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  1. cleaning shop ---->>> Parts

    Do you have left and right GM3 calipers? Size pistons? Have caliper bolts? What size rotor does it fit? Call or text 210-717-53oneone. Kevin.
  2. 1987 Chevy c10

    Minus motor price?
  3. Looking for a front clip for mid 70's NOVA. Call or Text 210-717-5311.
  4. 97 Chevy spark problem

    Cap and rotor changed already. Plug wires and plugs. Thinking it might have something to do with ECM. I'm not sure if my scan tool will give me the information I'm looking for to diagnose thos problem. It was more a TC scanner that reads O2, fuel mixture, etc. Not sure what info I can get without it running. Thanks for the input HiTech. It was an AutoZone cap... Never buying sensors from AZ again. Never have they worked properly.
  5. What would cause there to be spark to distributor, but not at plug outputs other than timing. Read that the cam sensor would not cause this issue. Could the crank sensor cause this though? Truck ran out of gas and hasnt started since.
  6. LLM CHEAP!!!

    SOLD. Thanks speedzone.
  7. Had some unforeseen circumstances arise and have to let it go. Rather see someone get it out than collect dust. Small details to be race ready. Good quality car with good parts. No junk. QA1 coil overs. Quick change. Howe hubs. New tires. All bead locks. Sweet gearbox. Seat. Wildwood clutch/brake. 2000.00 takes it home for the holidays.
  8. 2 purestocks Nova/Malibu

    both still available
  9. 3 sets 882 need worked - $100 for pair obo 1 set 993 need worked - $100 for pair obo 1 set 993 worked, freshly rebuilt, manley valves and springs. Pressed in studs. Ready to bolt on. $550 obo 210-717-5311 call or text
  10. 2 purestocks Nova/Malibu

    In SA Northeast area daily. Could I take a look?
  11. 2 purestocks Nova/Malibu

    Title? Send pics. 2107175311