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  1. $1,000 to Win June 20, 2009

    They are going by IMCA rules with the exception that you can run the hoosier 500 or the american racer or the goodyear,and they are teching by the way. well on two seperate occasions the "tech" man hasnt been teching by the imca rule. i saw he pulled vacum from the carb and it clearly states in the imca rules that vacum MUST be pulled from the intake. and he also let people running a powersterring pump with a remote reservoir and the imca rules clearly states the the powersterring pump and reservoir must be one unit.
  2. $1,000 to Win June 20, 2009

    what rules are they going by
  3. T O

    they need a back up qb just in case tony gets hurt again they can win games
  4. TMS TWDTC Sat. night Live updates 2-28-09

    How many cars start the A-main? For Modified, Limited Modified and Late Models