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  1. Compacts

    Speaking for myself I hope STS decides the 2013 rules are acceptable but also hope they keep the invitation for other series cars to join like in the past. I don't want to see anybody turned away. Im betting rule enforcement will begin gradually with common items like fuel or vacuum or tires. Things that all cars have in common. But again we must wait to see what Ken and the Track decides. I don't see any new cars that fit the rules have any problems. I am anxious to again race in a field of 20 to 25 cars like in the past. I was going to retire if we were dropped.
  2. 2016 Schedule

    I know its early but do you know if the mini stocks are going to race in the 2016 Fall Classic?
  3. Dec. 11 & 12th Come Getcha$ome more...

    I hope the compacts get a dry track, we need it.
  4. Lonestar Speedway

    Just a note, Vincent Head with the # 2 VW Bug won the big end of year 4 cyl race at Lonestar Speedway in Kilgore, Tx. He called today and confirmed he WILL return to STS this weekend along with the 0 car of Lee Prayer and the 412 car of Tim Stone, both VW Bugs. Head starts outside pole along side of STS Compact 2 time Champion Jeremy Witt in the #4 Cavalier on the pole. Second row is many time Armadillo Raceway Champion Lee Prayer in the #0 VW Bug on the inside with a very fast street stock driver TJ Sullivan in a very fast Ford #8 on the outside. In row 3 is Thumper #77on the inside beside Tim Stone, the 3rd VW Bug entry from Tyler,Tx. Rounding out the pre qualified list is on the inside the #68, an up an coming Sport Compact racer Brayden Becker in a Dodge Stratus with success at CTS now adjusting to dirt along with with well known Jesse Sandoval in the #7, another very fast Ford rounding out the pre qualified list of mini stocks/ Ecos/ Compacts /Thunder cars. That's 2 compacts, 3 old school air cooled cars, 2 mini stocks and whatever the bunny rabbit Thumper is. Gonna be a barn burner for sure! There are many, many cars of all classes yet to qualify Saturday for that nights main events as well as the Limited Late Models which were added after the rainout. This is the biggest show in South Texas for 2015. Don't miss out. And if you did not make the Friday night qualifying in November, don't fret. You still can qualify this Saturday and with the extended features a front row start is only a convince, not a guarantee. Plus we still have the only track with a bar built under the grandstands and dedicated motorcycle parking so you scooter riders come out and have a terrific time and show your cool rides to the civilians. Something for everyone. Merry Christmas. See you at the track!
  5. The winner of the newley added 4 cyl race will be at STS this weekend along with 2 of his teammates. This is shaping up to be a real shootout. Don't miss out, its the biggest event in south Texas this year.
  6. Compacts

    Well Im confused now. Is this a set of rules or not? Is it clear enough to build a new competitive car or does someone have a better set? If so, petition the track to use yours. A fuel injected car cant run with the Ford and VW dinosaurs? Somebody forgot to tell Will, #14 Neon and Rick, #44 Neon and Todd, forgot his number on the Acura that dominated. Would these cars have fit these 2013 rules? Absolutely. If you researched the compacts up north you find that every track has one brand considered to be "dominate" The VWs and Fords are not them. What you will find is the Fords have become known as mini stocks and are special built, high horsepower late model style race cars while the Compacts are usually FWD lead by Saturn's, Hondas, Cavaliers, and yes Neons. Today they are considered two separate classes of cars. The North East Ministock series is almost all Fords while the Voorhees Traveling Compact Series is almost all FWD. The previous director of STS did try to start a class exactly like CTS and Cotton Bowl for 2 years and got 0 cars, nobody was interested in racing a 4 cyl bomber. That's why the Compact idea was born. It is loosely drawn from IMCA Sport Compacts (its real and has LOTS of rules) plus items from the other nearby tracks. The ultimate car under these rules is a modern 4 cyl sporty car with a powerful engine. While the Fords struggle making 150 or so HP and the VWs are good to hit 125 with hi compression and huge cams, the factory builds many cars with near 200 hp and more. Lets say an Eclipse with say 180 hp or a Prelude with an H22 with over 200 hp along with a sports car suspension from the factory AND track tuned for oval track racing. Its the twin cams, adjustable cam timing and 4 valves per cyl that make the modern car superior. The problem is the guys that know this are not racing these anymore and nobody new is. The big difference is the cost to be fast is in the choice of doner car rather then the parts needed to go fast.The only one that understands is Charley Powell and he hung up his helmet due to parenting responsibilities. So lets go. Post the rules you think will "save the series" and get new cars. Or actually READ the current rules and make suggestions. Otherwise you sound like Republicans, don't like anything but don't have a solution. Just a reminder that "beginner" thing is what killed a very successful Thunder Car series as track officials started throwing out the fastest cars not in their "click" Seems there are many definitions Its good the talking begins so read the last rules and comment on them. They were revised from 2012 already. Eventually you will realize the problem is the image from the other series plus the lack of strong leadership and serious promotion. A series will not grow itself. South Texas Promotion has given us a shot in the arm. Take advantage of it! I will quit after the Getsha$ome race if you guarantee that will make the series grow! I have always said that.
  7. Compacts

