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    OK, I just found out the STS compacts will have to conform to the new 2016 rules to race the big race in March.

    Now lets see you grow the class.

    Anybody know what the # is for a 7 inch tire? Is the 205 a 7 inch?
  4. Is the big race in March still a go and are the mini stocks/compacts still a part? Same rules as the race that rained out? Getting closer.
  5. Your opportunity to post #1 need

    You cant sell out of an empty wagon. Now if I were to approach a possible new team and try to convince them to build a Sport Compack, what do I tell them? They see all the negativity and doomsday responses, see no communication with track management and an unattainable purse. Its not the compact racers fault the series stalled out. Quit ignoring or bleating them. Give them something to look foreword to, a little respect, but mostly strong leadership by someone that can address all our issues. Currently growing our class is like a farmer tossing out a seed, then coming back at harvest time to see if it produced. If the track does not want to deal with us they should just end the deal altogether. Or assign somebody to work it. Believe me its not fun to race 5 cars and every night watch the gate to see if theres enough show up to race. Ive been there too many times. You guys have pointed out the situations on this thread. Now how is it dealt with? Series sponsor anyone?
  6. 2016 Rules Discussion

    Are the mini stocks going to race in the big March race and what rules if yes? Its not that far away.
  7. Your opportunity to post #1 need

    My request is more communication between the track and the Compacts. As of this moment we have no clue what direction we are going if anywhere. We are not a traveling series, we are a part of STS or nothing at all. I have heard of several new teams and they are also requesting info. Also many of us are from out of town and would like to register by mail. Please work with us. Thanks.
  8. Another example of how government cannot run a business. Millions of taxpayers dollars down the tube. Unless this track gets a NASCAR event I think it IS doomed. To big to fail? It already has.
  9. Your opportunity to post #1 need

    Nick I like your idea and I have seen this done before. Its like having 2 features at once. But what I read in this thread the point thing was to be used for heat races only. The split point feature did work great and should be considered. Starting the fastest cars of the night on the front is boring. But Im not sure it works in a small field, hopefully that will not be a problem, so maybe the split should kick in after a dozen or so. How does that work with a 12 car field?
  10. e-mod toppless

    Another possible look that's inexpensive is to add sideboars. This was very popular at Riverside and other tracks in the 80s and really looked cool. Ask Lawrence,he has some of the biggest and coolest looking.It also helps stability which is a boon for lesser experienced driver. Air is free. Definitely would make the E mods look different than the L mods. Wish I had a photo. .
  11. Your opportunity to post #1 need

    The point idea is a good one. But remember to use the point AVERAGE as not to give a team that starts late or misses races an advantage. Point average can change in one race. It actually improves driver quality. The slower cars get practice driving traffic thus learning how to hold a line and the fast guys learn how to use the entire track to pass. Fact is a fast car can run a poor line and still be faster enough to pass a slower car. Yes Im sure Greg and I can attest to that as we have both had to do this in a large field.It will not cause more wrecks especially if you consider for heats there are far fewer cars. It also allows a slower (hate that description) group of cars to have a shot of winning something. I have seen this become exciting for fans of lesser funded teams. Heats don't pay anything so why not have people race their peers. But can you pass in the dirt without a stop and go penalty?
  12. e-mod toppless

    Since you guys opened the door, here goes. One way to increase fan count is to promote and grow the Compact series. Its overlooked that this group is different than the V8 crowd. Fact is this series has a fan base that is interested in todays cars, for example the Fast and Furious franchise. Right now there are 2 basic types of race cars, those with fenders and those without. The Compacts can draw a new crowd like the Karts do. It makes since considering they pay the same for pit passes and race for peanuts. And their fans tickets cost the same. But many of these fans are not there now. Fix this for more butts in the stands.
  13. Your opportunity to post #1 need

    To Sportmod......I don't think Apollo Towing or any other towing company can afford to put a 75,000 wrecker in the mud. However the track should have a dedicated recovery vehicle and could be built without a lot of expense. It should be able to push a car while towing another. In Missouri I saw tractors being used. They never got stuck or lacked power and were fast. Push bar on front, a pole with a wench on the back. Or an old 4/4 can be modified. I think Shawn Bouland and Billy York are building something like this.
  14. Your opportunity to post #1 need

