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  1. KYLE BUSCH FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You dont have to like him BUT he sure as hell gets the job done...
  2. Statement concerning J & S Racing Promotions

    Did you pay your 20 bucks Checks in the mail,,,,,,,,, according to the accountant.....
  3. Statement concerning J & S Racing Promotions

    Soooooooooo ,Ummmmmmm do I get tires 2morrow??????
  4. Statement concerning J & S Racing Promotions

    Didnt James Beasely run in the truck series a few years ago? I think the 69 truck? S.P. I received alot of wrath a year or two ago because I didnt jump on the banwagon and well we all see what happened, huh Jason?..lol.. We still have THR and HMP, thats where our support should be... Just a broke ass driver lookn for tires can anybody help me out 2morrow?
  5. OK bashers, enough's enough already

    OT, Im alot closer to Dallas then Houston.... How bout them Rangers.... 30 runs in 4 innings.... They say we'll never see that again in our life time..
  6. OK bashers, enough's enough already

    Jay, I understand what ur tryin to say/do and we all know how much time Nick puts into this site... But by starting this thread look how many posts youve gotten so far and its basically about the same B/S... We all know where you stand on the issue and we know where most everyone else stands as well... So, if you, me and the majority stop posting about this crap then it will slow down alot. And you know as well as everyone else theirs still gonna be some that keep saying things, thats the way its always been....
  7. OK bashers, enough's enough already

    By starting this thread, your keeping it going...If you tired of hearing about it STOP commenting on it.
  8. Bradley Riethmeyer

    Great run Bradley. Mark called it friday night, said you were going to make the show and run good...
  9. J & S

    What do you call the TSRS cars???They are in the LM digest!!! TSRS isnt a THR class... Its a traveling series...
  10. TSRS September 1st HMP Special

    Dollar BEER and a hell of'a show. Cant beat that.....
  11. J & S

    Working with the other tracks is important but, I think CCMS, THR, & HMP need to look into pumping up their WEEKLY shows first. I can see a working relationship with the other tracks on Touring Series dates as being beneficial to all tracks and Texas Racing in general. Can all the bills get paid when you are only taking in money 2 nights a month? I don't know... not any of my business but makes you think. When it comes down to it, I think to be successful the local tracks are going to have to run every Saturday night they can with the locals. Add in a touring series now and again. JMO Mel I agree, the weekly series is one thing but when your try to pull cars from HMP on nights that their running isnt gonna earn you any brownie points... They tried to get the roadsters last time and their trying to get the mods for sept 1st. They need to work together if they want to survive......
  12. THR this wknd

    Mary Ann, sorry if you took offense to the thread. Theres not much we can do about mother nature, if I could I'd kick her in the a$$ for ya.... Regardless we're makin the 3 and half hour haul down there to hopefully race. I'd stay for sunday to race....
  13. THR this wknd

    LMAO..... Your crazy...... Ummm so how much is one of these TTK's gonna run me? If you sell a couple of'em at the track we can at least race them...
  14. THR this wknd

    Dont have a boat but I found the tube to put around the cooler so its all good....
  15. THR this wknd

    Yeah, we'll be down on friday to practice....