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  1. Lalo,you and the PRO 4 guys that dont want to run CC that weekend should run this also to get publicity for your people.You have more engine than most who run this.Dont be scart of dirt,any tire is ok.No left side weight or restrictor plates,only speed and guts.This year there is a minimum weight of 2000# so the air cooled cars will have to add some weight.All but about 8 cars are Fords anyway.There was 1 BMW last year.I know,ITS DIRT! The asphalt guys say pavement is for racing and dirt is for farming,but the dirt guys say dirt is for racing and asphalt is for getting there.I say,tracks are for racers.The muffler rule is easy,just weld an IMCA mod muffler.Weighs about 2# and doesnt hurt power.Are the Pro 4 guys racers?
  2. The minis are open comp rules with 3,000$ to win and 500$ to start,24 cars.Good race for Pro Sedan cars with their big engines and adjustable suspensions.Just soften the suspension and put dirt tires.Track goes dry slick fast and is like asphalt to drive.TPS needs to be represented.
  3. Races Cancelled

    Thats front wheel drive talk.It means you can see your own burnouts.
  4. CCMS Results

    The Scirroco is probably destroyed.Getting stuffed in the wall was bad but getting run into the opening of the gate twisted the whole car.Brand new car,2 weeks old.It doesnt pay to race clean.The same car has wrecked 3 FWD cars this year already.Whos next?
  5. Racing at CC

    Yes,the FWD cars can be beat. [edited out by Nick Holt, 7/25/05]
  6. TEXAS PRO 4

    I would like to have another HOT DOG RACE.I will buy the hot dogs.First place.........Another hot dog
  7. Front Wheel Drive on Dirt

    I have raced many races on dirt in FWD and its diffuluct.On a wet slippery track they go straight off the end of the track.On dry slick its diffuluct to get on the power in mid turn and exit.On a tacky track with a locked differential and stagger to match the track,they are quick.If perfect,you throw out the back using brakes and let the stagger dictate the arch.They look slow but are fast.281 speedway in Stevensville and Rio Grande Speedway races them.So does Gator Motorplex in Houston.It takes a while to learn to drive one.On asphalt they are more forgiving.
  8. Txszy Awards

    I like the one where Nick got edited.
  9. TEXAS PRO 4

    This reminds me of the late 50's when Chevy started racing against the flathead Fords and beating them.Try as they may,eventually the Chevys took over the top spot from the flathead even with weight penalitys,carb restrictions,etc.This new class sounds like an antique racer class if you consider the last Mustang with a 4 cyl was in 1993.I have seen this tried many times and has not been successful yet.Any organization that starts out with who cant parcipate is predijuce and that just will not work.I wish you guys all the luck and I hope you succede.Especially when you start looking for prize money and tracks to race at.I have worked with many tracks,clubs,and seris directors to promote racing 4 cyl cars and so has Neil and thats probably why he has not said anything on here,he is too much of a professional.I personally would not have anything to do with a hate groupe,Ive seen enough witch hunts to last a lifetime and I am very opinionated.The only way to have success is to have a place for everybody.Like Texas Thunder Cars. G.B.Carter TTC 77
  10. TPS race called off for 8/13/05

    In 1995 I won 20 races,my brother won 4 with his Corolla,and Pappy won 1 out of a 25 race season.This year I only have 4 wins and may not get another.We have had 5 different winners so far.VW,Neon,Acura Mustang.Everybody has a chance now.The only advantage FWD cars had was a locked differential that could hide handeling problems.What happened with Pro Sedans had nothing to do with that.Everyone is looking in the wrong place.By 1999 I was carring over 300# of lead.I won my last race with the Scirroco and had enough of adding weight to help the Fords.The car was dangerious weighing more than the suspension could handle.So i built the Ghia and it was outlawed a year later.So I raced with Pro Sedans and could not stay with the Fords at San Antonio in the straightaway.2110cc at 1700#s with a 44 idf Weber.And the Ghia was much more powerful than any FWD i have owned.How do you think the 4 cars broke the record anyhow?One is a RWD.I know but I am not saying. What did they have in common? 77
  11. TPS race called off for 8/13/05

