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  1. What track was that? HMP,CTS & CCS??
  2. Intake question.

  3. Intake question.

    Guess I need to ask more questions, thought "high rise intake" would include 7101(and 2101). But in my defense I've been going over both rule books trying to figure out a good compromise that will work for CBS and STSSS while I'm building a sportmod so I get confused sometimes.. Thanks Stephan. I would still like to know what the difference is between the 2101 and 7101.
  4. Intake question.

    Trying to decide what to use on a 3200# streetstock. I have an Edelbrock 2101, a 7101 and an aluminum Qjet stock manifold that will get me a 50 lb weight break. Don't turn a lot of rpm (3000 to 6000)
  5. Talked briefly to Jerry Spencer (CTS tire guy) and he said his house flooded. I'm sure he could use some help.
  6. battery disconnect

    I keep having problems with the battery disconnect not working. On my third one this year. 4 post type, I run wire from alternator to small terminal, other small terminal to battery cable coming from battery. Am I wiring wrong or just getting crappy parts.
  7. Torque converter issue

    First thing I did was check fluid. I was thinking that since it's just a low rpm problem it would be ok at speed. Loosing a motor, blowing a tranny or wrecking. It's a sportmod. there's a good chance of that happening every week!
  8. Powerglide in Sportmod would not move until I revved engine up(to about 2200). Started this after heat and made it thru feature. I think it's a torque converter issue. I was going to pull motor and tranny after next weekend so I was wondering if it would be a good or bad idea to try and make 1 more race the way it is? Well I know it's probably not a good idea just wondering if it would make it or blow up.
  9. Diesel vs gas

    Thanks James' that what I wanted know. Not a big deal just know some have there quirks and don't want a Lemon.
  10. Limited mods 5/25

    I am running a 610 final gear and i am turning around 6700 to 6800 on dry and 7000 on a wet track. How do you get a 6.10? Not in my gear chart.
  11. Diesel vs gas

    Gm isnt known for making any good diesels that I know of, maybe somone has some personal experiance with them that liked it. Montgomery is right about the ford 7.3 being king but I think the new ones are good too. Also I hear great things about dodge. I think thier cummins engines and I was talking to someone that had a new one outside of his truck while it was idleing and it was so quiet I had to ask if it was a diesel! I know the Fords are good but I just don't feel comfy in them. Can't afford a new one looking for a good deal on one 96-02. Anybody got one?
  12. Limited mods 5/25

    Ok just wanted to make sure because of the Sportmod nationals. Other tracks are not running them, and yes I know CBS is not Imca.
  13. Diesel vs gas

    Thanks guys, I will only be using it for towing (racing and hauling safes) so I,m convinced. I prefer a GMC or Chevy, any good or bad motors?
  14. Diesel vs gas

    I need to buy a new hauler, trying to decide gas or diesel. Wondering about cost/up keep/fuel etc. Thought I wanted a gas motor but just drove a Penske diesel half way across country and kinda like the low rpm grunt though it gulped down $700 of fuel. Any input would be appreciated.
  15. Limited mods 5/25

    Are limited mods racing on 5/25 ?