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  1. Event #2 Results

    Glad I was able to put on a show lol
  2. Just a question

    There are two ways to make the chase. 1- Top 6 in points 2- Have perfect attendance with a feature win.
  3. How many different tracks have you been to?

    CC Speedway South Texas Speedway Odem International Raceway Cabiness Field Houston Motorsports Park Texas Dirt Speedway San Antonio Speedway I37 Speedway Texas Motor Speedway Shady Oaks Speedway Texana Raceway Park Rio Grande Speedway Texas Thunder Speedway Central Texas Speedway Heart O Texas Speedway Boone Speedway Five Flags Speedway Altus Speedway Harris Hill Road Royal Purple Raceway Cottonbowl Speedway L87 Speedway Gator Motorplex I think that's it. Probably forgetting some.
  4. Emods.

    The rules are the rules are the rules.
  5. Here is a screenshot of the exhaust rules off of the South Texas Speedway website. Also there are phone numbers for Ted Hamm and Kimsey Davis if you have any further questions.
  6. June 3rd Rained Out

    It's never a good deal to see a rain out but the drivers who travel appreciate the courtesy of an early cancellation. Thank y'all for the effort y'all are putting forth making TRP great again!
  7. South Texas Limited Modified Championship

    Rookies in blue Feature winners in yellow
  8. 26th, 27th

    $45 for car and driver each day
  9. 26th, 27th

    Everything on Friday gets pushed back an hour later. Including go karts.
  10. Lets have some fun

    Put them on tracks they weren't made for and watch it get really interesting. Eldora Volusia CC Devil's Bowl Five Flags
  11. South Texas Limited Modified Championship

    Update after race week 6
  12. South Texas Limited Modified Championship

    That might be a little tough to keep track of but if someone puts an award up I'll try
  13. South Texas Limited Modified Championship

    Updated Inaugural South Texas Limited Modified Championship Points Standings

    This determines how the line ups are set next race. Heat races are fully inverted by point average. Then depending on how many heat races there are the top 5, 10 or 12 make the invert for the feature then the rest line up by how they finish.

    Are you going to post total points?