    Well now you know why there has been an open invitation for all mini stocks, ecos, Thunder cars, and yes even Pro Sedans with the huge engines. These rules were designed to be a guide for new cars which are few. The big race on the 12th is an independent promotion and not regulated by STS Speedway. I said I would find a copy of the rules to satisfy those who think we are a full outlaw series. We just found the open invitation afforded more cars. The track itself is a big equalizer as you well know Mike. I believe the thinking was when the field got big enough with new cars enforcement would begin to chime in. I don't speak with any authority, just my observations. Its up to Ken to direct us next year. My guess is the current cars would be grandfathered. I will try to open dialogue with the current management and pass on any relevant information. For now anybody who wants to race the big show still has a good chance for success. In 30 laps a good car CAN make it to the front and win. Lets hope Mother Nature will smile on next weekend.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving !

    We are indeed the luckiest people in the history of mankind We have much to be thankful for so I say.....God, thank you for all our blessings and please watch out over us. Please keep your soldiers safe, the U.S military, Thank you for giving us your Son to teach us the right ways. AMEN. Thank all you Speedzone readers for putting up with me too. Love you all. G.B. and Thumper.
  9. Compacts

    Compacts have had rules since their inception in 2012. Before that Owen tried to develop a frontrunner class and had 0 interest. Thunder cars ( the class that began at RGS in 1992 and later was adopted by CCS in 2000) had a good following, great at times but each time somebody thought it a great idea to start wholesale rule changes. This was usually done by the next promoter wanting to alter the predictable outcome. RGS became their own enemy and are now gone forever. CCS did not fare any better with their actions and have trouble getting full fields of ANY cars. Believe it or not the idea for Sport Compacts came from IMCA as they have this division. Owen"s idea was to do like sport mods and use most of their rules but some changes to work for Corpus people. With the bad taste from both mini stocks and Thunder Cars it seemed a new approach was the best course of action. What inadvertently happened was all 3 sets of rules (sport compacts rules were revised in 2013 to accommodate more teams) these rules repelled more 4 cyl racers from the past but failed to attract the new blood that would take advantage of the factory hot rods the factory builds for us today. Sport Compacts ARE a big deal up north from bone stock to highly modified and right now there are big shows either finishing or about to. In Georga the big race at Screven's has moved to March and pays $11,000 to win. At Travelers Raceway last Saturday in South Carolina the Compacts raced for $5,000 and a stock bodied Acura RSX won from a 60 car field. And here? Yes 6 car average although not the same 6 every time.Why? Remember the demise for minnies in the past were attributed to management changes. Here at STS the new compact series was just beginning to gain intrest when again we were hit with a change of management. Our 2013 rules were lost or not passed on and our new promoter was unsure of what to do with us.For 2014 we kept the open invitation for all tracks to see where we would go. For 2015 we were cut to only 4 races and lost part of them due to weather. At years end we were told we are removed entirely. No rules, no future, how do you create new interest especially when the thinking is only a V8 is a race car? we had no posted purse for 2 years. Thanks to Ken we always did get paid, thanks for that. Where are we today? Again its an uphill battle but with 9 races plus the inclusion of Getshasome we are seeing a slight interest again. Our class needs leadership and promoting from someone who knows what the people in this class are really like. There unlike any other group Throwing another set of rules will not fix this deal, it will only run off the few we have now. Our 2013 and 2014 track champ tried to go to Cotton bowl to draw intrest to our series but was DQed for an air cleaner.He tried again at CCS and was DQed for something about front brakes. These tracks showed no interest working with Corpus Compacts. He did race with some of these people in Waco and had no issues. Ive been open to any serious promoting ideas but have heard only ridicule about how we are not interesting. Prehaps we should be dropped. I think of the few faces that are really excited to be a part and get saddened from this aspect. I subscribe to many compact series pages on Facebook and see how successful they are. Why cant we have a little of that here? In 2012 I sold my business and everything went into boxes. In 2014 my computer crashed and I lost all data. Somewhere I will find our last set of rules, perhaps here on Speedzone somewhere and post them for something to build on. Every car right now is legal to those rules, some might need minor changes only. Something will be put together for 2016 I believe. It just needs to be done carefully. Josh, I don't have interest in racing a pure stock and cant afford a modified. I already gave my retirement speech when we were removed but now as long as there are new compact racers to help, Im there.
  10. Pass the ketsup please