    My suggestion is about what NOT to do and that's going to a transponder system. They are overpriced and not accurate all the time. A transponder should cost less than $50 but usually costs around $400. About hot laps, it is a safety issue to me. The more experience a driver gets the less accidents he will cause. At RGS we had hot laps not only before the races but also at halftime. This also allowed teams to make adjustments for that nights feature. Since STS in rotating classes there might be more available time. It would be great to increase public interfacing with the teams. To begin, a short interview with each feature winner over the loudspeaker for all classes. This lets the audience see the person AND hear from him/her. What I have seen work best is allowing the audience full access to the pits AND teams having someone stay with the race car and hand out greeting cards after the show was complete. What I did was make a master copy of the race car and driver, then photocopy it to have something to hand out each fan. Many teams also handed out candy or small tokens mainly to kids. At one track I handed out a hundred souvenir sheets each year but at the dirt tracks maybe 2. Also having 2 announcers keeping a conversation going has been proven to aid the show. Perhaps a racer can also visit the booth on occasion and discuss that nights conditions. The announcers can reflect on stories for every racer, we all have one. Announcers make or break most sporting events. None of this will cost anything other than time. To really see what spectators want, a suggestion box was added to one track I raced at. 80% was bitching but 20% was helpful.
  15. 2016 Rules Discussion

    Well here we go. "my way or the highway" and "if you don't like it, park it!" attitude is a disease the starts slow but has unlimited growth. This issue is between track officials and the participants involved and should not be a witch hunt. The people involved need to petition the track for any issues especially on safety I understand why the track wants a variety and perhaps you E mod drivers can come up with an alternative like perhaps an inexpensive roof wing like sprints or some other look. Now speaking to the track for myself I would like to know where the Compacts stand. If its just "we will race you if you have enough" we are destined for a dismal show at best. Without the support and backing of the STS promoters theres little to use to sell our program. This is a real shame if the show is whats important because a complete segment is left out. I understand little is known about these cars and the people that race them but its up to you to learn and make a sellable show. Few Compact racers will ever race anything else for many reasons so remember we are racing the cars people drive on the roads today and can identify with. The mechanical knowledge needed is much different than whats considered the norm. When did a modified or late model loose a race because of a bad map sensor or crank angle sensor? How do you adjust crossweight for a FWD? Its relatively new science that eventually will be for all cars that race. We cannot promote ourselves. I know you gave us a possible but unattainable nice purse but that by itself is not enough. We need you to make us YOUR series that you respect and see favorably. Our success in years past was mostly because the promoter got behind us and boosted the series. We cant just wander around with no direction. Compact racers take their racing as serious as any series racer. Don't forget about us.
  16. no, no and NO!

    This move confirms what I have been saying all along. That is that racing for the public is not about racing, its about the show. It could not be more evident than what's happening all over Texas with so many tracks closed or in trouble. Try as they may, promoter's are still trying to sell the same show that sold tickets years ago with the conflicts that were a part eliminated. I watch WWE not for the fight or who wins but for the effort involved to perform the actual moves. Many rely on the receiver doing his part to make it work and is dangerous. Injury is a real part. Now Im sure there are many people in the audience that could beat many performers in a real fight but could hardly do it every night while traveling all over the country. Thus the definition professional. NASCAR, like it or not is the biggest stage for auto racing in America. The show has to be available every week with top performers in the best equipment. The players are well known to the audience. The cars are not the stars, the drivers are. Its up to NASCAR to have that roister predictable to sell way in advance. The reason for the Charter is to guarantee that roister will be available. It might not be the real race challenge but the show IS real. The challenge for the driver is first become popular enough with the right connections to become one of the 43. The real struggle is in the rear of the field where drivers are fighting to remain in the field with lesser equipment and resources. NASCAR is trying to eliminate the "start and park" teams that add little to the show. We will prosper when at our local tracks our promoters understand the show is what will sell tickets more than showing off the privileged few and their expensive toys. Get the audience to know all your drivers and always keep stories going. Both NASCAR and WWEE depend on stories to keep the audience interested and involved. Face it, the people that pay for a ticket want an escape and want to indentify with the show and performers while knowing the stories of as many performers as possible. Just watch the reaction of the fans when a city of theirs is named or a song is played by a band that everyone knows. The announcer of a race is as important as the most popular driver and that's why big shows have 2 or more to keep the stories going. I remember one announcer would go in the pits and record interviews with drivers before the event and play them during slow times like clean up or intermission. I watch NASCAR to see just how much a race car and good driver can do with unlimited funds, people and science. And I understand most of what is going on and why many decisions are made. It will never reflect local racing or vice versa. But I don't choose, I record the race and visit as much racing in person as possible. Condemning NASCAR is like shooting off our foot for a racer. Its really the gold ring. So watch NASCAR and WWE to appreciate the SHOW rather than why there's a winner. Its just too quiet right now and my race car is already ready to go.
  17. 2016 Class Rules

    The Compacts are also curious about 2016 rules
  18. Compacts

    Probably not good timing but 2 of our most vocal sideline contributors suggest that if we adopted the Cotton Bowl rules for Compacts our class would flourish. I reply that eliminating any of our current teams would be counter productive. Currently nobody can find the last printed rules from 2013. We are a cross between a Sport Compact class with chassis tuning (unlike the other tracks that run compact bombers) and old school mini stocks. My contention is bring out all cars, then design a set of rules that fits everybody just like the Pro Sedans have been doing for 40 years. What does anybody else think? Too soon?