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  1. fall classic

    Way to go you guys.Glad you had good runs.Your show beat ours,we had only 196 cars with 45 in the minis.I finished 5th after qualifing outside front row.It was very cold in Houston.I wanted to make Waco too but they were the same night.Will see Abe tomorrow when he brings my cars. G.B.Carter Mini # 77
  2. 480 miles

    5,880 tow miles now.Rocky survived the weekend.45 of the baddest,biggest engined,purpose built dirt minis from 3 states.6 classes of cars,196 race cars total in the pits.Will give you guys a rundown a little later.Anyone know how to get on the who won new website?
  3. Stock car Championship

    Someone needs to call Bubba Ford.Seems like half the cars reside there at his wrecker service.
  4. Houston Weather

    Looks great for Gator.Kind of cold,what a time to not have a windshield.Have to run hard and drive fast to stay warm.
  5. It would be great if they had a Texas Thunder Car class and would add that.With all the cars they could draw from the 2 cities,they could have lots of cars on a regular nite and more on a special one.I wish they would look into this.Its works at CC.
  6. Stock car Championship

    Somebody is going to want that 500$.And Texas Thunder Car people are racers.Should be a great race.
  7. champion&Rookie

    Ahhhhhhh.....feel the love. What great sports.
  8. 4 cyl. run what you brung race

    At least were all talking now.One thing we have going for us is having a promoter who is willing to work with us.I think if we can keep talking and adress the safty concerns we have a good chance to have a special big enduro race.Most promoters will not even talk to 4 cyl racers.What is needed now is to count actual cars that are intrested so show Owen were racers intrested in improving our status in the racing communitity.Someday I hope we are the premier class.When we start adding things like superchargers.turbos,NOX,or other HP enhancers,we will be faster than many V8 classes.Dont believe it? Watch the Tuner cars on Speed Channel.Hondas running 7 secs in a quarter?Sounds like a Big Block killer to me. Add a lightweight chassis and big tires,your looking at the 13 sec bracket.Maybe faster.As far as I know,Rick Rapp has the overall lap record at 13 flat.Lets face it,CC Motor Speedway is the ideal size for 4 cyl cars.After all,it started as a midget track in the beginning.
  9. Congrts to #34

    Congratulations Greg Jr on your championship.I enjoy watching you race from the back to the front.What car control.I wish they would let you guys shed about 400 #s off your cars to let you have more agility to work this tight track.If you ever tire of V8 cars,we would love it if you were to join Texas Thunders.You would make a great Thunder Car driver and you would like it I think. G.B.
  10. Way to go Bruce.I know you will make a great champion.You always do. G.B.
  11. champion&Rookie

    Wow,a Ford top 3 finish! Congratulations to EJ,Tim and Nelly.Thats 2 of 3 races won by Fords.Looks like Texas Thunder Cars have working rules after all.Lets see,best rules,best car count,best races,no fighting,no quiters.Sounds like the class to run in to me.Good luck on Sat.,remember its 40 laps so be careful.Good chance to test for The Kahonies race for endurance.Wish I could be there,cant be at 2 places at the same time.See you all soon. Thumper
  12. 4 cyl. run what you brung race

    To make a breif point,this race is for racers,not politicians.Neil has many concers and valid points but he missed the whole point.The question asked by Owen was WHO IS INTRESTED!!!The idea was to get together as many 4 cyl racers as possible,first seeing who wants to race,then working out the details.4 cyl cars are the most diffucult to govern.I know that Neil discourages any Pro Sedan racers from running any non Pro Sedan race.I will guess he discourages any Pro Sedan racer from attending the 3000 to win Mini Stock Championships at Gator in Houston next week even though they are not racing that weekend.Funny thing is,he has several cars that could win that race,its a horsepower kind of race.And they have a 2000# minimum weight .I am going to represent Thunder Cars and CC Motor Speedway.I have a knife for a gunfight but its sharp.I was glad to see most of the Thunder Cars are up for The Kahonies Race and am not surprised to see Pro 4s and Pro Sedans decline.Also looks like the Allison guys are racers too as well as some Dwarf cars.I have heard some rumors of a possible Thunder Car Class at I37 next year.I know rumors have no merit but if there was there would be no problem to have this race with them included.I think now is the time for track owners,promoters and operators to take a look at where might be the best place to invest next years monies.Look at the racers and the talkers.Im still in. so much for breif
  13. champion&Rookie

