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  1. Bets on next season

    Thats why theres a claim rule.If someone overshadows the rest of the field,chances are they will be claimed.Hey,now I know what to do with the extra car !!!!!!!!!LOL
  2. Nonraced racecars

    Scirrocos are for racing and trucks are for getting it there.LOL.
  3. tx thunders

    There is a BMW running in Pro Sedans and another running mini late models at Gator Speedway in Conroe.Both are very fast.A BMW would be a great addition to Texas Thunders.I hope the rumor is true.
  4. Nonraced racecars

    Today I am going to take the dirt set up off the bunny and put the asphalt clothes back on.I think its funny how the two groupes view each other.One says ;DIRT IS FOR FARMING<ASPHALT IS FOR RACING:and the other says ;DIRT IS FOR RACING>ASPHALT IS FOR GETTING THERE;or something like that.I say any track is good if I can be in the race.I like dirt asphalt short big tracks that run in the daytime nite hours in the freezing heat.I race dirt and asphalt and have been accused of doing both at CC Speedway.Its not my fault the track is narrow.I love it because its a real challange for a driver to run close quarters for laps at a time. I can say this about the 2 types of tracks,asphalt is easier on the car and when you do have an oops,its usually not as bad as dirt because the cars are closer together than on dirt. A wise man once told me ;A BAD DAY AT THE TRACK IS BETTER THAN A GOOD DAY SOMEWHERE ELSE; and I believe it.
  5. Nonraced racecars

    I have a new Texas Thunder Scirocco that is almost finished,my son lost intrest in racing.I am saving it for a back up car or when I need a faster car.My plan was to have 2 cars but I cant drive 2 at the same time.
  6. tx thunders

    Hey Rick,dont worry until you pass yourself.
  7. tx thunders

    Hey Rick,you have Wabbit Hunter on the back of your truck too.Since your racer is a Wabbit too,does that mean you chase your tail? I had a dog like that once.He hauled butt but didnt get anywhere.He ran in circles but so do we so who knows?
  8. tx thunders

    The Wabbit has bad dreams about seeing the rearend of a green Neon.The wabbit is old and wore out and runs like a scared rabbit every event knowing the hounds are ready to eat him up.Fear makes one run faster,one day it will roll over dead. On a brighter note,are there any new racers this year?Did we loose any Thunders ?I hope Buba and Lalo come back,between the two of them they represent about 8 or more cars.Anybody know what March race will pay? Everyone I talked to hasent done anything to their cars yet.I guess its not Feb 29th yet.Is anyone as broke as me? Ive been saving gas out of my junked cars to feed the truck for the trips north. See you all soon. Thumper
  9. Total Cost Per Season

    TMT25 The only time I have an engine problem is when it is caused by something else like a damaged raidiator.The water cooled V W engines already use forged cranks and rods and the pistons are so strong they dont break.They dont make as much power as the Fords but the overall weight is less so it is about the same horsepower to weight ratio for all the cars.I ran a used short block for 2 years until I got it hot.All of the 4 cyl cars are very reliable.Come join us.Everyone is welcome,we race for fun.THUMPER
  10. Texas Pro Sedans at CCMS

    Well i guess Im out of excuses so its on my calinder.I cant beat these guys but maybe I can get in the way.How about you?
  11. Total Cost Per Season

    Hey Rick,I would be drinking,smoking and eating weather I was racing or watching so I cant count that as racing expenses.And the friendship is definately priceless.Guess what;I went to Rio Grande Speedways banquet last nite and found out I won 7th place in points with only 3 nites.2 wins and a 2nd.There was no money but I got a nice plack.I am now kicked out of Thunder Cars in McAllen again because they rewrote the rules again to " save the class "All the existing cars are illegal also.I was hoping they would align their Thunders with CCs for an increase in total Thunders for South Texas but they have their own plans,I dont know what.If I had not run the modified I would still be legal to drive.Neil said I can race without a windshield so I guess I will do that instead of the dirt track.With luck,the new car will be ready.By the way,the most experienced and the rookie of the year were the last men standing at our last race but I tricked him into leaving before me and got out of the truck for a minute so I won the title of LAST MAN STANDING. Then I drove 135 miles home.HaHa. THUMPER
  12. Texas Pro Sedans at CCMS

    What about the windshield issue?
  13. Total Cost Per Season

    I have raced mini stock and Texas Thunder at CC Speedway for the last 10 years and have paid all my expenses with winnings.The reason is and especially with Thunder Cars because of the rules being relaxed enough to be able to use the things you have instead of having to buy special parts to meet rules while the rules do control the actual speed of the cars like tire and suspension parts.You can race a Thunder Car for less than a Bomer.They may not be as glamorus as a Late Model or a TAMS but for a poor person like me its the only choice.You can start racing for under 500$ and have a winning car for about 2500$.And the cars last a long time. Heres my expenses pit pass 20.00 race gas 15.00 truck gas 20.00 1 new tire about every 6 weeks,46.00 oil change about every 6 weeks 14.00 1 rebuild of engine and 1 major crash repair per year,500$ average winnings 125 per race. FUN - PRICELESS ! THUMPER
  14. What Do The Fans Want To See?

