAR-sanctioned stock car racing this weekend will be very cost effective. And with $1 hot dogs, $1 cokes and $1 beer, well, it’s the best entertainment value this weekend in Houston. In addition to the “Fiesta Mart 75” and the “BWFS Industries 50” the NASCAR American Muscle Cars will compete in the “TFE Company 25,” the Legend Cars in the “B&R Industries 25” and the Bandoleros in the “Harvey Racing 15.” Racing starts promptly at 7 pm and normally finishes by 10:30 pm at the well-maintained, park-like 3/8-mile oval which is located at 11620 North Lake Houston Parkway in Northeast Houston. The HMP information hotline is 281-458-1972. Their email address is events@houstonmotorsportspark.com. For more information about Houston Motorsports Park and Saturday’s Whelen NASCAR Night visit www.houstonmotorsportspark.com or find us on Facebook at facebook.com/houstonracing.
  3. “Zak Attack” Hausler, Charles Evans, Jr, big winners at Houston Motorsports Park, June 21, 2014 Houston, TX (June 22, 2014) – NASCAR Fiesta Modified drivers Zak “Zak Attack” Hausler and Zach Knowles waged a nose-to-tail - often side-by-side - battle for the lead for 65 of the 75 laps of the “Fiesta Mart 75” at Houston Motorsports Park Saturday, but at the checkered it was Hausler the winner over youngster Clayton Green and perennial track champion Joe Aramendia. Steve Steinle photo Knowles’ night ended 10 laps too early when he was involved in a multi-car pileup involving most of the front runners - except Hausler - during a late-race restart. With too much damage to his suspension to continue, Knowles was forced to retire along with veteran Matt Merrell, who ran a strong third most of the race, and Johnny Walker, winner of two NASCAR Fiesta Modified events this season at the well-groomed, 3/8-mile asphalt/concrete oval. That left Hausler, no stranger to the HMP victory platform with his Raymond DeLahoussaye-prepared ride, to fend off Green and Aramendia over the final laps to pick up his first win of the season. In the first 10-lap heat race, Aramendia waited until turn four of the last lap to turn race-leader Michael Kourkoubes around to take the win. Two weeks earlier, Kourkoubes had turned Aramendia around late in the feature while Aramendia was leading and scooted off for the win. Perhaps a bit of a feud brewing here? NASCAR Fiesta Modifieds “Fiesta Mart 75” results 1. 5 Zak Hausler, 75 laps 2. 54 Clayton Green, 75 3. 79 Joe Aramendia, 75 4. 33 Jason Morman, 75 5. 28 Kevin Wiseman, 75 6. 4 Michael Kourkoubes, 75 7. 03 Donny Kelley, 75 8. 50 Brian Moczygemba, 75 9. 88 Larry Hughes, 73 10. 72 Johnny Walker, 66 11. 51 Zach Knowles, 65 12. 30 Matt Merrell, 65 Heat race winners were Joe Aramendia and Zak Hausler NASCAR BWFS Coke Truck drivers Charles Evans, Jr, and Jake French had the crowd on its feet as the pair came to the finish line side-by-side at the end of the action-packed “BWFS Industries 50.” Evans was running second on the last lap, but got under French in the last turn and took the checkered by less than a hundredth of a second to collect his second checkered flag of the season. Steve Steinle photo Jim Phillips, Travis Benson and Mike Coursey were in the mix for the entire 50 laps and finished in a tight pack directly behind the leaders. Kyle Books was also in the hunt until he pitted with a flat after a skirmish with another truck. And Mason Teague was on his way to the front when fire erupted under his ride ending his night early. There was only a 0.3-second spread in lap times for the entire 16-car field which led to some very exciting racing all through the pack for the pro style trucks. NASCAR BWFS Coke Trucks “BWFS Industries 50” results 1. 58 Charles Evans, Jr, 50 laps 2. 16 Jake French, 50 3. 88 Jim Phillips, 50 4. 50 Travis Benson, 50 5. 53 Mike Coursey, 50 6. 6 DL Wilson, 50 7. 15 Mark Lindley, 50 8. 13 David Webster, 50 9. 77 Cole Miller, 50 10. 