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  1. Quarter Midget Racers from Late 50's/early 60's

    The link below is for the QMA quarter reporter. QMA sends it out each quarter to update the members on what is going on. If you scroll down to page 11 it show the QMA Hall of Fame booth in Talladega, AL. The orange car in the back appears to have come from the 60's to me. QMA Quarter Reporter
  2. Quarter Midget Racers from Late 50's/early 60's

    Do any of you have a classic quarter midget that you would be willing to bring to the Austin quarter midget track one of these day? Our kids would love to have a sit down with one of you and hear stories about quarter midget racing in the beginning. I noticed a picture of a flyer from a Grand national event in Huntsville from the 50s or 60s. We just got back from this years Grands in Huntsville and had a great time. The track we went to was just built a few years ago. Also if anyone needs help finding Deco Continental parts I can help locate almost anything. We still run Deco classes now and use the original blocks. Most of the parts that we buy now are "improved performance parts" and we have converted most of the motors over to MSD ignitions. Some guys still have some of the older stuff in garages that were left in older cars that they bought. Let me know if you need something specific and I can start looking. If you do another reunion we would love to have you do it at one of our races. Maybe at the Grands next July??
  3. looking

    We are having a big race in Austin over the Labor Day weekend. We would love to have you out and show off some of the details of the sport. Scott Jerkin's car is a good one, I think it is a Bullrider car. I would recommend buying a car that you see around one of our tracks. We have a Stanley car/parts dealer at the Austin Track so parts are always available for those cars. The most common cars at the two Texas tracks are Stanley, Bullriders, Storm and Fisers. We do have several other brands that run but they are harder to find parts for. We have a ton of 5 year olds starting in the beginning of next year. All of the training is step by step and it is not very difficult to have your kid ready to hit the track for practice soon. Feel free to call me any time if you have any questions or need help getting started. My cell phone number is (512) 876-5272. This is a good time to start, we have a big Grand national race next year at our track that we hope to bring 300+ car to Austin for a full week long race. All of the Austin clubs info can be found on our web site at www.AustinQuarterMidgets.com We will be in Tulsa, OK this weekend. I will let everyone know how the Texas kids did.
  4. Hey guys, my name is Mike Lewis and I am the Club President for the Austin Quarter Midget club. We had a good time at the Labor Day Monza in San Antonio last weekend and I had the pleasure of meeting some of our old quarter midget drivers from the past. It was so cool that so many of them showed up to help the San Antonio club celebrate their 50th year. Just to fill you in on what is going on in our world, next year we are hosting the QMA Western Grands. This is one of two pavement national races for the year and determines the national champs for the year. We are starting to prepare for it now by doing some facility upgrades. We are getting close to time to start our detail planning so if anyone has any information or thoughts they want to share we would love to hear from you. I know there are several retired quarter midget drivers out there that have attended Grands races in the past that might have some ideas or that would like to help out. If you are interested please email me at lewis88@aol.com anytime and. We have several drivers attending this years Grands races in Huntsville, Alabama. My son is racing in the Honda Lt. 160, Lt Mod., and Lt. AA classes. We really look forward to hearing from anyone out there. If you would like to come see a race we will be racing at the Austin track in June 6th & June 13th. Thanks,