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  1. Track?

    I sure hope we race I am ready too.
  2. 2007

    mini9 I see that your car is for sell on racingjunk.com why you selling it.

    On the dirt im running front springs at 650 and 600 rears 125 and 150
  4. Street Stock feature

    It was a good race and man you have alot of patients being behundthat 05 yellow car. You had the car to win the race for sure but he was doin one hell of job blockin you. But good run man.
  5. well heck

    Just say it the 70 car. He casue the wreck. [edited out by Nick Holt, 10/29/06]
  6. Squirrels

    My car will be ready for the 11th I cant work on it when im workin nights and sleepin all day. It will be there. When are you gonna get back into a car.
  7. Squirrels

    Just so Rick dont feel like we are only pickin on him.
  8. Squirrels

    Here me and Will even found your girl for you in victory lane
  9. Squirrels

  10. Squirrels

    With Hammerhead sticker
  11. Squirrels

    heres anther choose the paint sceem that you would like Rick.
  12. Squirrels

    WIll do you need any help.

    Hey Owen what about the number 6 in the minis Randy Smith he is a rookie. Never even raced before. Never mind just looked at the points Cody finished ahead of him.