8 Ed Nastasi, 50 11. 94 Sean Michael Steiner, 46 12. 17 Kyle Books, 37 13. 06 Dale Sheen, 25 14. 68 Lori Lindley, 25 15. 4 Chad Rogers, 24 16. 162 Mason Teague, 15 Heat winners were Jim Phillips and Travis Benson David Webster usually dominates this class, but for the second NASCAR American Muscle Cars Series event in a row, he retired early with mechanical problems. That left the door wide open for Nathan Demski to take his second win-in-a-row in the “BWFS Industries 50.” Steve Steinle photo Demski was followed to the line by his father, Dale Demski, Roger Hellman, Ed Thompson and Tommy Page, Jr. NASCAR American Muscle Cars “TFE Company 25” results 1. 18 Nathan Demski, 25 laps 2. 28 Dale Demski, 25 3. 53 Roger Hellman, 25 4. 8 Ed Thompson, 25 5. 07 Tommy Page, Jr, 25 6. 31 David Webster, 17 Heat race winner was David Webster Eco Stock feature winner Richard Smith made it look easy in outrunning Taylor Harris and Chris House to the line in their 15-lap feature. Steve Steinle photo Eco Stock 15-lap feature results 1. 57 Richard Smith, 15 laps 2. 717 Taylor Harris, 15 3. 1 Chris House, 15 4. 7 Stephen Dalton, 15 5. 27 Daniel Bartholomew, 15 6. 8 Kit Leslie, 15 7. 21 Chad Fusilier, 15 8. 37 Bedie Sonnier, 15 9. 86 Nick Pawlikoakski, 15 10. 73 David King, 15 11. 19 Dustin Rude, 10 12. 127 Shawn House, 8 13. 93 Kayla King, DNS 14. 22 Matt Lindley, DNS Heat winner was Richard Smith Legends driver Michael Dabney, Jr, has yet to lose a Legends event at HMP this year and won again with a convincing win over Christopher Hogan, Tyson Goudy, Buddy Goudy and Coby Hensley. Steve Steinle photo Legends “TFE Company 25” results 1. 50 Michael Dabney, Jr, 25 laps 2. 81 Christopher Hogan, 25 3. 800 Tyson Goudy, 25 4. 00 Buddy Goudy, 25 5. 16 Coby Hensley, 25 6. 6 Jake Thomasson, 25 7. 308 Dwayne Irwin, 25 8. 114 Cameron Hickenbottom, 25 9. 18 Cam Mitchell, 25 10. 55 Blake Mixon, 25 11. 24 Jamie Call, 24 12. 95 David Harvey, 23 13. 14 Roger Williams, 23 14. 63 Brad Harden, 6 Heat race winner was Michael Dabney, Jr Jon Fernandez had his mirror full of Vinnie Aramendia, but took the checkered over Aramendia, JD Legg, Gabbie Dubeau and Devon Hicks. Steve Steinle photo Bandolero “B&R Industries 15” results 1. 24 Jon Fernandez, 15 laps 2. 79 Vinnie Aramendia, 15 3. 14 JD Legg, 15 4. 48 Gabbie Dubeau, 15 5. 62 Devon Hicks, 15 6. 72 Andrew Hicks, 14 7. 1 Dalton Arnold, 12 8. 3 Brady Lind, 6 9. 84 Levi Dubeau, 0 Heat race winner was Jon Fernandez
  4. Houston Motorsports Park gearing up for intense NASCAR racing Saturday, June 21 Houston, TX (June 17, 2014) - Houston Motorsports Park, one of the nation’s finest motorsports facilities, is gearing up for some intense NASCAR stock car racing action this Saturday, June 21. Officially billed as the “Whelen NASCAR Night,” it would be better named “Have at it Boys and Girls Night” if the stock car racing is as competitive this weekend as it has been for the past several races. Last time out, for instance, multi-time NASCAR Fiesta Modified champion Joe Aramendia was leading the modified feature with just a handful of laps remaining when Michael Kourkoubes, who was running second at the time, made solid contact with Aramendia’s rear bumper, causing him to spin. Kourkoubes went on to win the race with Aramendia recovering to finish twelfth. “I don’t mind a tap or two from someone,” Aramendia said when asked about the incident, “but I do mind getting turned around. If I were him, I’d think twice before doing that to me again.” Under the so-called “Madhouse Rules” in force at HMP, only the car(s) that actually cause a caution flag are put to the rear of the pace regardless of who was “at fault.” In other words, one driver can intentionally spin another driver and, as long as he doesn’t also spin, he gets to keep his spot. HMP management believes that respect is given and earned on the track and that drivers will sort it all out over time when