    lol Nick, you just described the World Ralley series that Sebastian Loob runs. Since everybody misunderstands my point, heres another. I don't care what anybody writes as everyone has an opinion. I just get tired of people throwing rocks at my division while offering nothing to help the series. Now got to the STS page to continue. Your opinion on NASCAR is well known but not everyone agrees. Some of LIKE the show they present as is. Why try to demoralize it? It certainty does not help racing in general including non racing readers. We are supposed to support ALL kinds of racing to benefit the autosports division of sports. I do. Like a fat man who never saw a meal he did not enjoy, I never saw a race I did not enjoy. cant help it if the hair on my neck stands up when I hear negative comments hatefully aimed at the sport I love. The ONLY sport I love. And I sure don't degrade anyone involved, racers, tracks or fans. Everybody is doing a GREAT job and nothing needs to change. Sorry rebelracewriter for stepping on your thread.
  11. Pass the ketsup please

    Well this thread is about NASCAR so this discussion should move to the STS page. But just like NASCAR, if you don't like what you see, don't watch. If you don't have a dog in the hunt, put the gun away.Your not helping!
  12. Pass the ketsup please

    arob if your ready to sponsor this series the door is wide open. The original frontrunner rules brought 0 cars, the first set of compact rules brought a small amount and the last set of adjusted rules brought about a dozen. Eliminating any of todays cars might not be productive unless you can bring in an attractive purse to complement your rules. A series sponsor would be the best thing.Otherwise it might be more productive to bring in any cars and see what the racers really want. Right now we are between a Compact class and a mini stock class.If you prefer to watch compacts at Cottonbowl that's where you should watch. Otherwise let the racers work out our future. Thanks for your interest..
  13. Alright Mini Stocks who has the stones?

    Thank you. 30 laps is long enough for the best long distance compact to make it to the lead regardless of starting position. Cant burn out in the first 10. Tire management will be key as I think it will be fairly dry with so many cars running this day. Similar to pavement. Thumper is excited!
  14. Pass the ketsup please

    Well it seems most of you have figured it out after all. Except for a few of us that make a living in racing like builders, suppliers and promoters racing is not about racing. It's about creating and selling a SHOW. Failure to do that equals failure as demonstrated by the loss of so many tracks. We at the local level are STILL trying to sell what we sold 50 years ago but without the element of serious disagreements.( physical). We scorn on track clashes involving the cars and the fighting that followed. To do that in hockey you would have ice golf. My point is oval track racing is not about making the best race or teams, its about making the best sellable show. NASCAR and WWE have very successfully done exactly that. Just look at the MONEY involved. Guess what......... most of the WWE fans know the fighting is not real but appreciate how well the wrestlers preform. Its not easy and its dangerous. Some even watch just to try and catch when they get injured for real just like some watch racing for the crashes. All the talk about the "good old days" of racing forgets the violence that was the biggest part of those days.Think about it........the crowd goes wild every time a fight breaks out or a driver runs into another driver as witnessed by Matt Kenseth wrecking Joey. Did you hear the audience?Even the first fully televised NASCAR race is always highlighted by the big fight afterwards. I am not advocating going back to those Neanderthal days of tire iron pits.What I am saying is ENJOY the NASCAR racing it is today for what it is or don't watch. Same for WWE.Lots of us are going to watch even if your local hot shoe might be a better driver than some of the NASCAR drivers. To keep throwing rocks is sour grapes, period! Which brings me to another point. What CAN local shows do to put butts in the seats today? Make the show more interesting! Its simple.......is it not? NO it is not!!! Many promising promoter have tried but failed even with the best intentions. They tried to sell the 50 year old show without the main ingredient .Ice golf. What I have seen at many local tracks plus up north is the more people involved with the actual racing the more people are in the pits AND in the stands.But down here we have the majority of interested parties not being able to afford or have time for one of out top tier racers. Plus a lot are not interested to watch those with the resources flaunt their success with very shinny loud fast cars. The success drag racing enjoys is largely because anybody can be a racer, thus part of the show. If I was a promoter today I would put a huge effort into promoting my most affordable race cars.......ie........Pure Stocks and Compacts, even eco mods. I know for EVERY car there will be family members and fans coming with them. I know they pay the same for pit passes and general admission as the most expensive cars. So I would put a purse for each to rival the expensive cars knowing they would reap a greater reward financially for me. My goal would be 50 cars in each. The top tier cars don't need the money a current purse affords but would do amazing for the average joe and his backyard car. I know many of you say its the top tier cars that bring in the fans but YOUR WRONG. Its connection to the drivers that bring fans just like NASCAR makes sure every NASCAR driver is well known by the audience. You don't root for the car, you root for the DRIVER. Same for every car at every track. SO GET MORE DRIVERS!!!! Now that's simple! The first promoter that treats an affordable series like a top tier series and affords a low budget team a chance to actually profit will themselves profit and everybody wins. JMO, sorry for the rant.
  15. Getcha$ome Dec 12th Finale

