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  1. Constantly changing rules packages do more to hurt local racing then even poor payouts. Theres always somebody wanting more thinking they will result in better finishing positions. The big looser is those that put everything into their program already and then its not enough. These are the ones that try the hardest but reap the least reward. Not just about the SS, but EVERY class. The end result is a shrinking field of entries when too many are discouraged. What makes it worse recently is amazingly how many promoters and racers are worried about what another track is doing, the fact being all tracks need to focus on their own neighborhood if they want a reliable show. To reflect just look at modifieds. They began as an alternative to expensive late models for the average working man and reaped huge success. But every year they added more like coil over suspensions and quick change differentials etc. and now they ARE late models without fenders. Not near as popular as in the 90s and early 2000s. That being said, common rules are a failed dream afforded only to big sanctioning bodies like IMCA. Local independent tracks need to define entries to reflect what the local racers have in common, not what the track across town or country does. As for big shows, they are SPEC IAL events and should not be very restrictive in definition. Even if allowed upgrades it will not change the outcome as those already using upgrades already have the needed experience. So what to do? I have been involved in many big shows that hosted open comp races that saw champions from various states compete. I found the best approach was to show up the best I have ever been doing what I regularly do with what I already have and let luck and skill l do the rest. Then go home and concentrate on my local program. I went from not qualifying to finishing second with a car very much at a disadvantage with upgrades. Bottom line, to everyone, don't price yourselves out of existences. Just do your best with what you have least you end up racing by yourself. JMO.
  2. any news?

    Is practice still a go for tomorrow?
  3. Reb, did you write this article? lol. I read the article and it reminds me of the Republican establishment going after their highest vote getter. No facts, just opinions. You say NASCAR is in it for the money, does not make since to jeopardize it by their own cheating. Regardless, if it makes the SHOW better, I like it and Im not alone. Just like WWE the fan base is large enough to host a really big event. I did agree the new talent is worthy of the headlines and we will see how they perform as the year goes by. I was impressed with Chase Elliot winning twice at the Snowball Derby even with one disallowed because he had the wrong color of weight. Same for Erick Jones. These feats are worthy of mention for anybody's appetite don't you think? I read some other articles by this publication and don't care also for the insinuations that all serial killers drove VW bugs. That story told me how much reverence to allow this story. Its a honor to be able to debate NASCAR in a civilized manner. I still think racers should support the sport at every level politics aside. The current economy has affected most sporting events. But remember one of the biggest draws is how people want to be where other people with the same interests gather. That's what makes a show a success more than the show itself. Richard Petty knew this the most and tried to share himself with everybody, not walk around with an over inflated ego like too many local stars age guilty of. I just feel NASCAR deserves somebody to stand up for them so I self appointed me. I don't know anything other than I enjoy watching NASCAR and wish I could attend live shows. I only made the first at Fort Worth because of the John Deer involvement. Every store got a pair of tickets along with the hospitality events and that was fantastic. Our driver lived up to his name unfortunately. But being around almost 200K racers and fans was beyond description Im thinking what makes NASCAR so appealing to me is the TV coverage. In car, multiple angles and I just got a big screen TV so this is wild. If I knew nothing about racing this would still be cool. Its more interesting that I know whats going on with the cars, teams, and decisions by the crew chiefs like Chad who won last weeks race. It was a gamble but whats to loose? Jimmy was not fast enough. Was that rigged? If so, a good show indeed! Texas is well represented as well so lets cheer our state champions on. BTY, Corpus is having 2 big shows in a row so lets support them as well.

    Im just curious if anyone on Speedzone actually likes NASCAR as I do and can carry a positive yet informed conversation. Its shaping up to be an interesting year with the new talent learning from the old school dudes. Also the tea sippers v/s the aggressor's strong will. Elliot, Blaney, Larson and Bushier stand to make their mark this year. Something happened this year that made the cars harder to drive and bump drafting not desirable. The tire issues in the shootout might affect the outcome but a smooth driver will prevail in my opinion. Great week this week starting Thursday. Im rooting for Toyota as I always have been an import guy but I also have always supported the young guns as I love watching them develop. Any picks for Daytona? My money is on Kenseth. He impressed my when he subbed for Bill Elliot years back and finished better than Bills average at the time. But Bills son Chase has shown maturity beyond his years and had a top team. Cool to see the 24 on the pole again. Politics aside theres only one butt in the seat of each car. Im excited to watch.