    Well Hotrodracer it looks like you forgot one part of the racing population and thats the 4 cyl racers.At CC Speedway we are called Texas Thunders.Many people dont think these are " real race cars " but until you have started in the rear of a 20 car field of cars and passed going 3 wide and sometimes 4 wide to try to win in 25 laps going almost as fast as the feature class a person cannot imagine how intense this kind of racing can be.In my openion SAS and THR both need a Thunder Car class because the people who race in it for the most part do not have the means to race a big car.With the cost of racing so high and the prize money so diffulcut to obtain,no other class offers so much for so little.For the fans,no other class offers the varity of cars to cheer for,most of the regular race cars are Chevrolets and look the same.For a new race fan its nice to have something to cheer for thats different.I know THR and SAS race Pro Sedans on occasion and they are a great organization but their cars are very expensive and the fast cars start in or near the front like Cup cars so its all about speed.Thunder cars are a cross between Super Stocks and Street Stocks and offer something for everybody from the beginner to the veteran.The youngest driver Ive known was 13 and the oldest is 71 and still racing a V W.So my answer is to add Thunder Cars to SAS and THR [ and I have raced at both with Pro Sedans ] so they can add to the program a segment they are missing while giving fans some varity.We are after all the most misunderstood hard core racers.Thanks,,,THUMPER
  15. The simple solution..

    Getting new people to attend races is a good idea.What most racers dont understand is that for a non racer watching a bunch of generic cars identified only by a number soon gets boreing.Like "22 passes 44 and 88 gets the win.To get people intrested you must have something a non racer can identify with.Nascar does this by having the fans know every driver and their story.This cannot be done on a local level because their is not enough TV time.The solution is simple.MAKE THE CARS THE STARS!!!!!! Monster Trucks prove this.Like someone on this post said everyone knows Gravedigger,Big Foot,Austin,etc.but I bet they dont know who the driver is.The best promoters in the ticket selling business are Wrestling promoters.What do they sell?A staged performance starring PEOPLE.I talked to a Wrestling promoter the other day and in 30 seconds he told me half a dozen technics that would boost our shows.He said "you need characters people would remember and one they can support.You need a good guy and a bad guy.You need an underdog.You need conflicts. Most of all YOU NEED A STORY."We are not in the racing business.I dont know anybody who races for a living.We are in the show business too and to get people to buy tickets THERE MUST BE A SHOW.Georgus George single handedly saved wrestling in the 50s when that show almost died.The wrestlers of then were like the racers of today,they were good at what they did but it was all the same. Heres my idea.Make the cars into a character or personality.When two teams are fuding,advertize it.Talk about the underdog,the guy racing without funds.If a guy races rough,he is the bad guy. If a guy races clean all the time he is the good guy.If a guy comes back from a bad crash he is a story.These are just some of the things we could do to make the race show more intresting to a non racer.And making the cars the stars does work,I named my Rabbit THUMPER and every kid at CC Speedway loves it.They dont know me or probably dont remember my number but if you say something about Thumper they know the car.By the way,Thumper was Bambis friend.The kids relate to that.When you have the kids intrested,you have the parents.This may sound like a radical approach but it will work.You want fans,give them a show they will remember.That starts with stars they can remember.The first track that hires a wrestling promoter will fill the stands.The sad fact is South and mid Texas ane not big racing territories.But everyone wants to be entertained.The real challange will be for the teams to create a character the fans will remember.The announcer is probably the second most important item,he is the one that tells the story.Success is at hand if we are not too full of ourselves to take advantage of it. Lets hear some ideas on a more intresting show. THUMPER
  16. Simple Question for Fans and Drivers

    I have raced many tracks over the years and only one made me feel uncomfortable.It wanted to decide who could race in what class.It had a habbit of telling people to get out of a class and " move up" to another.The result was that many of good racers quit and never raced again.I was kicked out and allowed back at least twice.I am not going to say what track it is but their car count is at an all time low.I call CC Speedway my home track even though it is 135 miles away.The reason is they have always welcomed me as if I was a local.MR.YOCUM TOLD ME IN 1994 THAT I WAS GOING TO BE TREATED THE SAME AS THE LOCALS,AND THAT HAS GONE ON FOR 10 YEARS EVEN WITH THE CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP.The secret to feeling good about any track is how people are treated.The key word is respect.When the racers treat each other with respect,the rest of the people do the same.The fastest guy is no more important than the slowest guy learing.Many people think we are in the racing business but we are not.We are in the show business and success depends on how good a show we put on.We can get mad at each other but never take it personally.When its not fun anymore its time to quit.That goes for any track anywhere.So I can say I have had a wonderful racing experience in the last 35 years and made many friends in many cities.Racers are some of the best people to play with.My answer is yes. G.B.Carter THUMPER 77
  17. CCMS 2005 1st event