    All this bickering reminds me of what happened to Mini Stocks at CC Motor Speedway to end their existance in 2000.The Ford guys had gotten the rules changed almost weekly until there were no front wheel drive cars left including me.I brought out a Karman Ghia,rear driver, and there were 8 cars left racing with mine.4 were fast,faster than the Super Streets by almost half a second but the show was lousey.There was bad blood between 2 of the Ford teams and after every race, cursing yelling and bad behaviour prevailed.Point is even after the Ford guys got everything they wanted including all rear wheel drive cars,they were not happy.Neather was the track and Dan Monroe fired them in July of 2000.He declaired the points leader as champion and thanked everyone and said goodby.The rivalery between Fords and VWs has gone on for 30 years since the Pinto started racing against the bugs.Now there are many kinds of cars that can successfully race in mini stocks and the rivalery continues.What happened to the VW Bugs?They became very expensive and oblosete.Most of the Bug guys moved on to the front drivers because thats all VW made. Over 35 years of racing has taught me that rules are responsible for almost all of the demise of minis across the state.No rule is fair for all brands of cars other than the things they have in common.I applaude CC Motor Speedway for recogniseing that and immediately opened a Thunder Car Class,modeled closley after the Thunder Cars that were having success at Rio Grande Speedway.The rules were put on the things the cars had in common.....Stock bodies,tires,safty,non racing suspension parts.No engine rules or percentages.In 1998 RGS threw out front wheel drive cars and car count went from 20 + to 3.They never really recovered from that.......Heres the deal....At CC Motor Speedway the 4 cyl cars have a relaxed set of rules but the main one is the street tire required makes most of the cars more powerful than they can use so lots of engine rules are not necessary.A minimum weight and a claimer rule keeps someone from buying the wins.There are checks and balances to keep the competetion equal.The things that Pro Sedan Drivers are angry about dont exist.So why are the Fords not winning all the races?The race itsself determans the outcome.Who has the breaks,luck,good performance for the nite,and desire.We always considered the Pro Sedan Class to be a stepping up to a higher level of racing for our guys for those who wanted a greater challange.Kind of like Cup Racing.I dont want to see it destroyed like our mini stock class was.Donnie Yockum once told me the people who win races will win no matter what the rules are and he is right.IMCA found the formula to even out the playing field for modifieds and it works on all race cars.Make the cars faster than they can run and see who can drive.If I was to change anything in Pro Sedans I would put everyone on 7" street tires with a treadwear of 250 minimum and start the fastest cars in the rear and make every race at least 50 laps.Then we would see who is really great.This would be a drivers race.Dont believe me? Watch a Texas Thunder Race at CC Motor Speedway.
  12. Just a Question

    Texas Thunder Cars at CC Speedway are the most econimical real race cars period! You can spend a lot if you want to but you dont need to.If you start with a Japaneese or European car,the engine is the least expensive part because they well built with good metal.Its just a matter of finding the best combinations of pieces.Keeping the bodies stock and suspension parts not aftermarket it allows the builder to use his imagination without spending money.And using things like tires to keep the competition closer rather than specific engine rules actually keeps cost down by using what you have rather than souping up spec. parts.And the claimer rule ensures that nobody will "buy the wins "by spending too much.The best part is the friendship Thunder Car people develop and help each other without having to resort to fights and intimidation like some of the big car people do. THUMPER
  13. Texas Pro Sedans CCMS Results