things happen. “Joe (Aramendia) knows how to make his car pretty wide,” Kourkoubes said. “He’s been around a long time and knows how to keep someone behind him. I did give him a couple of taps before his spin, but I would back out and let him go. But his car was having some handling issues and would push up in the middle of the turns and I needed to get by. So I did get into him a little bit harder and this time I didn’t let him go.” Will there be any paybacks this weekend? “I went over to Joe and apologized after the race,” Kourkoubes said. “And he said it was a good thing I did because he was going to return the favor in the next race if I hadn’t. And in the second feature he ran behind me and had plenty of chances to get to my bumper, but he didn’t, so I guess it’s safe to say this deal is behind us.” Well, not so fast. “I drive people clean and I drove him clean in the second feature even though I could have taken him out like he took me out,” Aramendia explained. “But, make no mistake, if he bumps me this weekend he had better expect something in return.” There will be ample opportunity to see how this all plays out this weekend with the NASCAR Fiesta Modifieds competing in a 10-lap heat race and a 75-lap feature event – the “Fiesta Mart 75.” Heat races and feature events for the two other NASCAR-sanctioned classes – the NASCAR American Muscle cars (the “TFE Company 25”) and the NASCAR BWFS Coke Trucks (the “BWFS Industries 50”) are also on the schedule as well as an 8-lap heat race and a 15-lap feature for the rough and tumble Eco Stocks. In addition, the snazzy Bandoleros will run a 15-lap feature event (the “B&R Industries 15”) while the lightning-quick Legends will compete in the “TFE Company 25.” With $1 hot dogs, $1 beer, $1 cokes and free parking, it's a great way to spend an exciting, yet very affordable, evening with the whole family. Adult tickets are only $12 and kids 12 and under are admitted free. Racing starts promptly at 6 pm and normally finishes by 10 pm at the well-maintained, park-like 3/8-mile oval which is located at 11620 North Lake Houston Parkway in Northeast Houston. The HMP information hotline is 281-458-1972. Their email is events@houstonmotorsportspark.com. For more information about Houston Motorsports Park and Saturday’s Whelen NASCAR Night visit www.houstonmotorsportspark.com or find us on Facebook at facebook.com/houstonracing.
  5. June 21st Race Schedule: https://www.newsletterbroadcast.net/i/l/1/2da16954c98655fb981fb04a40e6cfca/2/a8921e22c98982633f82571a20c4ec76 To download as a PDF file, click here >>>>> JUNE21SCHED.pdf
  6. http://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/61157-hmp-double-feature-night-recap-and-results-672014/
  7. HMP "Double Feature Night" recap and results, 6/7/2014 Houston, TX (June 9, 2014) - It was “Double Feature” night at the Houston Motorsports Park 3/8-mile concrete/asphalt oval, but there were no repeat winners in any of the four classes in completion – the NASCAR Fiesta Modifieds, the NASCAR BWFS Coke Trucks, the NASCAR American Muscle cars (AMCAR) or the Eco Stocks. NASCAR Fiesta Modifieds Defending NASCAR Fiesta Modified champion Joe Aramendia led for most of the “Fiesta Mart 40,” but a late-race spin after some contact with eventual race-winner Michael Kourkoubes relegated Aramendia to a twelfth-place finish. Aramendia was fast early, but his low-slung modified picked up a push in the center of the turns as the laps clicked off allowing Kourkoubes, Zak Hausler and young Clayton Green the opportunity to go nose-to-tail for several laps before his spin. Kourkoubes was able to fend off Hausler, Green, Jason Morman and Zach Knowles over the last six laps for the win. “Fiesta Mart 40” (First feature) 1. 4 Michael Kourkoubes, 40 2. 05 Zak Hausler, 40 3. 1 Clayton Green, 40 4. 33 Jason Morman, 40 5. 51 Zach Knowles, 40 6. 03 Brandon Kelley, 40 7. 7 Brian Otts, 40 8. 