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  1. Congrats to 21

    I want to congratulate the 21 team for a great Thunder Car win.The track was very fast,Im guessing because the previous rain kept the dust away.I hope Jimmy is OK,he took a hit in the door.Great job by all Thunder Cars for a great race.Tough start though,everybodys going for it now. Thumper
  2. 480 miles

    I think it would be great if CC would add a run what you brung 4 cyl race for 50 laps on Nov 12th.Bring the Thunder cars and pro sedans as well as those fast Pro 4 cars and invite the houston and Kileen minis as well.It would be exciting.Only rules,all safty rules and 4 cyl engines.Even invite any Legacy cars who wants to come as well as Dwarfe cars.50 laps,maybe 75.We could call it" The Kohonies" race.Sounds like a nite of destruction to me What do you guys think?
  3. 480 miles

    I have towed 4,800 miles to the races this year.My truck knows the way by itself.Fuel bill takes most of the winnings now.The biggest challange is to get home before the sun comes up.
  4. What is the Point in Qualifying?

    I personally would like to see a total invert at all the races.Nothing is more boaring than watching a train for an entire race.At CC Motor Speedway,we invert the full field every week and makes for great races.Usually the fastest car with luck working for him wins but has to race for every position.This also gives the lesser experienced driver the much needed experience and a variable for the contenders.You learn respect for the other racers as well.If you can start 20th and win,you dersive it.If you cant pass slower cars without wrecking,prehaps drag racing will be a better choice.As far as the fans go,not knowing who will win makes the show much more intresting.I like watching the traveling shows at our track because of the pretty cars and the speed,but when the fastest qualifier stars on the pole I usually get my hamburger after about 20 laps.And the line at the consessions is always growing.My most boaring race is when we qualify and if I start in front.Lap cars are not a problem because I have experience racing each car on a weekly basis and know each drivers style.Usually the pay is much better for that kind of race so I have to go as hard as I can,makes for a poor show and I feel bad about it if I do win.Inverts teach patience and skill.I say PUT THE RACE IN RACING. JMO. Thumper
  5. Common rules

    I agree with you guys a common rulebook is what is needed to improve racing in general.With the exception of tires and gears needed for the different track sizes the cars should be the same at all 3 tracks.Only a few people can make that happen,the owners and promoters of the tracks and they really need to get along.I would love to sit in on their meeting to hear the discussions,I bet its worse than a drivers meeting.The racers cannot make the rules and should not try.Imagine making consessions to help the Fords and Dodges be competetive?And the beginner run with a pro?How bout the poorly funded team going as fast as the well funded team?You cannot make winners with rules.They should be basic,enforceable and most importantly,uniform.Question is,do track owners and promoters really want to improve racing in South Texas?Help the racers!!!!
  6. sportsman rules

    None of my business,but I can tell you that tires are the most important thing on a race car,period.Just like the TAMS cars,no dirt car with treaded tires can run with the slick cars anymore and dont try.The tracks should align the rules during the winter so people can travel if desired during the year.I would like to know why they dont?To me the importance of componets in order are,TIRES,CHASSIS,MOTOR.Assuming the driver is a race car driver,home track advantage is gone after practice.100# of weight doesnt mean much if you can put it where you want.Just my opinion.Good luck to all you racers,looks like a good weekend for racing.
  7. Driving with a foot on the brake and gas

    If I was to gas and brake with the same foot,I would be in the wreck before I could get to the brake.At CC Speedway,things happen very quickly and you might only have a split second to react.Also sometimes you need both gas and brake to force the car to do what it might not want to.I also install a foot bar for my heels to rest on for better leg control,kind of like a motorcycle.Imagine riding motorcross without foot pegs.I also use ear plugs to dampen the noise so I can consentrate better.These things work for me.
  8. BBQ

    I was wondering if flying34 was going to do the food thing this Sat?
  9. Post-season events

    It would be nice if the promoters from all three tracks would get together during the winter and come up with common rules for the basic classes so they would be the same at all 3 tracks.This job falls directly on the shoulders of the promoters.To blame the racers for having diffulities adjusting to the different rules packages is just wrong.With common rules,a racer could race at any track with the same car,with only a gear change.It amazes me how everyone talks about the "Future " of the tracks but the ones in charge are harder to please than the racers themselves.Its a fact that when you have more places to race a type of car,there will be more cars of that type.Look at IMCA.Then when one track has a special,they could get lots of cars.We almost had that when RGS and CC both had Thunder car rules the same.We had 22 cars 4 years ago with both tracks cars when CCs Thunder car program was in its infancy.Then RGS changed it and no more crossover cars Why do you need 10 different kinds of V8 cars?There basically all Chevrolets anyway.Ive said it before,the future of raceing lies totally in the hands of the promoters.Make a show and it will sell itsself.And Thunder Hill and SAS both need a Thunder Car class exactly like the one CC has.Im going to hide from the lightning bolts now,thanks for listening. Thumper
  10. BBQ