    What a great night of racing.I was happy to finish 3rd although it was because 2 other cars had problems.I was right behind the 48 when he tagged the wall and I heard the impact over my engine, what an impact.Im glad he was not hurt but I bet the car will require surgery.I ran my car exactly as a Texas Thunder except for changing tires to slicks.With a little more gear and a locked transaxle I might do better.Will in the Neon was all over me with street tires so I think he will be unbeatable when we go back to street tires.16.20 on street tires !!!I just want to thank Mr. Upchurch and the entire Pro Sedan organization for the oppourtunity to race with the fastest asphalt 4 cyl cars in Texas and I speak for all the CC Speedway Thunder Cars. THUMPER
  14. Texas Thunders

    I just want to congraluate Slysnake and Chicken Man for their good finishes.I know how hard they work on their trucks and how many problems they had to overcome to get there.They run at a slight disadvantage by racing trucks against cars but they " never give up ". Only thing is,Snake,I didnt know you get stuck in your window. I was sorry 21 had problems, I was looking foreward to this race for a month.Everyone knew 14 had this race until electrical grimlims reared their ugly head.Ronald,I dont know what you are feeding that 99 car but it runs like that jet engine Lalo has.Overall we have a great bunch of racers and I am proud of all of them and feel greatful to be a part of them.

    21 cars !!!!! This is going to be a barn burner for sure.Maybe I bit off more than I can chew this time.I know how fast these Pro guys are,especially Lalo at CC who holds the record time that he got breaking a 24 year old record.Add a couple of 7 time champions,Mister Excitment Jamie Gardner,Mr Serious Sergio, the Imfamous Donnie Moore,and a bunch of bad fast other drivers along with some rookies on a really tight super fast track and Bristol will look tame.My goal is to survive and try for a top 5 finish.I am going to run exactly as the car was this weekend.I dont have any special parts and everytime I change the car up a lot to go faster I make it worse.After this race I can change up for the next one maybe.I am going to change tires.I only wish we could invert the entire field and run for 50 laps.Wouldnt that be extra exciting? DONT MISS THIS ONE !!!!!!! THUMPER
  16. Great Start

    After 2 rain outs,countless hours by everyone involved,and miles driven,( 850 by me alone ) we had a near perfect nite for a great start to a promising new year of racing at CC Speedway.The cars were fast and not too much damage other than the bad wreck at the start of the TAMS race.The local racers got to try their cars in a non points endurance race and can fix anything they were unhappy with before the points chase begins.I hope all the tracks had as much success in their opening nite and had as much fun as I did.I want to thank Doc. and Owen,for hosting such a grand event, Freddy and his rescue team,all the officials, the lap counters,Tom the announcer,T Bear the wrecker and motorized broom operator,the teck guys,all the racers and their families,the TAMS organazition, and anyone else who supported the event.Most especially the fans who control the success of any track.And most importantly , THE LORD who showed us who is really in control for giving us the oppourtunity to enjoy our passion.I wish good luck to all racers and all tracks on a great new year. THUMPER
  17. march info

    Does anyone have info for the March race? What is the purse,are there time trials ?Are there Throphie Girls ?What are the Texas Thunders lap times during the practice sessions ?
  18. March 4th & 5th race

    Looks like they dont like us eather.I want to know the pay out.So I know how many pit crew members I can afford.
  19. Top 10 Texas Fights

    The most memorable fight took place at CC Speedway in 1993.The week before I got into a fight with a drug dealer / racer at Rio Grande Speedway in McAllen on the track and later found out this guy went back to his truck and got a machine gun out to kill me.His crew stopped him because they all knew me and were friends.I decided to find a safer place to race so I went to CC Speedway to watch and see if I wanted to race there.In the big car feature some out of town guy put one of the local guys in the wall.I dont know who these people were but when the cars stopped,the crashing guy was sitting halfway out of his car when the crashed guy charged at him,running very fast,lunged over the car from the passenger side and clotheslined the crasher guy sitting on his door and knocked him out of the car and on the ground while beating him up.I have never seen a tacle like that before or since.I remember telling my wife," I dont know if this a safer place to race or not !"She said there was no machine gun so I started racing there. The drug dealer in McAllen two weeks later killed an undercover Federal Agent, not related to racing,and was the Most Wanted for a couple of weeks until they caught him.I refuse to get killed for my hobbie so when I started racing in Corpus I vowed to keep my mouth shut,take my lumps like a man,and treat everyone with respect.I have had reasonable success because of that.But I will never forget that FLYING TACLE. I wonder who it was ?
  20. Top 10 Texas Fights