    I agree that this Promotion has offered all of us the chance to show what we are made of as a racer. Showing up for a big show is not just about winning, it about being a part of the show. The audience is huge both in person AND through the media. Whats the most important aspect to a car owner or sponsor? Visibility. Advertising is what pays the bills, not purses. Most businesses pay to secure an audience but a big show like the "GETSHASOME" presents the audience for you. I cant imagine ANY sponsor or aspiring driver/team not jumping at that chance to be noticed. A few years ago there was the Modified Nationals at Rio Grande Speedway every December. It was a Whos Who of modified drivers/teams and every car builder brought one or 2 house cars. The count exceeded 150 units battling for 24 spots Did that make the backyard teams stay home thinking they had no chance? Absolutely not! They were the largest number of cars. I was lucky enough to be a part of that show a few times and each time I secretly imagined somehow I might qualify. I almost did the last year as I missed by 1 spot. What I did win was the best weekend each time a racer could ask for. Big shows bring out the best from everyone involved and I learned a lot at each event. With so many tracks closing the big shows are harder to come by down here. I was saddened by the weather loss of the Fall Classic in Waco but am happy for the South Texas Promotion big event I get to be a part of. I cant imagine ANY race car theres a class for that wants to sit out the beginning of what promises to be only bigger in the future. The Modified Nationals at RGS started with only about 20 cars and in the end had over 200 with the limited modifieds added. I believe its every racers obligation to support every tracks big shows not just their owns as much as possible. Now Street Stocks, get off you butts and give your fans what they want to see least you be replaced by us Compacts next year. I believe a well organized Sport Compact Shootout series could easily surpass 16 cars. Humm..............interesting........ Thank you South Texas Promotions.
  16. Pass the ketsup please

    Since this is an opinion thread, I want to chime in. First, I love NASCAR as they represent the absolute top tier a racer could achieve above Formula one and NHRA at least in the United States. If you could have EVERYTHING you could think of for your race team, that's what NASCAR represents. Wish I was a part, don't you? For Sunday's race the conspiracy I saw was on the restart. It seems like Brad got instructions to start in the slow lane (inside) and stay out of the way to the finish. I have watched Brad all year and this was out of character for sure. He was faster than that. The looser was Kyle Larson with that last yellow for sure, I think he would have won like he did the day before. NASCAR needed a lifetime story and Bush offered the second best story. So what if it was ? Isnt the most important job of ANY promoter to create a show? Did NASCAR achieve that? I look at the best promoter in the world as a comparison of a successful promotion and that's Vance McMann of the WWE. He sells fake violence more successfully than ANY promoter in ANY business. If our local race promoters would reach into that bag of tricks our tracks would not be disappearing. Maybe not as respectable but hey, if it sells its good! I don't understand the hatefulness many show to our highest level of our sport. Its like cannibalism Now about the "Chase". .I love this new system to crown a champion. Remember it was Matt Kenseth;s championship that launched the idea as he was champion without even winning a race.Todays flormat reminds me of how most big shows are operated at any local or National event. You must qualify through heats and secondary features along with a last chance race to even get a shot for the A main. Does this make the race less interesting? I think NASCAR took a page from races like the big end of year shows where 100 or more cars battle for the 24 starts.The final 4 qualified through 3 "B" features to make the "A" main. Much more exciting than the truck or Xfinity points battles that were almost over by the "A" main. Who here would turn down an opportunity to take their position, weather driver, mechanic, car owner, or journalist to secure a like position in NASCAR? I would jump at the chance. Sour grapes are worth nothing, withered grapes make raisins. Im a raisin waiting for my "big break" and cant wait for the new NASCAR season to start so I can pretend Im involved when I get in my little backyard race car. Thanks for the dreams NASCAR!
  17. Alright Mini Stocks who has the stones?