    This should not even be an issue. I asked for help with promotion and instead got our rules thrown out and a new set of s tuff in its place. Sorry guys. I will race my car until told not to. Lets see if new rules makes the series flourish as some have attested to.

    I would if you were not so far away. Practice makes better!
  7. Well for some of us this IS our "Daytona 500" Its the closest thing I get to race in. At my age any race could be my last so the March 12 race is significant. I talked to the Bug guys from Tyler and they are coming. I believe so is TJ and his fast Ford along with a few Pro Sedan drivers and possibly the #5 from Austin. Along with the rest of the fast small cars this race is shaping up to be memorable. Thank you South Texas Promotions for this opportunity. Now all you compact car racers, getter done.

    Great weekend of NASCAR for sure. Now the race blocking is over for a while the real racing will begin. Bristol and Martinsville will be fantastic but this weekend the racing will begin in earnest Thank goodness for the new Chase format so there is very little reason for "points racing". Its all about winning now! Glad the trucks and Xfinity dudes went to this too. Its more like a big short track race where a team has to make it by running up front through heats and qualifying features. Loosers go home.
  9. One question, do we qualify all over or is the last qualifying set the field? This is my "Daytona" and would like a better start position.
  10. NASCAR

    Closest finish ever. My pick Kenseth was good to go but Denny does not ever quit! At least it was a Toyota taking the win. Great race, great afternoon. Im a contented fan! Hope you who watched enjoyed it as much as I did. Now for my "Daytona" the big race at STS on the 12th. All the fast dudes will be there and the speed will be what I have not enjoyed for a time but Thumper is on his game and this might be his biggest race ever. Go for broke!!! 2016 looks good.
  11. NASCAR

    Well Chase is out of the win as well as Edwards. Anybodys race at this point but looks like Denny is showing his stuff. Im having an adult beverage and a platter of crackers, cheese and summer sausage. Life is good!@
  12. Great story about a Texas driver. I will be rooting for him and will watch every lap. It seems this race is going to be not racing the competition or the track but racing the air. At these speeds air is king. Add the danger of so many cars so close together and it also becomes a game of chance. Im not going to pick a winner, all my picks crashed hard so far so Im not going to jinx anyone. Good luck to all and race safe. All you that will not watch NASCASR can get the results from any news media. Im going to have a Daytona party ;like every year. Good luck Texas drivers.
  13. NASCAR

    Well Dale and Kyle showed they have the right stuff but the 500 is a long race with many variables. I still going with Matt K. but I think he might have his hands full starting from the back. Dales pass with 5 laps to go was very impressive indeed. Trucks tonight. I think a Kyle Bush truck will take it.
  14. kart rules

    sounds like compacts
  15. . I with toyotatim, I like NASCAR and am going to watch and support their sponsors. What I get in return is a few hours of escape from the wicked ways of todays world. No cursing, no sexual innuendos no real violence, and guess what........no race baiting either. Very much unlike any prime time television. So for clean entertainment, NASCAR, WWE, and Disney. Insulting them will change nothing.
  16. Registration

    TS12. Yes please PO Box 532401 Harlingen, 78553 Im 135 miles from you guys. Thanks.
  17. Registration

    I want to register for the year too and are from out of town. Especially if theres a price break for early registration.
  18. Is HMP circle track dead for good?

    I was lucky enough to race here once. I won my only Pro Sedan race here. I thought it was fairly new then . 1998 I believe

    Use those parked cars.That attitude is what led to success at RGS and CCS. These rules we have for 2013 are meant to bring back racing the cars lying around. Not bombers but race cars using 21st century technology.

    To STP. Thank you for clarifying your race and tire rules for your race. Most questions are never answered.

    We already had a set of good rules. The roll cage was the issue this thread was for. Now its clear.

    . The racers have no authority to promise anything to an interested new party Most of the time we don't know what is going on with us.