88 Larry Hughes, 40 9. 2 Paul White, 40 10. 13 Ian Webster, 40 11. 28 Kevin Wiseman, 40 12. 79 Joe Aramendia, 40 13. 72 Johnny Walker, 24 14. 50 Brian Moczygemba, 24 In the second NASCAR Fiesta Modified feature, Zak Hausler cleared traffic halfway through and took off in his Raymond Delahoussaye-prepared ride, leaving first-feature winner Michael Kourkoubes and Joe Aramendia to battle for second, a quarter-lap behind Hausler at the checkered. Although Aramendia had ample opportunity to repay Kourkoubes for the first feature spin, it never happened and Kourkoubes finished second ahead of Aramendia, Brian Moczygemba and Johnny Walker. “The Worlds Supermarket 40” (Second feature) 1. 5 Zak Hausler, 40 2. 4 Michael Kourkoubes, 40 3. 79 Joe Aramendia, 40 4. 50 Brian Moczygemba, 40 5. 72 Johnny Walker, 40 6. 51 Zach Knowles, 40 7. 33 Jason Morman, 40 8. 1 Clayton Green, 40 9. 7 Brian Otts, 40 10. 2 Paul White, 40 11. 88 Larry Hughes, 40 12. 28 Kevin Wiseman, 39 13. 03 Brandon Kelley, 39 14. 13 Ian Webster, 8 NASCAR BWFS Coke Trucks Charles Evans, Jr, made it look easy for the first caution-free 24 laps of the first NASCAR BWFS feature, the “Coca-Cola 30.” Evans outran the field and had built up a quarter-lap lead until a lap 24 caution put the result in doubt. Evans was more than up to the task, however, and held off Jim Phillips on the restart and then Mason Mitchell over the last few laps to claim the win. Phillips finished a strong third and was followed by Kyle Books and David Webster at the checkered. “Coca-Cola 30” (First feature) 1. 58 Charles Evans, Jr, 30 2. 51 Mason Mitchell, 30 3. 88 Jim Phillips, 30 4. 17 Kyle Books, 30 5. 13 David Webster, 30 6. 8 Ed Nastasi, 30 7. 06 Dale Sheen, 30 8. 53 Mike Coursey, 30 9. 50 Travis Benson, 30 10. 6 DL Wilson, 30 11. 22 Michael Thompson, 30 12. 94 Sean Michael Steiner, 30 13. 4 Chad Rogers, 29 14. 31 Chase Schubert, 29 15. 77 Cole Miller, 29 16. 15 Mark Lindley, 23 17. 68 Stephan McCurley, 7 David Webster, who started on the outside pole for the second feature, the “BWFS Industries 30,” out-gunned Sean Michael Steiner down the back straight for the lead and never looked back for all 30 caution-free laps. Kyle Books and Mason Mitchell gave it all they had, but came up short at the end to finish second and third. Travis Benson and Jim Phillips rounded out the top five. “BWFS Industries 30” (Second feature) 1. 13 David Webster, 30 2. 17 Kyle Books, 30 3. 51 Mason Mitchell, 30 4. 50 Travis Benson, 30 5. 88 Jim Phillips, 30 6. 6 DL Wilson, 30 7. 58 Charles Evans, Jr, 30 8. 94 Sean Michael Steiner, 30 9. 53 Mike Coursey, 30 10. 8 Ed Nastasi, 30 11. 06 Dale Sheen, 30 12. 4 Chad Rogers, 29 13. 15 Stephan McCurley, 25 14. 31 Chase Schubert, 24 15. 22 Michael Thompson, 19 16. 77 Cole Miller, 13 17. 68 Lori Lindley, 10 NASCAR American Muscle Cars (AMCAR) David Webster - yes, the same David Webster who did so well in the second truck feature - has dominated this class for a couple of years, but his win streak came to an abrupt end when he exited with radiator damage after tangling with Dale Demski on the thirteenth lap. Tommy Page, Jr., then held off Nathan Demski for the win. "B&R Industries 20" (First feature) 1. 07 Tommy Page, Jr, 20 2. 18 Nathan Demski, 20 3. 28 Dale Demski, 20 4. 53 Roger Hellman, 20 5. 87 Randall Page, 20 6. 31 David Webster, 13 With arch-rival David Webster unable to make the lineup, Nathan Demski sailed off to victory circle with his father, Dale Demksi, finishing second ahead of Tommy Page, Jr. "TFE Company 20" (Second feature) 1. 18 Nathan Demski, 20 2. 28 Dale Demski, 20 3. 07 Tommy Page, Jr, 20 4. 53 Roger Hellman, 20 5. 8 Ed Thompson, 20 6. 87 Randall Page, 19 Eco Stocks First feature 1. 7 Stephen Dalton, 15 2. 717 Taylor Harris, 15 3. 137 Dave Barton, 15 4. 27 Daniel Bartholomew, 15 5. 8 Kit Leslie, 15 6. 57 Richard Smith, Sr, 15 7. 21 Shannon Hubbs, 15 8. 37 Bedie Sonnier, 15 9. 1 Chris House, 15 10. 73 David King, 15 11. 93 Kayla King, 14 12. 127 Shaun House, 15 13. Mitch Lindley, 14 14. 22 Matt Lindley, 8 Second feature 1. 57 Richard Smith, Sr, 15 2. 27 Daniel Bartholomew, 15 3. 717 Taylor Harris, 15 4. 1 Chris House, 15 5. 8 Kit Leslie, 15 6. 137 Dave Barton, 15 7. 7 Stephen Dalton, 15 8. 21 Shannon Hubbs, 15 9. 37 Bedie Sonnier, 15 10. 73 David King, 15 11. 127 Shaun House, 14 12. 93 Kayla King, 14 13. 36 Mitch Lindley, 10
