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Found 113 results

  1. Read the story here >>>> http://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/65637-kruger-nastasi-triumph-at-hmps-patriot-motor-company-night/
  2. Jake Kruger, Ed Nastasi triumph at Houston Motorsports Park, 5/2/2015 Houston, TX (May 3, 2015) – NASCAR Modified driver Jake Kruger and NASCAR Coke Truck driver Ed Nastasi were the big winners Saturday night at Houston Motorsports Park’s “Patriot Motor Company Night.” NASCAR Modifieds In the top-of-the-line NASCAR Modified division, Jake Kruger locked horns with young Ryan Luza in an entertaining, 60-lap battle of wills and held off Luza’s determined charge over the last five laps to claim his second NASCAR Modified win of the season by a car length or two. Kruger, who edged out Luza in a similar fashion in the season-opener a month earlier, was able to keep Luza behind him all night except for the few instances when the pair went wheel-to-wheel for a lap or two on the 3/8-mile, concrete/asphalt oval. “It all boils down to handling,” Kruger said when asked what it takes to win at HMP. “Whoever, gets through the turns best on these eight-inch tires is going to win. I basically ran at half-throttle all night. There’s no way to get all that Mission Racing power down to the track. If we were running a crate engine, it wouldn’t have made a bit of difference.” “Ryan (Luza) was right there, though,” Kruger continued. “And after that caution with five to go, he gave me a really good run on the outside. The track had become a bit slick by that time and everyone’s lap times had dropped off. So once again it all came down to who was handling the best at the end.” Kruger credits BMF Shocks and Chassis’ John Heil for the handling on his Rick Pollaro-owned, Rack-N-Motion, STS Coating, Mission Racing NASCAR Modified. Rounding out the top five were Michael Kourkoubes, Ian Webster and Clayton Green. Ian Webster and Luza won the 10-lap heat races. Results of the 60-lap NASCAR Modified feature 1. 96 Jake Kruger, 60 laps 2. 5 Ryan Luza, 60 3. 4 Michael Kourkoubes, 60 4. 13 Ian Webster, 60 5. 54 Clayton Green, 60 6. 72 Bailey Currey, 60 7. 2 Paul White, 60 8. 7 Brian Otts, 59 9. 16 Jake Thomasson, 59 10. 88 Larry Hughes, 58 11. 8 DL Wilson, 51 12. 9 Brad Riethmeyer, 50 13. 95 Chris Comalander, 47 NASCAR Coke Trucks The 40-lap NASCAR Coke Truck feature had a dramatic finish when race-leader Rick Pollaro and season-opener winner David Webster tangled in the last turn of the last lap and spun each other out. This gave Ed Nastasi, who had a solid third-place run in progress, all the room he needed to duck under the spinning pair and take the checkered flag. Naturally enough, the two drivers involved in the incident had a different take on matters. “It was definitely just a last-lap racing deal,” Pollaro said. “I was very loose at the end and I checked up a bit in turn three which gave David (Webster) a chance to work under me. I feel as bad for David as anyone. He didn’t get the finish he deserved. I’m not sure if he’s running for points, but I was there to have fun and not cause problems for people running for points.” “I smiled and laughed at myself afterwards for giving up the win,” Pollaro continued. “But I can say I was completely exhausted and gave it all I had for 39.75 laps!” Webster, on the other hand, was not quite as philosophical about the incident. “I had moved up the track to let him (Pollaro) by a few laps earlier when I started burning up the rear gear,” Webster said. ”But when he got in front, he kept getting out of shape, so I stayed on his bumper waiting for a mistake. And on the white-flag lap I got up to his door down the back straight. But I guess his spotter must have left to go back to the trailer because he drove me down to the apron and we touched and we both spun.” “It’s too bad because, win or not, it would