    Looks like I will be able to finish this race after all so I would like to know how many laps will this race be. Its important to know. Thanks. And thanks Lawrence for incentive. The bacteria is loosing and I will be about soon. Thumper is fired up and knows this race could be anybody's to win. Good luck to all.
  18. Open letter to CBS , SOS ,CCS AND STS

    as harmful as the weather was to these tracks, theres one that suffered much worse and that's Battleground Speedway in Houston. Halloween weekend brought massive destruction to the whole facility. Downed light poles, flattened fences and damaged buildings.They are looking for any help, monetary or physical. Lets hope they can rebuild and have a 2016 season.
  19. Its hard to word this deal but needs saying.This was definitely a mixed bag this weekend. We had a fantastic show all ready for Saturday nite but the weather again tricked us and took away what was to be a barn burner of a finale.All the racers had to be crushed.From the ashes came another group that is not often considered and that is the 4/4 wheelers. It was amazing to watch these guys at work making sure everybody was rescued from mothers natures wrath. Some of the less fortunate teams ended up in a foot or more of water but that did not stop those rescuers from wading through the lakes and so professionally pulled out trucks, trailers, race cars and motor homes with what I saw absolutely no damage. Some needed a wash job but that was about it. Heres the lemonade part. These guys were having the best time they ever had being helpful AND using their skills and machines to show what a hero can do. There was even a duce doing the heavy lifting with some of those motorhomes. Some even had to be pulled out backwards because of nothing to hook to in the front and nobody wanted to damage the rigs.So it was not only a weekend for the speed demons to shine, the mudders also got to perform at their highest level.STS is really a magical place and I hope everyone realizes that.Again the "all involved" attitude proved to be the winning one Unfortunately we will loose a few teams for the finale on the 21st due to scheduling conflicts and might add a few who could not make this weekend but let us not forget it is God who made any of this possible along with his army, our soldiers. We are indeed the most blessed people in the history of the world and when you think of it this way the weekend was a huge success.I want to thank everyone involved for making this old man feel important at least in my own little way. I bet there are lots of you that feel the same way.Special thanks to South Texas Promotions and South Texas Speedway for making this happen and Im really excited to finish this deal out on the 21st, God willing. And thank you all mudders for your increadable service to those truly in need. I wish I had video but I still use a flip phone.Maybe some else can.Lets hope you guys can be spectators for the next show. I love my racing family.
  20. Friday Final Points

    So if I understand correctly a person that has not yet raced can still make the show through qualifiers on the 21st just like those not qualified yet. This means its still anybodys race to win. Is that correct ?
  21. sport compacts

    Thank you McCains and Sandavals for your support for this event.Also Sergio got a taste of dirt too. Mother nature has given us a second chance to go for the gold ring. Hope to see youall the 21st.
  22. Today is a rainout

    When you get caught up will you please post the starting positions for the 8 drivers in each class that have already qualified please. Thank you.
  23. Fall Classic has been Rescheduled

    Thank you for the update although it is bad news. Maybe they will consider opening the next season with this race. Mother Nature wins this round.
  24. sport compacts

    Nothing can help you improve your asphalt skills more than dirt track experience.This has been proven by many top drivers for a long time. Gordon, Stewart, Larson Boyer and Johnson to name a few.
  25. South Texas Speedway 2016 Schedule

    Some heavy hitters are coming to the Getshasome compact race. Anybody can win this deal if they have some luck. Its the "Ministock Nationals" for the small cars.