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  1. No go karts for July 13th

    Owen, please dont change your mind at the last minute and run them, you had a few upset kids. Either run them or dont!
  2. Racing June 29th

    Coastal, what class of car are you selling? Pure stock? Any info?
  3. CC Racers

    More stories!
  4. New picture collection

    Need more pics!
  5. Carbs.

    Who in the corpus christi area works on carbureators?
  6. New picture collection

    Rick, there's a picture of the drivers posing for a pic, can you identify who's who. I believe your standing next to billy christopher, i recognize a few of them but curious who the rest are. thanks
  7. South Texas Speedway

    I remember that, you had a bunch of family in the stands sitting above us..did you live in CC?
  8. South Texas Speedway

    Chris back in 83 or 84, did you crash your car against the front straight away wall at riverside and almost flip?
  9. Cuddihay Speedway

    More stories...
  10. Corvette racer at CC Speedway

    More stories....
  11. CC Racers

    Hitech, let's see a pic of that car you ran at riverside.
  12. CC Racers

    Lets here more stories on riverside, who all raced there that still races?
  13. CC Racers

    Who opened riverside speedway?
  14. CC Racers

    More pics..
  15. More Cars At Shady Oaks Speedway

    SOS has an article wriiten about them in Car and Driver magazine, good article about the Scribs..Good Luck