have been a great finish for the fans to watch,” Webster continued. “Some drivers just can’t keep their talent-well full for the entire race.” The beneficiary of all this was, of course, Ed Nastasi. “I was testing a new set of 41 Shocks on the Jim Nides NASCAR Coke Truck and I was pleasantly surprised that the truck was extremely fast and knew I would have no problem contending for the win,” Nastasi said. “But late in the race the front brakes started to fail, so I felt my chances fading fast as I struggled to maintain position in front of Christopher Hogan. But on the last lap just as I was about to enter turn three, my spotter said to stay low and, ‘You just won this thing!’” “I’ve had a few strong finishes stolen from me in the trucks in the past,” Nastasi explained. “So, even though it’s not really the way I want to win, I’ll take it.” Youngster Christopher Hogan ran like a veteran all night and followed Nastasi to the checkered flag. Mike Coursey, Mark Lindley and Mark Villarreal, Jr, rounded out the top five. David Webster won the 10-lap heat race over Hogan and Nastasi. Results of the 40-lap NASCAR Coke Trucks feature 1. 8 Ed Nastasi 40 laps 2. 17 Christopher Hogan, 40 3. 53 Mike Coursey, 40 4. 15 Mark Lindley, 40 5. 81 Mark Villarreal Jr, 40 6. 51 Zack Nesloney, 40 7. 79 Michael Villarreal, 40 8. 13 David Webster, 40 9. 96 Rick Pollaro, 39 10. 20 Tom Wingo, 38 Dwarf Cars Veteran Rusty Young dominated the 25-lap Dwarf Car feature winning handily over Dwain Groff. Arden Vikre, Chase Havely and Matt Goulais rounded out the top five and finished in a tight group only a second or two behind Groff. Kevin Hubbard and Young claimed heat race wins. Results of the 25-lap Dwarf feature 1. 88 Rusty Young, 25 laps 2. 14 Dwain Groff, 25 3. 72 Arden Vikre, 25 4. 31 Chase Hadeley, 25 5. 39 Matt Goulais, 25 6. 54 Todd McLemore, 25 7. 20 Ryan Stoy, 25 8. 3 Kevin Hubbard, 25 9. 4 Rodney Rodriguez, 25 10. 18 Jerry Young, 25 11. 27 Butch Havelka, 25 12. 5 Jim Kritikos, 25 13. 8 Richard Smith, 25 14. 09 Grant Prejean, 22 15. 40 Michael Goulais, 9 Lone Star Legacy Series The eight-car Lone Star Legacy Series field quickly divided itself into two four-car packs with the two packs joining up and mixing it up at the end of the caution-free 25-lap feature. In the end, Allen Sampson won his second Legacy feature in a row, squeezing out a narrow win over 12 year-old Gabriel Fogg, 78 year-old James Huff and Cory Lovell who stepped out of his Late Model ride to compete up front with the Lone Star Legacys. Sampson also won the 15-lap heat race. Results of the Lone Star Legacy 25-lap feature 1. 01 Allen Sampson, 25 laps 2. 10 Gabriel Fogg, 25 3. 32 James Huff, 25 4. 61 Cory Lovell, 25 5. 08 Memphis Villarreal, 25 6. 1 Del Harris, 24 7. 23 Alexis Leone, 24 8. 88 Matthew Villarreal, 24 Ashwood Homes EcoStocks Taylor Harris resumed her winning ways, taking the feature win over Dave Barton and Kit Leslie. Barton won the 10-lap heat race. Results of the 15-lap EcoStock feature 1. 717 Taylor Harris, 15 laps 2. 37 Dave Barton, 15 3. 8 Kit Leslie, 15 4. 27 Danny Bartholomew, 15 5. 7 Stephen Dalton, 15 6. 4 Robert Henson, 15 7. 13 Bedie Sonnier, 15 8. 1 Chris House, 11 Calico Coatings Stock Cars Robert Walton made it look easy winning both the 19-lap feature and the 10-lap heat by wide margins. Results of the Calico Coatings 19-lap feature 1. 10 Robert Walton, 19 2. 02 John Cornish, 17 3. 8 Ed Thompson, 5 4. 36 Jim Beasley, 0 Next up at the park-like facility will be a full NASCAR-sanctioned race weekend featuring a $5,000–to-win Late Model event on May 16, 2015. Houston Motorsports Park is located at 11620 North Lake Houston Parkway in Northeast Houston. To contact Houston Motorsports Park, call Tracy Trotter at 832-324-5584 or email him at ttrotter@houstonmotorsportspark.com. For more information about Houston Motorsports Park visit www.racehmp.com or look us up on Facebook.
