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  1. Any word on the Nascart driver if he’s ok?
  2. TSTRS - Input needed

    How about drop some classes before you add anymore.
  3. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    After racing for years your stating the obvious. At no point am I complaining or bashing the track I’ve apparently already done that. Thankful for what they have done however lowering the purse isn’t going to get the cars out of the barns. Hence even if it was $1000 to win still be close to the negative. You think if they cut the southern super series purse everyone would be jumping for joy? Probably not. Dirt guys don’t complain about a purse because you don’t spend 550 plus on tires every race and still have a chance to win 500. You spend $30 for a pit pass. I can do the math if your not getting it. I don’t mind doing it it’s my preference of surface. Have been doing it for years, spent more on tires over the years than your cars worth. It’s for fun.
  4. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    Nobody is going to travel from out of state anyway thats already been proven. This pay out structure is not in favor for the drivers at all. doesnt cover the cost of tires or fuel not to mention everything else. A $ 1000 to win still doesnt cover it. Its a hobby and hobbys are expensive beside bird watching. Just means the people that choose to race here racing just got more expensive. Its not our job to find sponsor for the race track thats the race tracks job. Our job is to show up with a car and crew our fans etc.. and expect to get paid.
  5. Purse payout for T-STARS Racing at HMP

    Ouch! How is the weather looking?
  6. Anyone have photos of that generator from a few years ?
  7. It was me that caused the big scene. My name is Adam Haugh
  8. Update on GW Egbert

    Prayers sent. Hope for a speedy recovery.
  9. HMP's March Madness results, March 23

    It was interesting to say the least. Last lap and the yellow came out..... 2E25DE66-12B4-4901-9B0A-278EBDB5D082.mov
  10. Too Many Rules

    The new KBM Rowdy chassis is going to be a huge game changer costly but very cool concept they have to offer. $28k for roller YIKES Hubs brakes rack rear end all arms and interior no plumbing. Comes with endless support form their staff for each track. Time will only tell but I expect them to all be up front. Donnie Wilson has one in the works so will see.
  11. Cool to see the artical on Speed 51
  12. Too Many Rules

    HA this guy
  13. 2019 update on the Alamo City Motorplex circle track. Today the Mianabi family announced they’ve received NHRA sanctioning for the drag strip and have brought in a serious-professional management team to make it truly 1st class facility (visit the Alamo City Motorplex Facebook page to see how things are going and let them know you’re here!). I am currently working with the Mianabi’s on finding contractors to build the circle track as well as working with potential sponsors. We have city approval as well as a budget in mind for the project. The family wants this track built and they want cars on it as soon as is possible and I’m trying to help make that a reality. The ownership of the track (and myself) haven’t asked for any help heretofore but that’s about to change slightly. This Saturday from 10-5 there’s going to be a cleanup day at the track to undo some of the neglect and damage done by previous tenants; I’m going to be there with a truck and a trailer cleaning up trash and helping as needed. I know it’s short notice but anyone that can help is welcome; there’s a lot of ground to cover and a lot of work to do. The budget for improvements at OUR track is large but it’s also finite and any money saved now can be spent later on other things. I’m hoping for some turnout from the circle track community to show the family we’re serious about our commitment to getting asphalt racing back in Central Texas. I’ll know tomorrow if any equipment is needed but as of right now I’ve been told all that’s needed is bodies. Next; we need sponsors and we need friendly contractors. Both myself and the owners have contacts we’re working with as far as the site work, paving and walls at the track but more help never hurts. Again, the budget for this project is realistic but every dollar not spent today is one we can spend tomorrow on nicer lights, better pit parking, etc. If you are or you know of a contractor we should contact let me know. We’re in contact with sponsors but if you know of someone OR if you have contacts in a company we may not please help us out. NASCAR and the NFL need sponsors; so do we. The attached picture is the circle track section of the final drawings presented to the city; I’d love to show the rest of the site plans but that’s for later ... needless to say 2019 is going to be exciting for our racing community. 35 Likes4 Comments37 Shares