  8. Tempers boiling at Houston Motorsports Park as “Double Feature Night” takes center stage Houston, TX (June 2, 2014) - Houston Motorsports Park is well-known in the Texas stock car racing community as a place where rivalries develop early in the season and provide plenty of paint-swapping, fender-bending action for the entire NASCAR All-American Series racing season. For instance, during the “Fiesta Memorial Powerfest” event on May 24, NASCAR Fiesta Modified drivers Johnny Walker and Brandon Kelley nearly came to blows in front of the packed grandstands while their crumpled race cars sat smoldering on the front straightaway. The pair were racing hard for position near the front of the pack when, well, the story differs depending on who you talk to, but to put it mildly, they made hard contact coming off turn four of the 3/8-mile asphalt/concrete oval and ended up a few feet short of the finish line up against the retaining wall. Walker has been quoted as placing the blame for the wreck squarely on Kelley’s shoulders while Kelley disputes that contention. “He (Walker) came down on me in turn four and forced me down onto the apron,” Kelley said. “Once he had me down there the car wiggled a bit and I got loose coming back up onto the track. That’s when we collected each other, but it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t come down on me." End result: Two fire-breathing, low-slung, very-expensive NASCAR Fiesta Modifieds wrecked. Two very different versions as to why. And a bit of bad blood perhaps. We’ll see how this all plays out this Saturday, June 7, when the pair meet again in their two 40-lap features – the “Fiesta Mart 40” and the “The Worlds Supermarket 40.” Not to be outdone, earlier this season a couple of NASCAR BWFS Coke Truck pilots, Mason Teague and Charles Evans, Jr., tangled as they battled for the lead on the last lap of the first of their twin feature events. While no on-track face-to-face confrontation took place between the pair, rumor has it that they will not be exchanging Christmas cards this year. And there’s also some drama building in the NASCAR American Muscle Car class (formerly known as the Street Stocks) since David Webster has been all but unbeatable, winning every feature event so far this season. While no one’s naming names, there are a growing number of AMCAR drivers who would love to see that win streak come to a screeching halt. Perhaps even literally. In addition to the double features for the NASCAR Fiesta Modifieds, the NASCAR BWFS Coke Trucks will compete in twin 30-lap main events, the “Coca-Cola 30” and the “BWFS Industries 30,” while the NASCAR American Muscle Stock Cars will run two 20-lap features, the “B&R Industries 20” and the “TFE Company 20.” Also on the program are two 15-lap races for the wild and wooly EcoStocks. With $1 hot dogs, $1 beer, $1 cokes and free parking, it's a great way to spend an exciting, yet very affordable, evening with the whole family. Adult tickets are only $12 and kids 12 and under are admitted free. Racing starts promptly at 6 pm and normally finishes about 10 pm at the well-maintained, park-like racing facility which is located at 11620 North Lake Houston Parkway in Northeast Houston. The information hotline is 281-458-1972 and the track email is events@houstonmotorsportspark.com. Visit www.houstonmotorsportspark.com or check us out on facebook at www.facebook.com/HOUSTONRACING for more information.