  3. Click here for the schedule >>>>>>>>>>> http://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/65569-hmp-detailed-schedule-for-may-1-2/
  4. For the event flyer, click here >>> http://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/65545-hmps-patriot-motor-company-night-set-for-this-saturday-522015/
  5. To read the story, click here >>>> http://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/65288-kruger-coursey-post-wins-in-hmps-calico-coatings-season-opener/
  6. Jake Kruger, Mike Coursey post wins in Houston Motorsports Park’s “Calico Coatings Season Opener” Houston, TX (April 6, 2015) – NASCAR Modified drivers Jake Kruger and Ryan Luza were the class of the 14-car starting field at the “Calico Coatings Season Opener” at Houston Motorsports Park this past Saturday with Kruger coming out on top at the checkered flag. Kruger, driving Rick Pollaro’s Wild Child Motorsports NASCAR Modified, was dogged all evening by Luza who was able to stay side-by-side with Kruger for a lap or two after every restart during the caution-filled 75-lapper. But in each instance Kruger was able to power away after a few laps and then open a comfortable two or three car-length gap until the next caution flag waved. “The biggest challenge was the restarts, “Kruger said. “With this new engine package that Tom Hamilton and Mission Racing put together, I kep blowing the tires off until I got it all figured out.” Kruger said that his “open motor” actually started life as a crate engine, but that Hamilton “souped it up a bit. It was turning pretty good.” Kruger gave lots of credit to runner-up Luza as well as up-and-coming youngster Clayton Green, who finished a strong third. “Ryan is really strong this year and at this point he’s our main competition,” Kruger said. “We’re going to have to stay one step ahead of him, that’s for sure. And we’re keeping an eye on (third-place finisher) Clayton Green too. He’s got a new BMF chassis under him and once he gets it all sorted out he’s going to be tough.” Kruger made sure to thank his sponsors, Rack-N-Motion, STX Coating, Wild Child Motorsports, BMF Chassis, Mission Racing and Crew Chief John Heil. Luza, wheeling a Raymond DeLaHoussaye Modified, said the car was hooked up great, but that Kruger had just a bit more power coming off the turns and down the straights. “The difference between us was his amazing drive off the corner,” Luza said. “He was able to pull me one or two car lengths every straightaway. His open motor verses my crate engine was a very noticeable difference.” When asked what it will take to win the next time out, Luza said, “I really don’t know how much better the car can be next time out because the car was very stout. Maybe the right answer would be if Kruger’s car wasn’t quite so good! Either way, the two of us ran faster than the NASCAR Modifieds have been in a long time.” Rounding out the top five were Green and veterans Ian Webster and Paul White. Kruger and Luza won their heat races over Green and White, respectively. NASCAR Fiesta Modified Feature Position, Car #, Name, Laps 1. 96 Jake Kruger 75 2. 5 Ryan Luza 75 3. 54 Clayton Green 75 4. 13 Ian Webster 75 5. 2 Paul White 75 6. 4 Michael Kourkoubes 75 7. 33 Jason Morman 75 8. 01 Art Kunzeman 75 9. 88 Larry Hughes 74 10. 16 Jake Thomasson 71 11. 28 Kevin Wiseman 31 12. 9 JT Schild 26 13. 32 Jason Otts 25 14. 8 DL Wilson 20 NASCAR Coke Trucks NASCAR Coke Truck driver Mike Coursey might have finished second on the track, but after both the first-place finisher, David Webster, and the thrid-place finisher, Michael Villarreal, were disqualified by Chief Tech Inspector Ricky Brooks, Coursey ended up with the win. “That was my first feature win for the number 53 NASCAR Coke Truck last night at HMP,” Coursey said. “I actually finished second on the track, but the number 13 truck (David Webster) was disqualified, so I got the win. Not exactly how I wanted to get it, but a win is a win.” NASCAR Coke Trucks Feature Finish, Truck #, Name, Laps 1. 