    This sounds like a regular nite for thunder cars.We do all that in a single ferture
  18. CCMS

    The only thing wrong with my RF tire was the teammate of 21 ramming me so hard he bent my RF strut and RR beam.Thats what radios are good for.I made the mistake of thinking I could race these guys.I know this game,Ive played it myself.I was the one to take care of the competetion while my brother won the races.[edited out by Nick Holt, 9/20/04]

    I also had fuel problems.I think the fuel had water from a couple of weeks ago,after the feature my car wouldnt run.During the time trials it popped and spit and I was surprised I got such a good time in.I drained all the gas out and bought a new can of gas to race with.It ran good for the race.I put about 10% alcohoal in what I had left of the bad gas and ran it in McAllen on the dirt.The alcohoal blended the water with the fuel and it ran fine.I won the feature with it.I think the rain had something to do with it.
  20. CCMS

    Niel,Im glad the upgrades allowed help make an even playing field to allow the CC Thunder Cars to be competitive as we talked about at the beginning of the year.Ive only wanted the best for 4 cyl racing anywhere possible.If you remember,the tires you use were introduced to your groupe by me,furnished by Smileys Racing of Dallas.I believe this helped reduce the tire cost factor and helped the Pro Sedans in general.Its no question that Pro Sedans are the fastest 4 Cyl full sized cars on asphalt in Texas and Im glad the Texas Thunders proved they are just as good.I would have loved to be a part of this but we could not work out the windshield factor.My car doesnt have one and you would not allow me to race without one even though CC Speedway doesnt mandate one.This was not your problem,it was mine.My car is too rusty to hold a lexan sheet and I was too broke to buy one anyway.Lalo offered me some pull off tires,but no one had an extra sheet of lexan.I have been blessed by being able to make enough money at CC Speedway to pay the cost of going racing and thats what I like about Thunder Car Racing.My old truck barely makes it to Corpus every week and thats why I cant go to San Antonio or Thunder Hill for the other races also.This is the mistery of why I did not make the races at CC Speedway when you guys raced there.Maybee next year will be better and I can.I applaude The Pro Sedans,the Texas Thunders,and you as director for so many years.Sounds like I missed a great event........G.B.Carter........THUMPER..... By the way,were you in Lufkin in 1971 at the Mini Stock championships? I was one of the Houston cars,a black Karman Ghia # 77.Im pretty sure you were racing at Paramont Austin and Pan American in San Antonio when I did my first pavement races in 1972.........
  21. Texas Stock Car Championships

    I am happy to hear I was wrong about Thunder Cars being left out at the Big Show in Oct.These guys work very hard all year and deserve to be included even on a local level.I wish CC Manadement would post something on the website even if the purse is unknown.I know many people felt left out including myself.I have always supported 4 cyl racing wherever there was an oppourtunity and I think the Texas Thunder Cars at CC Speedway are as good a class as there is.Three cheers for CC Speedway for including Thunder Cars. THUMPER
  22. Big Race

    Does anyone know how to reach Gator Speedway in Willis Tx north of Houston? I heard they are having a 3000 to win 300 to start race for Mini Stocks.I also heard Heart of Texas Speedway in Waco is having a 1000 to win for minis Oct 22@23.Any other big purse races?
  23. Texas Stock Car Championships

    I know the 4 cyl cars are not invited to the championship races to be held on Oct 29-30 because there are still people who think 4 cyl cars are not "real" race cars.They are the ones who have never raced one.There is ,however , a track who is hosting the biggest purse for 4 cyl cars in Texas U have ever seen.3,000 to win,2,000 for second,1,000 for 3rd,300$ to start.I have run these open competition races and anyone with a good car and healthy grapefruits can possibly win.This is the weekend we are not invited to CC Speedway.I am sure there will be cars from 4 or 5 states.I ran a race in Waco like this and finished 4th.I can help anybody with what changes are needed to run dirt.It doesnt take much.The info is at gatormotorplex.com.This is not a race for "girly men" or sissy boys.I plan to win this one.............THUMPER
  24. Big Race

    I found the site.Its gatormotorplex.com. The 3000 to win and 300 to start is really there.I plan to run it. Its only 75$ to enter.
  25. Screen names

    It took me a week to find my user name.I can now remember my real name... G.B.Carter..AKA THUMPER....Texas Thunder # 77.....The old man in the Yugo.....Sr member of the over the hill gang......Uh,what was I talking about?