  9. NASCAR Fiesta Modifieds Zach Knowles, Zak Hausler, Joe Aramendia, Johnny Walker and Brandon Kelly battled up front for much of the first half of this action-filled, highly-competitive 75-lapper. Walker's luck ran out when he and Brandon Kelly tangled down the front straight and both were done for the night, but not before some heated words were exchanged between the pair. Aramendia then looked like he was going to take over, but he began slowing and all the leaders got by with Hausler taking the point with Knowles in hot pursuit. But after several laps in the lead and appearing to put some real estate on Knowles, Hausler suddenly slowed and pitted, leaving Knowles to outrun Michael Kourkoubes, Jason Morman and Clayton Green for the win. Fiesta Mart 75 results 1. 51 Zach Knowles 75 2. 4 Michael Kourkoubes 75 3. 33 Jason Morman 75 4. 1 Clayton Green 75 5. 79 Joe Aramendia 75 6. 28 Kevin Wiseman 75 7. 7 Brian Otts 75 8. 10 Greg Wade 75 9. 5 Zak Hausler 74 10. 08 Donny Kelly 68 11. 50 Brian Moczygemba 68 12. 88 Larry Hughes 67 13. 2 Paul White 61 14. 72 Johnny Walker 36 15. 03 Brandon Kelly 36 16. 59 Richard Smith Jr. 6 Zak Hausler and Zach Knowles were the Heat Race winners NASCAR BWFS Coke Trucks First Heat winner Mason Teague was out front and looking very strong when he suddenly slowed and pulled into the pits, leaving Jake French and Charles Evans, Jr to battle it out up front. But the pair tangled on a lap 44 restart to bring out a yellow flag and both got sent to the rear of the field. That left David Webster and Kyle Books as the new leaders with Books able to outduel Webster for the win. BWFS Industries 50 results 1. 17 Kyle Books 50 2. 13 David Webster 50 3. 94 Sean-Michael Steiner 50 4. 58 Charles Evans, Jr. 50 5. 16 Jake French 50 6. 53 Mike Coursey 49 7. 88 Jim Phillips 49 8. 18 Mike Kressley 49 9. 1 Lynn Hardy, Jr. 49 10. 79 Michael Villarreal 49 11. 11 James Cates 49 12. 21 Charlie Knight 48 13. 4 Chad Rogers 48 14. 61 Arden Smith 44 15. 77 Cole Miller 43 16. 68 Lori Lindley 15 17. 162 Mason Teague 6 DQ 50 Travis Benson 50 Kyle Books and Mason Teague were the Heat Race winners NASCAR AMCAR Stock Cars It looked like David Webster's reign as king of the AMCARs was in jeopardy after Tommy Page, Jr, won the heat race, but Webster turned up the wick in the feature and won in yet another lop-sided AMCAR victory. TFE Company 30 results 1. 31 David Webster 25 2. 07 Tommy Page Jr. 25 3. 28 Dale Demski 25 4. 53 Roger Hellman 25 5. 87 Randall Page 24 6. 18 Nathan Demski 24 7. 55 John Winnie 20 Eco Stocks Richard Fitch looked like he had a clean sweep going for him in the Eco Stocks after taking a very convincing win in the heat race and leading all but the last lap of the feature. Fitch had a commanding lead but suddenly slowed with a lap to go leaving David Barton to claim the checkered flag. Eco Stock feature results 1. 137 David Barton 15 04:57.737 19.183 3 70.375 2. 1 Chris House 15 04:58.125 00.388 19.207 2 70.287 3. 57 Richard Smith 15 04:58.540 00.803 19.238 2 70.174 4. 27 Daniel Bartholomew 15 04:59.026 01.289 19.407 3 69.563 5. 8 Kit Leslie 15 04:59.407 01.670 19.329 5 69.843 6. 4 Robert Henson 15 05:05.356 07.619 19.170 5 70.423 7. 7 Stephen Dalton 15 05:06.600 08.863 19.746 2 68.368 8. 37 Dave Barton 15 05:07.410 09.673 19.713 9 68.483 9. 73 David King 15 05:08.333 10.596 19.956 6 67.649 10. 127 Shaun House 15 05:11.136 13.399 19.871 8 67.938 11. 07 Richard Fitch 14 04:39.830 1 lap 18.872 3 71.535 12. 36 Mitch Lindley 14 05:06.306 1 lap 20.718 7 65.161 13. 