53 Mike Coursey 50 2. 17 Christopher Hogan 50 3. 8 Ed Nastasi 50 4. 182 Adam Schwarz 48 5. 15 Mark Lindley 41 6. 02 Eric Wallace 22 DQ 13 David Webster 50 DQ 79 Michael Villarreal 50 NASCAR Stock Cars As the NASCAR Stock Car class rebuilds their division, a very short field was on hand for opening night. Only Ed Thompson and Eddie Nastasi were in competition with Thompson having the upper hand over Nastasi in both the heat and feature. Several more NASCAR Stock Cars are expected to make their appearance in the near future. NASCAR Stock Cars Feature Position, Car #, Name, Laps 1. 8 Ed Thompson 10 2. 36 Eddie Nastasi 10 Eco Stocks Taylor Harris, defending Eco Stock champion Daniel Bartholomew and Dave Barton were the class of the 10-car Eco Stock field with Harris taking the 15-lap feature ahead of Bartholomew and Barton. In the 10-lap heat Bartholomew took the win by the tiniest of margins - 0.001 of a second - over Barton with Harris running a strong third. The Eco Stocks always put on a good show with and tonight was no exception. Eco Stock Feature Position, Car #, Name, Laps 1. 717 Taylor Harris 15 2. 27 Danny Bartholomew 15 3. 37 Dave Barton 15 4. 8 Kit Leslie 15 5. Soren Rasmussen 15 6. 7 Stephen Dalton 15 7. 22 Mitch Lindley 15 8. 11 Tyler Hassler 15 9. 43 Richard Smith 15 10. 13 Bedie Sonnier 15 Legends Michael Dabney picked up right where he left off last season and took the checkered in both his 10-lap heat and the 25-lap feature. But in both cases he had his mirror full of Grady Fox-Rhode from start to finish. Legends Feature Position, Car #, Name, Laps 1. 50 Michael Dabney 25 2. 4 Brady Fox-Rhode 25 3. 27 Colin Lynch 25 4. 12 Joseph Graff 25 5. M16 Coby Henslee 25 6. 62K Kamera McDonald 25 7. 308 DeWayne Irwin 25 8. 162 Tim McDonald 24 9. 48 Gabbie Dubeau 23 10. 19 Jamie Call 23 11. 14 Roger Williams 22 12. 357 Matthew Barnard 6 Bandoleros Levi Dubeau also had his “clean sweep” broom out and dominated both the Bandolero heat and feature. Bandolero Feature Position, Car #, Name, Laps 1. 84 Levi Dubeau 15 2. 7 Zoey Barker 15 3. 99 Kade Brown 15 4. 34 Camryn Chadwick 15 5. 6 Ethan Barker 13
  7. Click here >>>> http://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/65206-hmp-hourly-schedule-for-season-opener-442015/
  8. Click here for PDF downloadable schedule >>>> Apr4_2015.pdf
  9. Here's the link to the poster: http://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/65200-houston-motorsports-park-season-opener-set-for-this-saturday-april-4/
  10. Houston Motorsports Park Season-Opener set for this Saturday, April 4
  11. Here's the story >>> http://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/64996-hmps-annual-nascar-speedfest-moves-to-october-10-2015/
  12. Houston Motorsports Park’s Annual NASCAR Speedfest moves to October 10, 2015 Houston, TX (March 17, 2015) – Houston Motorsports Park has announced that their Annual Speedfest is moving from April 4 to October 10, 2015. Speedfest is the biggest event of the season at the immaculate 3/8-mile NASCAR-sanctioned oval and it just makes sense to move it to later in the season according to Tracy Trotter, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Opening night is still April 4, but Speedfest has been moved to October 10th in order for us to properly promote the biggest race of the year and to seek more corporate sponsorship for this prestigious NASCAR racing event,” Trotter said in explaining the date change. “Not only that, but it’s also Easter Weekend and one of our sponsors has some concerns about running such a big event on a holiday weekend.” “I also want to announce that we will be adding the top-of-the-line NASCAR Late Models to the Speedfest lineup,” Trotter continued. “We are determined to create an annual event like none other.” Trotter emphasized that the new HMP management team is making sure the