    I also would like to congratulate Will for winning the championship.I know he will make a great champion and represent Thunder cars well Also I want to congratulate Tim for rookie of the year honors.Are we looking at next years champion?I also want to congratulate all the Texas Thunder Cars for a really successful year with always a good car count and usually as good a show as any class.Where do we go from here?We build on what we have and shoot for a 35 or more car count so we can have 2 features with very competetive racing in both.I see a lot of really good and up and comming drivers who make Thunder Car Racing become the premier class to race in.I want to thank CC Motor Speedway for believeing in us and for the incentive of extra money when we produce 20 or more entries for a feature.I believe the track realizes they are getting the most for their money with Thunder Cars.Imagine how many racers would join in if we had a 400 to win purse.We would see Super Street and Street Stock drivers move up to Thunders as well I think.Anyway,you guys are the best group of racers I have had the pleasure of racing with.Everybody has gotten faster all year.Now could someone please tell me who won Sat and how did the race go?Thanks,G.B.
  14. Favortism

    I must have missed something.Slysnake,did someone get your share of brew?Or is Neon Will complaining he does not have enough ground effects?I have not seen favoritism or even controversey.Could you explain please?I thought we were all getting along good now.
  15. 480 miles

    Hey,guys,check out the dough for the Kahonies race Gettin serious now.Will talk to the Houston and Dallas guys next Sat.Bet we can get a 35 total count.Maybe more.I want a 500 carb too.I bet we can even
  16. 4 cyl. run what you brung race

    Thats STANDING,not staggering!And no holding on.
  17. As far as a name I think it would be wonderful if all the tracks could do more things like concerts,swap meets,motorcross and quad 4 racing ,maybe have bike fests with poker runs,etc.Then they could include the name outdoor sports arena in the title.The success of our tracks lies in deversifacation.Theres pleanty of people who would love a place to go and pleanty of time for the tracks to do more things. Almost every town could use an outdoor arena.Should be something happening on Fri nite,Sat nite and Sunday afternoon The activities could complement each other.After all,Stock Car Racing origanally was a PART of a fairground activity.The fixed overhead is already there,why not increase income.Then they can pay more purse money LOL.
  18. True Stock Car Racing

    Just seen again that a 4 cyl car can start 19 th and win without crashing at the Bullring.I see on other posts that some V8 cars cant race an invert race at all.Dont know why,could be that V8s make more exaust.The proof is in the pudding and the test is in the testies. THUMPER
  19. 480 miles

    A man with no life is more like it.Whos going to win Sat? FWD or RWD ?I dont know what the draw was about but it doesnt necessarly help.Remember to search around for the traction if the tracks slippery again.I will miss racing with you guys but thats what happens when you cant be in 2 places at the same time.Got the Hooser Dirt Bosses mounted,locker trans installed and muffler installed and new tires on the trailer.Got to change struts,springs,camber angles,add mud shields and raid screens.Then get a spare everything.If it rains in Houston next week I will be there for the Spactular.Watching Wilma now.Good luck to all youse guys,your all winners to me. Tired Old Man
  20. 4 cyl. run what you brung race

    Of course Im in,Texas Thunder# 77.I think this would be a great oppourtunity for all the 4 cyl racers to get togher bound by a common thread,the love of racing 4 cyl cars.We can put aside our differences and learn from one another while being able to try some things that may not have been legal in the regular series.Being an enduro style race will pretty much even out the field,being fast for 25 laps is different than pacing a car to make tires,brakes,and engines go for a long race.Big cars run long races all the time but I cant remember a 4 cyl enduro.This kind of race can put fun back in racing and we can learn respect for the other persons series.Almost like a "Last Man Standing " contest,not because of crashes but by endurance.I think in my case the car will outlast the driver.I believe the theme of this race will be about sharing rather than taking.And a big party afterwards.I know many people do not do the computer thing so we need to get the word out to those racers as well.I believe this could be history in the making.More like a tournament. Its time again for 4 cyl people to set an example.
  21. 480 miles