93 Kayla King 14 Legends Michael Dabney, Jr, made it look easy in winning both the heat race and the feature in the Legends National Qualifier events. Tyson Goudy and Christopher Hogan had strong runs but at the finish Dabney had plenty of real estate over Goudy and Hogan. Harvey Racing 25 results 1. 50 Micheal Dabney Jr 25 2. 800 Tyson Goudy 25 3. 81 Christopher Hogan 25 4. 308 Dewayne Irwin 25 5. 18 Cam Mitchell 25 6. 42 Buddy Goudy 25 7. 6 Jake Thomasson 25 8. 16 Coby Henslee 25 9. 55 Blake Mixon 25 10. 114 Cameron Hickenbottom 25 11. 45 Curtis Irwin 24 12. 95 David Harvey 23 13. 24 James Call 23 14. 63 Brad Harden 23 15. 14 Roger Williams 22 16. 27 Colin Lynch 12 Bandoleros Zoey Barker, Jon Fernandez and Devon Hicks all ended up with demolished race cars in separate incidents, but it was Blake Cisneros taking the win over Vinnie Aramendia in the feature. B & R Industries 15 results 1. 77 Blake Cisneros 15 18:18.767 18.700 12 72.193 2. 79 Vinnie Aramendia 15 18:18.971 00.204 18.687 9 72.243 3. 1 Dalton Arnold 15 18:25.501 06.734 19.441 7 69.441 4. 14 JD Legg 15 18:25.717 06.950 19.305 13 69.93 5. 05 Mark Offutt 15 18:28.821 10.054 19.540 5 69.089 6. 62 Devon Hicks 14 18:09.208 1 lap 19.394 13 69.609 7. 24 Jon Fernandez 1 05:28.741 14 laps 19.278 1 70.028 8. 7 Zoey Barker DNS
  10. Perseverance pays off for Houston Motorsports Park’s Johnny Walker Houston, TX (May 21, 2014) - Johnny Walker, who competes at Houston Motorsports Park (HMP) in his low-slung, fire-breathing NASCAR Fiesta Modified, knows the meaning of perseverance. Walker, 51, who lives in Pasadena, has been racing in the top stock car racing divisions in Texas for over 25 years with mixed success, but is on the verge of a breakout season at Houston Motorsports Park this season. Walker has won two of the first three NASCAR Fiesta Modified events this season - the season-opener in March and the prestigious Feista Speedfest event in April. With those wins, Walker takes a ten-point lead in the point standings over rival Zach Knowles going into this Saturday’s Fiesta Memorial Powerfest races at the well-maintained 3/8-mile oval speed plant in Northeast Houston. “I started racing in 1987 in the Texas International Drivers Association Late Model Series with Neil Upchurch,” Walker said. “I ran with the TIDA series off and on for several years, but the best I ever did in the championship standings was sixth place. “In the early 90’s I ran several All -Pro races east of the Mississippi and ran an ARCA series race at Texas World Speedway,” Walker continued. “At that point I thought my racing career was going to take off. But in 1993 I ran out of money and had to go back to work, raising my family and making a living.” Most would have given up their racing career at that point, but not Walker. After a 15-year layoff, Walker - now better able to fund his racing endeavors - decided to make a comeback in 2008. “Jumping back in was the hardest thing I’ve done. The cars are very different than they used to be. The stock car racing industry as a whole had technologically passed me way by,” Walker explained. “I came back with a Late Model and campaigned it at HMP. Thankfully, my good friend and multi-time champion Greg Davidson helped me with the new technology but it took a year just to get my first win. We finally pulled off a couple of wins before the track dropped the Late Models,” Walker said. With his new-found Late Model success suddenly at a dead end, Walker decided to campaign a NASCAR Fiesta Modified – now the top-tier division at the track - two years