rest of the schedule will mirror last year’s schedule with few, if any, exceptions. “Any time a track of Houston Motorsports Park’s stature in the racing community changes hands, there are going to be rumors and more rumors,” Trotter continued. “But we want to put those rumors to rest. We are opening on April 4 as announced and we’re working as hard to make the transition from the Baker family to our management team as smooth and painless as possible. Racers and fans can be assured that we will be running a full NASCAR schedule with Speedfest included, but later in the season.” To contact Houston Motorsports Park, call Tracy Trotter at 832-324-5584 or email him at ttrotter@houstonmotorsportspark.com. Houston Motorsports Park is located at 11620 North Lake Houston Parkway in Northeast Houston. For more information about Houston Motorsports Park visit www.racehmp.com or look us up on Facebook.
  13. http://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/64990-hmp-test-tune-this-saturday-march-21/
  14. Houston Motorsports Park - The Palace of Power - will host a Test & Tune session on Saturday, March 21, 2015. $50 per car with all team members and spectators admitted without charge. Bring cash, please. The "Please-Point of Sale" is Currently Being Installed. Overall Schedule: (Schedule Subject to Change) Gates Open/Tech Opens12:15 HMP Officials Meetings 1:00-2:55-Practice Round 1 (Class Order Below) 2:55-3:00-Break 3:00-4:40-Practice Round 2 4:40-4:45-Break 4:45-6:30-Practice Round 3 6:45-Track Closed All cars are required to visit tech for a safety inspection prior to entering the track
  15. Click to read the story >>> http://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/64854-hmp-360-motorsports-to-offer-free-hoosier-tire-seminar-march-20/
  16. Houston Motorsports Park, 360 Motorsports to offer a free Hoosier Tire seminar, Friday, March 20 Houston, TX (March 2, 2015) – The Hoosier Tire Asphalt Business Unit Manager, Irish Saunders, will be at 360 Motorsports to offer a free seminar where he will share in-depth information about Hoosier asphalt racing tires. The seminar will be hosted jointly by Houston Motorsports Park and 360 Motorsports. “We at Hoosier want to give every racer the knowledge they need to get the maximum performance out of each of their tires,” Saunders said. “This will be a great opportunity for Houston Motorsports Park racers and area asphalt track competitors to get a step ahead of their competition.” Saunders is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the racing tire industry with over 30 years at Hoosier. 360 Motorsports owner and race car driver Jason Trotter says this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Houston Motorsports Park race teams and area racers to gain valuable information that will help their stock car racing programs. “Irish knows what he’s talking about when it comes to Hoosier tires,” Trotter said. “He has a wealth of information at his disposal and isn’t afraid to share that with racers.” The seminar will start promptly at 7 p.m. at the 360 Motorsports retail store and shop in North Houston. To reserve your spot, email Jason Trotter at jason@360motorsports.com or call him at 281-999-7223. Seating will be limited, so get your reservation in right away. 360 Motorsports is located at 15832 W. Hardy Street, Suite 670, Houston, TX 77060. Their business phone is 281-999-RACE (7223) or toll-free 855-360-RACE (7223) and their email address is info@360motorsports.com. Houston Motorsports Park is a park-like, NASCAR-sanctioned, 3/8-mile asphalt-concrete oval located at 11620 North Lake Houston Parkway in Northeast Houston. For more information about Houston Motorsports Park visit http://www.racehmp.com or look us up on FaceBook. For more information about Hoosier Racing Tires, visit their website at http://www.hoosiertire.com. For more information about 360 Motorsports, visit http://360motorsports.com.