    The Fox is in the Henhouse
  11. Used car help

    The Lemon Law only applies to new cars,the Buyers Guide is a federal requirment to all licensed dealers in the USA and will tell you exactly what is covered and legally binding.
  12. TEXAS PRO 4

    I get this immage of Nick as Zeuse,sitting on a cloud throwing lightening bolts at sentences he feels are evil.LOL.Trying to keep Aries,god of war,in check.The thing here is to remember that racing is fueled by passion.Without it,we might as well be playing golf and racing the carts.The bickering is what has made mini stock racing so self destructive for as long as I can remember.As for Tim,Randy and Mr Lee,you have as beautiful a car as anyone I have seen and I know you guys know how to make it fast.For Lalo,I understand how you feel about a series that you believe is more fair without sanctions imposed to give you a disavantage.I know you want to go as fast as possible.The problem is,where you live does no afford many people to share your visions so the number of participants is very small.In California,you will find many people who could have similar cars and build a successful series.Very few mini racers here can even afford a head.I personally think all race cars are good and understand the great pride that goes with them.This pride goes for every car owner,driver and sponsor regardless of the investment.I dont think we should try to degrade anyones efforts.They are all good.The real problem is they have no place to stand alone here in south Texas.With the cost of first class 4 cyl cars,it makes more since to spend it on a modified or super street where there is already a good purse and car count.This is why Thunder cars are having success right now,there is a place for everyone.The inexperienced,the poorly funded,the better funded,the experienced driver,the serious racer and the casual racer.There is a decient purse and plenty of cars.Very few teck rules so a builder can use skill rather than money to find speed.I would like for the Lees,the Lalos,and all the other Pro 4 guys to look at Thunder car racing as at least something to keep active with and for R @ D.Its here now.And theres no restrictors or %s to hold you back.If I was a Ford man I would have a 2000# car with a 2500cc engine from a Ranger and tune the chassis for max handeling.Maybe even fuel injected.In the meantime,nobody is better than anybody else in racing,we are created equal under the green flag.I respect you all. How about an open comp race in November if we can talk Owen into it ? A run what you brung race,no rules?I would go. Thumper
  13. Which Track Has the Best.....

    I agree with Gundog.Its like when I was a fat man,I didnt ever have a " Bad " meal.Its all good.The best beer is cold beer and free beer.The best track is the one you do good on,the worse is when you are lap traffic.LOL.
  14. worse driver

    Who is the worse driver ever in street stocks? ME.I want to thank the owner of the #8 for the chance to try a big car and apologize to him and any street stock who I caused problems for.These bigger cars require a much different driving style than the Thunder cars.I went from Rocky the Flying Squirrell to just squirrell.I have a much greater respect for those big car drivers now,it looks easy till you try it.I fired myself.At least my fellow Thunder drivers got a good laugh.Im staying in the getto now. Thumper
  15. worse driver

    Last Saturday was # 137.At least the ones with trophies.But they were all 4 cyl cars on dirt and asphalt.And it took 35 years.That makes over 1000 losses.
  16. Are any minis going to Gator in Oct for the ministock challange?
  17. TEXAS PRO 4

    Dont forget Erick Wilson who was the fastest of them all.
  18. TEXAS PRO 4

    The fastest 4 cyl cars in Texas and 5 other states will be at Gator near Houston in Oct.Most of these guys run both asphalt and dirt and many only run races that pay 3000 or more.Sound intresting?
  19. Safety Crews

    Im sure if you brought your own broom they would welcome the help.Rocks cut tires and liquid causes more yellows.The bigger the track,the bigger the job.
  20. This behavour was rampant at CC Motor Speedway for years but lately things have gotton much better,in fact the roudyness has almost ceased.I think the main reason is several things.First the track manager has demonstrated he will not tolorate viloence by anyone to anyone before,during,or after the races,period.And it doesnt matter who is involved.They will get suspensions,fines,ect,the punishment to fit the crime.Next,the drivers themselves have realized that when you loose your temper and react out of anger,you loose,period.The ultimate revenge is to smile and outrun the person you are fueding with.As long as the track watches for bad driving and does not allow it,the driver does not have to " defend himself "or " get revenge ".I have never won a race when I was mad and after someone.I usually dont finish.Lastly,I think the fire and safty crew had a lot to do with calming things down.Whenever an altercation is about to erupt,they are on top of things immediately.They will step between the arguing parties without regard to their own safty and they are some healthy guys at that.I also like to think the Thunder car people may have influnced somewhat,we have had some rough times but were able to work through them.We always ask the question,is anybody here soley to cause harm to another driver?In an accident can you totally elimanate the driver error as a cause and absolutely say a driver wants to hurt someone?If there was,we as a groupe would make that person feel unwelcome enough to not race with us.An angry Thunder driver will say " darn it,this aint cool!"And when someone does get wrecked,every team will offer whatever help they can to get the wrecked car back in the race.Also we as drivers watch out for the less experienced drivers and dont put them in a situation that would be dangerious for them.Like trying to go 4 wide with a poorly handeling car who could cause a chain reaction werck.I guess what Im trying to say is respect for the other teams brings respect to you.And its correct to say the Nascar guys are not helping local racing in any way,you cannot compair them to us in any respect.We dont make our living doing this and dont have a world audience.It remides me when I was young and would go to wrestling matches and watch the guys act like they wanted to kill each other.After the night was over I would hang around outside and watch these guys get in the same car and drive back to San Antonio together.Nascar is a show.Ours is show what you got.Our fellow racers are not our enemies,just misunderstood sometimes.And remember this.....CC Speedway was at one time the meanest,fightingest,fudingest place to race at just like every other race track when it began in 1948 but is now more respectable than some basketball games and with going on 58 years of existance.And no help from Nascar. Most of the other roudy tracks from back then dont exist anymore:D
  21. Safety Crews

