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  1. Gilbert Salazar

    Thoughts and Prayers to your family. I just found out about this. #RESPECT

    We sure wanted to go but the damage left at Jakes Grammas house during the Memorial day flood/Tornado has been more than my wallet can handle. Good luck to ya'll
  3. What's the story behind your car number?

    Jake picked the 96 in Bando's and Legacy's because that was the year he was born, when we got to the trucks it was taken, so 1/2 of 96 is 48. that is our story!
  4. Double Points Race

    Now that's a good idea Jim.. We're game!
  5. An Open Letter on Better Racing Safety from Jim Downing

    At the risk of putting myself out there I am putting myself out there. as you folks may or may not know, i have raced my kids along time. Been there myself, in my day, the neck roll was the " thing to have" Personally i hated it, quit wearing but kept on racing, with worn out seat belts, a seat that didnt fit because i didnt have the money and I was bullett proof. Now at 46 years old I gotta tell you, I HURT ALWAYS. is it because when i was 15 i took those hits at Longhorn? Was it that saturday night in Tacoma Washington in a Quarter Midget in 1980 when i launched it over the wall? Hell I think its because all of it. I made a promise to myself when Chris and Jake started running I would not run them if I could not put them in top shelf safety gear. I can live with out a win, I can live with a wrecked truck and laugh about it. I can't live with myself if I hurt my kid. This stuff is expensive no doubt. BUT your family, your kids, your world wants you to be around to laugh about that wreck. I have said this before I will say it again. I was 7 years old and wanted a full face helmet when i was just starting out in a QM. Mom and Dad couldn't afford one, i got teased because the helmet i did have made me look lilke a bug. I remember going to a grage sale and seeing a full face helmet for 5.00, i wnted that helmet more than anything. I asked my folks for the money but was told no we cant afford that. I was crushed. I walked down the street and talked to Mr. Huebner who was the man that got me into racing in the first place. He asked me what was wrong, i told him about that helmet. He said to me words that still ring to me today, " Bruce he said, Whats your head worth to you?" I never forgot that. We can not guarantee that we can prevent a horrible accident, but we CAN try to eliminate the risk. Just my two cents but I thought maybe my story was worth reading.
  6. Huge Super Stock incentives for July 27th event at CTS

    i have 8-12 pull offs
  7. Speed-O-Rama @ San Antonio Speedway updates, Sat. night

    Looking forward to actually racing in September. Cant wait
  8. SUPER TRUCK PURSE for Whelen NASCAR Night - July 20th

    we broke ours at HMP last go, we put in the spare but once that one smokes i am gonna look at my options
  9. Truck races at CCS

    we will be there #48
  10. CTS first race roll call

    Where are you towing from? Is it just a matter of needing a truck? I am in Dallas, My Ford blew an EGR cooler and Head gasket Sunday. With any luck I will hanve better news today
  11. CTS first race roll call

    nope! i guess i should clarify, the our race truck is good but my Ford died on the way home from Houston Yesterday, Happy Easter to me..... so we are down for a while
  12. 2013 PICS

    Jakes ride 2013
  13. Our thoughts and prayers are with Big John this week. God Speed Mr. Claridge
  14. MAN Racing Promotions terminates Thunderhill Raceway lease

    I am still stunned by the news some 24 hours later. Mary Ann and H have put there heart and souls into that track for us to have fun on. "Our Play ground" We may not win all the time we may not finish all the time but we show up because it is our play ground and Mary Ann and the staff make my family feel like we belong. They made us feel welcome. I am a firm believer that you are not judged at the end of the day about how many nickels you have, but how you treat your neighbor your fellow man. Mary and H have always treated Jake and my family like there own family no matter if I was in the principles office or not. ... Racing has always been the most important thing in my family, its not a hobby to us its a way of life. Fortunalty for us we have some options to go racing ... MA, H, I send my love to you and many many thanks for everything you have done for Jake.
  15. MAN Racing Promotions terminates Thunderhill Raceway lease

    I am not sure how to respond, both my kids Chris and Jake have been raised there. I do wish the best to Mary Ann and H but WOAH, i did not see this coming. Peace out