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  1. C. C. Speedway - For Sale

    I don’t see the for sale sign in the April pictures on another Forum thread on the track. I guess we’ll see. I’m already aware of the potential 2 year delay on the bridge. I posted that on the other thread. It was in the Corpus news last week.
  2. Starting to see improvements

    I didn't know this thread existed so I created another one, my bad there. But, is C.C. Speedway for sale or not? I see the realtor sign and I called and they confirmed it was for sale. But, there's a lot of people that keep telling me that I'm full of it. Now I'm asking because I'm a big fan of C.C. Speedway and I would love to attend races there again. But, from the looks of things, I'm not sure that is going to happen. Btw, I heard on Friday that there's a possible 2 year delay on the bridge project.
  3. C. C. Speedway - For Sale

    I'll let you decide. Again, don't shoot the messenger. I want to see this track open again too.
  4. C. C. Speedway - For Sale

    I've already heard that argument. But from the info I'm telling you, as of Friday 11/22/19, the CC Speedway property is For Sale. If they're testing the market, the right buyer might come with the right money and convince them to sell. Call the number below if you doubt what I'm saying. How long ago were the owner's asked about the property? BTW, don't shoot the messenger.
  5. C. C. Speedway - For Sale

    Well, looks like the end is near. I was in Corpus and thought I'd run by CC Speedway and to my surprise the track is for sale. I called the realtor to confirm it and sure enough, it's on the market for $865k. I assume the upgrades in the area and the new road will drive the property to be used for some industrial purpose. Also, I do have the realtor's for sale brochure that has all the details and it does confirm the ~20 acres of the track is the property for sale. Was hoping to see the track revived but not sure that is in it's future.
  6. CC Racers

    Does anyone recall a #302 that ran at C.C. Speedway in very early 70s? Vaguely I remember it being an early 60s Chevelle, light blue with red #302. I think it was one of James Mikulencak's cars but my memory fails me. I sure would like a picture of that car. Thanks.
  7. Big Feature in 1984, Can you ID these drivers?

    Thanks TXTom, curious your true identity? Anyway, now we're getting somewhere on this. Can you post the results or the program for those races? I did get info from Bolin that said it was in 1984 and the race was not a TIDA race but rather a All Pro Central. Does that help any? Wish I had dated these pics when I took them.
  8. Big Feature in 1984, Can you ID these drivers?

    Thanks for the help. I've had some of the driver's confirm it was All Pro with local drivers added. This was in 1984. I've got some more names to add to the list. 99 - John Foster, Odessa, TX 14 - Freddy Fryar, is he from Houston? 84 - Chuck Johnson from Florida? 96 - Greg Davidson from ? 1 - Donnie Wilson, Denver, CO 45 - Bob Bolin, Odessa, TX ? 44 - John Talley, Austin, TX 58 - Darrell Brown, Alabama 2 - Mike Trigg, from ? Which 26 is Junior Robinson? That's all I know so far.....
  9. Hello All, Was looking through my old pictures and was reminiscing about the old days. I ran across these pictures from an All Pro feature race for a special event at CC Speedway back in '84. Can't remember the race and why all these drivers were there. And can't remember most of the drivers other than the local drivers. #99 won the race but don't know his name. Was wondering if anyone could help name them.
  10. CC Speedway Hall of Fame

    Johnny Unitas??? He doesn't belong in the Hall of Fame. Come on, some of you guys are just stuck in the good ole days syndrome. Johnny Unitas, did he ever win a race? He's not in the same league as Terry Labonte. And how much did Rick Baldwin (RIP) win??? just alittle narrow minded . ole days sydrome .... ... fact to make it into any hall of fame it takes time to earn a spot . i dont ever recall hearing aboult anyone makeing it into the hall of fame for just showing up one day and saying here i am .. . another thing .this isnt just aboult how many races someone has won ...there are many poeple out there with many years behind the seen who contribute so much time alot of it thankless should get a chance .....look at jimmy the fireman ..he has been a life savior for more years than i can remember .. he has worked hard at and on that track ,,,,noone thought of him .unless i missed it in some other post ... some of the score keepers spent many years up in the booth ,,they should be included ....heck they have not ever been in a racecar .....if you decide on someone for how many races they won .thats your choice . i am alittle more open minded ....anyone who has contributed .to this sport in more ways than just being behind the wheel . should get the same respect.... No, I'm not narrow minded. I started goin' in early 60s and I've seen a lot of these guys but after '88, I pretty much moved on to bigger cities and bigger tracks. Post '88, I haven't seen many CC races pretty much because I'm not into all these varieties of racing that evolved. I was Super Stock (asphalt) or nothing kinda fan. My family was friends with Unitas and his family, the Horners. Great people and tried hard but didn't amount to much in success. Again, Hall of Fame, not by a longshot. A wall of previous racers with photos and Bio, by all means. If you're adding just anyone, add Nato Rojas. What a junker he put out there. I think he was a worker out at Sammy's junkyard or one of them, I can't remember. The original hispanic giving it his all. I hope that's his name, my dad would remember but then again he's gone and I can't ask him.
  11. RICK RAPP?

    Here's my favorite car of his. RickRapp.bmp
  12. Terry Labonte

    Does anyone know who was the builder of the car? I might know where it is.
  13. Terry Labonte

    I got the photo at Meyer Speedway back in the 70s. I scanned it in and posted it in the first post on this thread. My dad & I used to go see him race in Houston when he left Corpus. I'm from Corpus and saw him at Cuddihy Raceway every week. Never saw him at CC Speedway, my dad was boycotting it for some gripe he had against the track owner. I remember this white 57 Chevy like it was yesterday.
  14. Terry Labonte

    What was so special about that car? Any details on the build? BTW, I got this at Meyer Speedway.
  15. Terry Labonte

    Okay, first post. I haven't seen this one anywhere, apologies if I missed it. But, I thought it would stir up some memories and discussions. Enjoy!