    I have seen many fights in years back,especially in Houston in the 60s,one in paticular started when one of our members of our racing organization ( South Texas Mini Stocks ) of Houston in 1970 asked one of the other racers if he was racing the next event and when the guy replied "yes " the first guy said " Im going to blow your doors off ".The second guy was a European who did not understand English slang thought this guy was going to crash into him until his doors fell off.Being a soccer player he got really mad and lunged at the guy,hit him twice and picked him up to throw him on his knee to pop his spine while saying loudly " Dont wait until race day.lets settle this now."Everyone jumped in and saved the guy in the air explaining that that was just an expression to blow doors off.Afterwords,they became friends.We all laughed about it for a long time afterwords.
  21. tx thunders

    Are you talking about a sprint car type?Ha Ha.I want some of those wheels that keep turning after you stop....Without crashing first.Are you ready for March??Who else is ready? I have my asphalt set up on now.All I have to do is unmount the dirt tires and mount my sumos back on.
  22. tx thunders

    Hey Top Dog if your Lalo,are you still going to loan me some old pull off Hoosers to run the pro sedan races at CC ? Its your idea after all.I saved all my money and can only afford 1 tire.I found 1 old one in my barn but it has cracks on it. We cant run the Yokahamas any more.Are you going to run the March race ? I hope so.I hope we have 30 cars. THUMPER
  23. tx thunders

    It might sound funny but dressing up our cars with wings,spoilers and scoops might be exactly the thing to reach an entire new audience and prehaps new involvement from people who live this kind of car.It would definately be a marketing tool for the track promoters.All the tracks talk about getting new people in the stands and heres a chance to do exactly that.People want to relate to things.My personal opinion is these cars look like crap and the ground efficts dont work at the speeds we run but I would do some of this if it betters our show.In Harlingen the main street is lined up with ground effect cars on Sat nite with the young people just hanging around doing nothing.I bet CC is the same. We need to get these kids to the track and find a way to showcase their rides as well as support our racing efforts.How about it CC Speedway, What do you think?We are in the show business after all. THUMPER
  24. Bets on next season

    Im guessing that the 14 car doesnt have much more cash invested in his car than I do.With a 16 valve injected Mitsubushi engine he doesnt need to spend much on an engine and has good power.Likewise for the 46 car with the Integra twin cam engine in the CRX.Mostly its about the best combinations.I bet the BMW will be very fast also.I dont think we have seen the absolute best Thunder Cars yet because there are many cars not tried yet.Like a 240 SX Nissan with an injected 2.4 engine rear wheel drive or a Mitsubushi Eclipse with a 2.4 injected engine front wheel drive.Or an Accord with a V Tec twin cam.And as already proven,the Fords are the top power makers although they are costly.How about a Ford Focus with a 2.0? We are at the dawn of a whole new defination of 4 cyl race cars and in a couple of years carburated cars will be dinasuars.( how about a rabbit with a twin cam 20 valve 2.0 injected engine ? )How about it Will ? You are the pioneer of injected cars,how many thousands of dollars did you spend and you are 1/1000 th with me on the clock.You can build a fast Thunder on a tight budget if you do your homework.And remember the handeling is more important than horsepower although its nice to have both when possible.Boy I wish this winter would end,I am about to go nuts!!!!Hope to see you all soon. THUMPER
  25. Bets on next season

    I have about 2500 $ in my whole car.I would love to race SS but my wallet cant do it.You Corpus guys are very lucky to have the best track going in your own back yard.I wanted to trade in my car to Chris but he cant use it where hes going.I bought a lottery ticket today so theres a chance for the SS.I dont even know if I could drive one.Maybe someday.