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  1. Glad to see Memphis getting another dirt track. When I raced at the one in the early 2000's, it was packed every Friday night. MIR and Riverside should get together on some rules and give racers 2 tracks to race at close together.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  3. Great ideas. The "stock" fender classes have problem with rules everywhere, not just in Texas. When I raced in Tennessee back in the 90's, I would run headers at one track and change to manifolds for another track. Same with the tires. There was also vaccum rules at some tracks and compression rules at other tracks. If I were to race again, which can't happen because of money and health reasons, expense is what I would consider when coming up with rules. I would look at the distance between the tracks and how much time and money it would take to get to each track. In the early 2000's, I raced at Rio Grande Speedway and we all know it is way down there. I always wanted to go to Corpus and race but I never could afford it. Maybe some rules where it wouldn't cost as much to build a car to run everywhere, would allow some racers on a budget the ability to spend a little extra on gas money to get to the other places. Also, if something breaks at one track, it wouldn't take alot of money to get fixed for the next race. This is just my opinion. It will take a lot of work from racers and track owners, but it can work.
  4. East Texas Racers Help Families For Christmas

    Did you ever get it to work Nick?
  5. Saw this on the news and thought I would post it on here. http://www.kltv.com/story/27459310/motorsports-trade-show-raises-money-for-east-texas-families
  6. Website

    Is there a website for this track? I can't get the one on the "tracks" page to work.
  7. You make the Call

    The 77 should have gone to the back. BTW, Thanks alot for the videos. The in-car camera videos are awesome for me to watch since I can't race anymore. Keep up the good work. Thanks
  8. The Flintstone Flyer. Really a good guy. Saw him race in Bristol in 2000 and 2001. At one time he had a driving school, but don't know if he does now or not.
  9. Incar Camera from "The Mountain"

    Awesome clips......Thanks
  10. The Dream

    146 Cars 1. Steve Casebolt 2. Scott Bloomquist 3. Chub Frank 4. Darrell Lanigan 5. Scott James 6. Bart Hartman 7. Brady Smith 8. Clint Smith 9. Tim McCreadie 10. Earl Pearson, Jr 11. Jimmy Mars 12. Jimmy Owens 13. Jeep VanWormer 14. Eddie Carrier, Jr 15. Garrett Durrett 16. Josh Richards 17. Shane Clanton 18. Chris Madden 19.Steve Shaver 20. Brian Shirley 21. Steve Francis 22. Matt Miller 23. Brian Birkhofer 24. Wendell Wallace
  11. Prelude to The Dream

    I agree Fullview. I went to Bristol in 2000 & 2001 when they put dirt on Bristol Motor Speedway and ran what was then the Hav-a-Tampa late models. It was awesome. Ran faster lap times than the Cup cars. Nascar ahould race 2 or 3 dirt tracks a year. ARCA does.
  12. Prelude to The Dream

    I love the dirt late models. Had rather watch them than Nascar, modifieds or anything. It would be nice if someone had the money to get a late model series together for down here in south Texas. Kinda like Mooney Starr's MARS series out of Batesville Ar. Then if you could get the tracks down here to run them, and have a point fund and everything. You've got Texana, Corpus, Rio Grande, Pleasanton. Even as far over as Houston. And if its too expensive to race the cars like Moyer or Bloomquist and them, have the crate late model class. A full blown late model with the crate engines. I know its still expensive, but 2 or 3 good sponsors, and it could happen.