  17. Houston Motorsports Park to launch 2015 NASCAR season with two “Test and Tune” dates Houston, TX (February 15, 2015) – Houston Motorsports Park, one of the nation’s premier stock car racing venues, will launch their 2015 NASCAR short track racing season with two “Test and Tune” dates – March 7 and March 21, 2015. These two practice dates will lead up to HMP’s annual SpeedFest event which is set for April 4. SpeedFest will be the first event under the new management team at the park-like facility and will also serve as the track’s NASCAR season-opener. Originally these two practice dates were scheduled to be early-season NASCAR race events, but with the recent ownership change at the 3/8-mile concrete/asphalt oval, the track management opted to provide their new management team a couple of hands-on opportunities to work out various race-day procedures and fine-tune internal communications before opening day. “We are hard at work getting our new staff in place and felt it best to work out some logistics before launching our season,” said Chairman of the Board of Directors Tracy Trotter in making the announcement. “We have new folks in key positions and we need to give them a chance to obtain some hands-on experience prior to the season-opener. “And judging from some of the feedback we have received, quite a number of our race teams would like a couple of practice dates as well,” Trotter added. “The good news is that teams will only be charged $50 per car with all team members and spectators admitted without charge.” Limited concessions will be available, but teams are welcome to bring their own food and drink. No alcohol will be allowed in the pits or grandstands, however, until all practice has been completed and all cars loaded on their trailers. Pit gates will open at noon on both practice days and the track will remain open until dusk. Trotter also announced that race tires for all HMP classes are now available at 360 Motorsports. For tire information and/or to obtain tires, call Jason Trotter at 281-999-RACE(7223). For HMP rule clarifications and technical information, call Ricky Brooks at 850-324-6821. Ricky’s email is rickybrooks5@aol.com. To contact Houston Motorsports Park, call Tracy Trotter at 832-324-5584 or email him at ttrotter@houstonmotorsportspark.com. Houston Motorsports Park is located at 11620 North Lake Houston Parkway in Northeast Houston. For more information about Houston Motorsports Park visit www.racehmp.com or look us up on Facebook.
  18. Click here for the story >>> http://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/64569-houston-motorsports-park-to-hold-end-of-season-banquet-feb-28-2015/
  19. Updated on June 22, 2015: The management at Houston Motorsports Park is working hard to put together a race package for the remainer of 2015 after the sale of the track hit a roadblock. As race dates become available, we will post them here.
  20. Here's the story >>> http://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/64023-hmp-names-new-director-of-operations-competition-director/
  21. Houston Motorsports Park 2015 Schedule February 7 - 2014 Banquet / Drivers' Meeting March 7 - Test and Tune March 21 - Test and Tune April 3 - Speedfest Day 1 April 4 - Speedfest Day 2 April 18 - NASCAR Racing May 2 - NASCAR Racing May 16 - NASCAR Racing May 30 - NASCAR Racing June 13 - NASCAR Racing June 27 - NASCAR Racing July 11 - NASCAR Racing July 25 - NASCAR Racing August 8 - NASCAR Racing August 22 - NASCAR Racing September 5 - NASCAR Racing September 19 - NASCAR Racing October 3 - NASCAR Racing October 17 - NASCAR Racing October 31 - NASCAR Racing This schedule is subject to change as determined by HMP track management
  22. Here's the link to the story. Click here >>>> http://www.lonestarspeedzone.com/topic/63512-aramendia-evans-webster-wearing-hmps-nascar-crowns/