    5,100 miles now.Just got lucky Sat,racing with great drivers who dont mirror drive or run you over.Dirt track experience helped,track was slippery.Very exciting race,I am proud of everybody and proud to be a TEXAS THUNDER CAR. G.B.Carter 77 PS throw your name in THE KAHONIES hat on another post
  22. What is the Point in Qualifying?

    I know what its like to loose a car also.I crashed my car in June and lost a shot at the championship and missed the Pro Sedan 2nd race at CC.It was an incident with a lap car,but instead of blaming him,I blame myself for making a careless move while leading.My selfish side wants to start in front every time but my sportsmanship side says start at the rear and work for it.I guess a driver has to decide whats more important,what they can get from a race or what they can give to the fans.Like ip17 says,there just cars and like Neon 14 says the challange is both making it to the front and racing those who also make it.I dare say those who think starting the fastest car in front cares little about improving the show for the fans.So what is all the talk about getting more people in the stands and selling a better show?And you dont have to wreck to pass cars.Dont compair this to Nascar.they have 3 1/2 hours to battle it out.After my wreck I was back racing in 2 weeks with a brand new car and a little more patience.And I do it all alone,no help.
  23. 480 miles

    The 22nd is a points race at CC
  24. 480 miles

    Will,would you run the open comp race?How bout 20 and 21?I know Joe Arce would as well as Rocky.I think Jr would as well as Skinner.I think Lalo would if he has no restrictions.There were a couple of Legacy cars that sounded intrested.Maybe Mark in his Dwarf car.I know Todd and BJ would,they love extreme sports.A couple of Houston guys sounded intrested as well as a couple from the Dallas aera.I think Jessy might be intrested.I know the beer.....uhh farm truck would go.I wonder who else?Would any Pro Sedans want to represent their series in this show?Dont forget our flagman in his bad ars Tempo.I think if Greg could find a ride he would do it too.I would start the race but I might get tired before the end and have to rest.I can go 75 laps now,I have 4 gal tank instead of 2 1/2.I could go 100 laps,I mean the car can.Wouldnt this be wild?Easy pace for 50 laps,then go for it!!!
  25. True Stock Car Racing

    To see real Stock Car Racing,one needs to look no further than CC Motor Speedway.4 classes and all are close to showroom stock with the small modifications being the differentiating factor.Street tires takes out the performance aids that can mask a drivers ability.Its not about speed,but rather about skill.This racing is more like the "Good Old Days " of racing that made heros out of people like Petty,Allison, Yarbough, Waldrep and the like because of their driving skills and determanition.In Nascar,its all about the car.At CC its all about the driver.None of the cars really handle like a real race car on big slicks which can hide defencies in car and driver so to win you have to drive like you were riding a really mad bull in a rodeo.This is stock car racing from the 60s and anyone old enough remembers how exciting those days were.I really love to watch a hotly contested Super Street or Street Stock race and even the Bomer Stocks as they battle for all there worth.I am amazed how fast the 4 cyl cars are slipping and sliding all over and still goind 3 and 4 wide on a track some say you cant pass on.When my race is over Im exausted and drenched in sweat as are most everyone else.And,if we put stock suspension settings,lites and a horn,we could get an inspection sticker and redgestration and drive these cars to work.I would love to see some of the Nascar drivers try their skill against our guys.Only a few could do it successfully.I have great respect for every driver and team who climbs into the " BULLRING "knowing they risk everything everytime.I applaude CC Motor Speedway for having the insite to know what makes racing exciting without breaking the bank.And I think every driver there knows what THE WALL tastes like and respects it.Real Stock Cars?Real Drivers?CC Motor Speedway without a doubt.