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  1. What was the Clown's Name that used to be at SA Speedway?

    i loved watching him at the track when i was a kid. always giving the kids gum and doing silly things. really made the down times during intermission or red flags a lot of fun for the kids.
  2. NASCAR penalizes Gordon, Bowyer, Keselowski

    imagine how kyle feels. he had to sit out a race last year for the same thing gordon did, yet gordon gets a slap on the wrist. i think gordon was following team orders. they wanted him to crash boyer so kahne could take over 3rd in points. wont be surprised if a hendrick car doesnt "get loose" under brad this weekend and take him out so jimmie can win number 6. nascar is a freaking joke. they wonder why they have so many empty seats at the tracks.
  3. Thunderhill Raceway on TV

    its actually a good show. last nights episode was good. neat to see thunderhill on the big screen. rodney is a celebrity now. lol
  4. rip frank torres

    very sad news. he was a great guy and will be missed. my condolences to the family.

    congrats hunter. i still remember watching u at commanche park in a quarter midget, and then the sprint car at the dirt track. you have came a long way in a short time. you are definitely gonna have a bright future in racing. congrats to u and your dad, yall definitely deserve it.
  6. JR Motorsports signs Smith to drive 5 car full time

    the riding around part is not likely my friend. he was running good this past weekend until harvick got into him. it sucks the way that whole deal went down with smith, glad he hooked up with a good team so he can showcase his talents more. now it sucks for cole whitt. he has been doing a good job for jrm, and they still havent locked in sponsorship for him for next season. hopefully they can get him a full sponsorship for next season as well.
  7. Loss of Family Member

    very sorry for your loss Milton.
  8. i thought i read somewhere that they are gonna have an arca race on the eldora track.
  9. Day 1 Report from San Antonio Speedway

    my money is on brandon being at the top of the chart as well as winning the race
  10. San Antonio Speedway Practice Pictures

    the old track looks like she used to. the stands will be packed im sure
  11. Kurt Busch "misconstrued" again after Talladega

    i remember them making a big deal about jimmie giving mr hendrick a ride on his door after the 200th win or whatever it was. dont recall anything about another driver doing it. and now jr's performance the past month makes more sense. cause he went from kicking ass to sucking ass rather quickly. i guess racing with a concussion has that effect on ya.
  12. JR out following concussion

    that sucks. his chance of winning the cup ended after last weekend anyway. he should just sit out the remainder of the season and get healthy for next season. they say once u get a concussion, u are prone to getting them more often afterwards. could be a good thing or a bad thing for smith though. good cause it will show his talent in good equipment, but bad because aj will be in the 51 and he could end up stealing that ride from smith if he finishes well enough.
  13. RPM makes changes to crews

    from jayski.com RPM makes crew changes: Richard Petty Motorsports made changes to its two pit crews on Monday in preparation for this weekend's NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Bristol Motor Speedway. "We're trying to move things around to improve the performance on both teams," says Sammy Johns, director of operations for RPM. RPM swapped the rear tire combination of changer Justin Fieldler and carrier Eric Wallace from Marcos Ambrose's team with Aric Almirola's rear tire changer Kyle Power and rear tire carrier Blake Haugland. The jackmen positions were also exchanged. Rodney Fetters will now jack Almirola's #43 Ford while Kevin Wing is the jackman for Ambrose and the #9 Stanley team.(FoxSports)(8-23-2012)
  14. Pictures from 8/11/12

    that torres mod is one good looking machine
  15. Live Updates presented by me LOL

    Front runner feature?