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  1. Muncie 4 speed for sale. M20....ready to go...400.00
  2. Rules

    Needing rules for pure stock
  3. Closest open asphalt track?

    I will not do no such thing mr Nolt
  4. Asphalt car count in Texas right now.

    #15,28 & 3. Grand stock
  5. Memories of San Antonio Speedway

    My dad and I at sas for the first time in our old hobby stock. I went out for my first and only practice going into turn one full throttle and realized I went in the corner to hard and fast. The rear end came around and I tagged the wall or brushed the wall with the bumper. It scared the s$&t out of me. After it was all over my dad told me Shawn Paul come over to him with a pair of pliers told told me I am going to need these. My dad said for what. Shawn Paul said to get to seat cover out of his a$&. Well all in all. I started dead last and finished p2. The other memories I have is winning the championship with hunter. Winning thre of the five races when the track reopened. Great memories
  6. That's what Friday practices are for.
  7. Central Texas Speedway

    Is the big buck superstock race on for the next race as well
  8. Wow. I know it funny and people are laughing about these posts but I am tired of hearing that Kenny cheats. I know he doesn't and everybody else knows he doesnt. He is just that good and I myself am going to try and beat him with our car. He helps everybody that he can. Come and ask him on set up and I am sure he will lead you in the right direction.
  9. Let's us know how bubba does tif
  10. pure stock rules for sts

    thank you bobby jack
  11. pure stock rules for sts

    where can i find the rules for the pure stock class for south texas speedway...can somebody help me out please
  12. super stock

    i can tell you who did what....lol
  13. For the Hell of it

    denver by 10....
  14. screen names

    Tim Sowell....and i am also a racaholic....have been since i was 6

    that would be awesome.....i am all for it....