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  1. Central Texas Speedway hourly schedule, 5/21/16

    Not bashing nick was just curious
  2. Central Texas Speedway hourly schedule, 5/21/16

    I do not understand why they feel the need to keep changing how the street stocks line up i personality thought it was a awesome show with the fast guys starting in the back and more exciting for the fans
  3. c.c.

    Just watched mom and dad make the final payment on the track they are now the offical sole owners of cc speedway
  4. I think Cody forgot a sponcer

    To be honest that's why I don't run hmp with my pro mod it's got the cross member cut its not really an advantage but until that rule changes I can't run and I know there are a bunch of other cars just sitting at home cuz of this rule
  6. The last time I did a bio and no one posted it up
  7. pit speed

    I know this post is About me speeding into the pits I did not realize at the time that I was speeding and I apologize to anyone that feels that I put them in harm's way I Would never do that intently so to all cts officials I'm sry I will do my best to lower my pit speed my crew already are putting a plan in place to help insure this doesn't happen again and to all people in the pits I apologize as well I will slow down n keep a better eye out Anthony monroe
  8. CTS race number 3

    Plz let us know asap were loading up today n driving up tomorrow thank you
  9. Super Streets

    It's a shame no one wants to race
  10. pro mods cc speedway sound off

    Right now idk if I can get a car good count I'm sure we can get a good purse if anyone knows anyone that maybe willing to throw some $ at it let me know
  11. pro mods cc speedway sound off

    Come on guys don't get quiet on me now lets get some buzz goin hmp had found 20 cars I'm sure we can get at least 15 lets hear some noise
  12. Anyone get any pics of the pro mod race?
  13. pro mods cc speedway sound off

    I think cts rules opens it up for more cars to come run
  14. pro mods cc speedway sound off

    But I'd like opinions what yall say guys lets make some phone calls get a big field big show for the fans thats what its all about right but I wanna hear suggestions
  15. pro mods cc speedway sound off

    Yes cts rules