ago. “I struggled at first but I never gave up and now we’re achieving the sort of success I have always hoped for,” Walker said. “I never gave up and worked my way through the learning curve and hooked up with some of the smartest, most experienced guys in the sport. The difference this year is the addition of Tommy Owens as my Crew Chief and some great support from Marc and Bailey Currey. Their expertise is definitely what made me much more competitive.” “It seems in racing that everything comes in bunches whether it’s wrecking, breaking or winning,” Walker said. “It seems to stay with you and you have to race your way through the bad stuff. That’s perseverance.” Indeed. Johnny Walker will be competing in the “Fiesta Mart 75” this Saturday at Houston Motorsports Park in the Fiesta Memorial Powerfest event in his black, number 72 NASCAR Fiesta Modified against some of the best racers in the country. In addition, the NASCAR BWFS Coke Trucks will line up for the “BWFS Industries 50,” the NASCAR American Muscle Cars will compete in the “TFE Company 30,” while the wild and wooly EcoStocks will beat and bang in a 15-lap main event. Tickets for the Fiesta Memorial Powerfest are $12, but are only $5 if purchased at Houston-area Fiesta Marts. Children 12 and under are free. And one dollar Cokes, one dollar beer and one dollar hotdogs make for an affordable outing for the entire family and a great opportunity to see some of the best NASCAR short track racing in the South. Houston Motorsports Park is located in Northeast Houston at 11620 North Lake Houston Parkway. For more information about HMP and this Saturday’s Fiesta Memorial Powerfest, visit http://www.houstonmotorsportspark.com, call 281-458-1972 or visit the HMP Facebook page.
  11. Wow! Finally!! Xtreme Meltdown on May 17th is shaping up to be the Best Drag Racing in HMP history featuring Pro Mods, X275, Ultra Street and 5.80 Index. There are 16+ Pro Mods, 24+ X275 cars, 13+ Ultra Street and 80+ 5.80 Index cars committed! That is a ton of hardcore drag racing packed into one day! $5000 to win for X275 and $10,000 purse for 5.80 index means all cars will be set on kill! What is X275? Think of 2000+ Horsepower + No Wheelie Bars...WHAT Could Go Wrong?!? Gates open 11AM with Racing Starting at 2PM. Here is a link to the May 17th, Xtreme Meltdown Race Schedule: http://www.houstonmotorsportspark.com/SCHEDULES/2014/XSCHEDMAY14.pdf FREE Parking FREE for Kids Ages 12 & Under $20 Adult Admission $1 Hot Dogs, $1 Beer and $1 Cokes! For more event information, visit www.houstonmotorsportspark.com or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/HOUSTONRACING
  12. Wow! Xtreme Meltdown on March 1st is shaping up to be the Best Drag Racing in HMP history featuring Pro Mods, X275, Ultra Street and 5.80 Index. At this point, there are 16+ Pro Mods, 24+ X275 cars, 13+ Ultra Street and 80+ 5.80 Index cars committed! That is a ton of hardcore drag racing packed into one day! $5000 to win for X275 and $10,000 purse for 5.80 index means all cars will be set on kill! What is X275? Think of 2000+ Horsepower + No Wheelie Bars...WHAT Could Go Wrong?!? Gates open 10AM with Racing Starting at 2PM. Here is a link to the March 1st, Xtreme Meltdown Race Schedule: http://www.houstonmotorsportspark.com/SCHEDULES/2014/XSCHEDMARCH114.pdf FREE Parking FREE for Kids Ages 12 & Under $20 Adult Admission $1 Hot Dogs, $1 Beer and $1 Cokes! For more event information, visit www.houstonmotorsportspark.com or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/HOUSTONRACING