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  1. Oh my what in the world is HiTech going to do with his self now?!
  2. Test and Tune

    As long as he checks the brakes before going in to turn 3 on the first lap you should be alright. If he didn’t check them... well you’re screwed lol
  3. Nick, 5 plm is Steven Buchanan, not Gary Buchanon
  4. Who wants hire this guy as the promoter for every track in Texas?
  5. Corpus Christi Speedway on the auction block

    Lmao tell her it'll keep the dwarf car closer to home
  6. Just Curious

    One of the score keepers saw the yellow stripe on the move over flag thinking it was the caution. She said caution so Marcia said caution over the radio. Simple mistake.
  7. Rear gear for CTS grandstock

    I ran a 6.07 final with a th350 and 2.41 rear gear. I would bet most people are running between a 6.00 and 6.50 depending on what they're running for rear gear
  8. 2016 South Texas Nationals status

    Did y'all seem to forget it happened under caution?

    Someone's got to set the fastest lap first lol
  10. Someone needs to bring the hot dog race back! Lol
  11. July 2nd and 3rd

    jj&s isn't affiliated with the track so I wouldn't be worried about what he says. Id be worried more about Ken and the tracks decision to let y'all race that weekend before I worry about someone who races asphalt saying y'all aren't on the schedule.
  12. cts

    Who called Tom Bodett?

    The 120 is the points earned for your finishing position not payout