    This is an easy one.CC Motor Speedway has the fastest and best equipped team Ive had the pleasure of knowing.These guys go all out for not only driver but also spectator saftey.Leaking cars are quickly parked,loose body parts are not allowed,cars are checked for extingueshers and fuel tanks.One night I hit the wall very hard on the drivers side and lost a few minutes.When I got my senses back,Larry,Sonny and the other guys were all over the car to make sure there were no fires while controlling traffic.They had about 10 40# bottles on the truck.The amazing thing to me was the first thing I saw was Freddy sitting beside me attending to me and I dont remember him getting in.I was only ga ga for a couple of minutes.The immage I got was that Pepsi commercial where Jef jumped into his race car through the window and then a Pepsi truck driver tried it with his truck and missed.The first thing I told Freddy was "YOU MADE IT "I thought he must have jumped through the passenger side window to get in so fast.He didnt know what I was talking about of course but kept staring me in the eyes to see if I was in need of the ambulance.He knew I was OK when I started hollering at the other crewmembers to see if I had flat tires and check the wheel alignment.Freddy said " I dont think I can let you back in the race right now " being concerned with my welfare.It was OK though,one of the crew said "you only have wheels on the right side "I have seen these guys face danger many times and to me they are the real heros at the track And Im sure everybody will say the same thing about the safty crews at their track.I dont know if they get paid but its not enough whatever it is.My best night is when I dont see them except before and after the racing.I do feel safe knowing they are there. THUMPER
  22. Too many Touring Series?

    Rio Grande Speedway has been running bi-weekly for some time now and it has not affected their crouds except on make up dates when people dont know the scedule.What works for them is I35 races on the weekends that RGS is closed and those that want to can race there too.The Texas Thunder Cars at CC Speedway are without a doubt the least expensive race cars to race and the racing is good.You can start for under 500$ and have a front running car for under 3000$.You then can move up to Pro Sedans with minor changes if desired.The perfect solution would be to have the tracks have the same rules for regular classes and the touring series have their own rules.The biggest problem I see is too many rules packages.IMCA is the most successful touring or local class because of uniformity in rules.Makes tecking cars easier too.You can race here or Iowa with the same car.Thats what we tried to do with Thunder Cars ( mini stocks )to allow almost any kind of 4 cyl car and driver and it works.22 cars Sat.By the way,RGS runs from the first of March to Dec.Still has over 20 races a year.It nearly killed me and my brother to each campain a modified and a Thunder Car for 38 races in a row before the change.Thunder Hill and SAS both need a 4 cly regular class using the same rules as CC Motorspeedway to allow travel and for Pro Sedans to have a base to draw from for the more enabled teams.But trying to get race track owners and promoters to work together is harder than getting drivers to agree on anything.The future of racing lies in the ability of the promoters to create and sell a show.Just ask Vence McMahan or the France family.Which track actually employs a professional promoter,not a racer?A promoter will create the show and sell it.If nobody wants to buy an Edsel,it matters not how many consessions you make,it will not be a success.Add chrome wheels a big engine etc,and they will line up to buy it.Just my opinion.
  23. Fall Racing Season on HOLD

    Anyone wanting to get in another race should look at the Gator motorplex special the last of Oct.Similar track,good monry,a class for almost everyone.Hopefully,I37 will be up and running soon.
  24. fire bottles

    Everyone needs to check their fire bottles for charge.Roadrunner,you need to put firefighting chemicals in it instead of NoX.Rick,you will have to find another place to put your beer,I dont think it qualifies as a firefighting chemicals.Takes too long to process.I will have to find another place for my nitromethane additive.Oh well,nothing lasts forever.
  25. Meyer Speedway 2005

    I remember Meyerland Speedway.It was running hot and heavy when I was racing Almeda Speedway on Almeda-Genoa road.I saw a thrill show there once where they drove on the side on 2 wheels,jumps,etc.The scarest part to me was racing tward a man standing and doing a 180 deg stop and parking 1 foot from the man.Butch Harris was my bosses son at the time but he got hurt bad with an "A" sports racer converted to a super modified with a 426 Hemi with about 1000HP.It got down the straightaway but didnt turn.He did not race much after that.He now prepairs a class of Spec.cars for out of town racers to race at Houstons paved track.Does anyone remember Almeda Speedway and Cowboy Johnson?