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  1. Brain Storm needed!

    A kiddy playground,a game room with pool,live music,BMX track,skateboard track,kart racing,and eventually Thunder Car racing.All tracks need to entertain young people and not just making them watch us race.My kids grew up around racing and dont like going to the racetrack.I use it as punishment now.I tell them if they dont mind,they have to go with me.Think like a kid or better yet,ask them what they want.Booredome is the greatest turn off.JMO. Thumper
  2. CC Motor Speedway in 06

    Outside,now is the perfect time to bring your program to the tracks and petition for a regular class.You must have a plan and work out what you need for a track.Rio Grande Speedway has been running Karts for some time now,they run first and halftime.The Quads ran for a while but did not make themselves a safe track and hurt a rider so that was that. A s turn at the end of the backstraight would have prevented that.I think CC Speedway would be easies to have it,but thats just my opinion.Make both meetings with a program and see how it goes.Its no different than starting a Thunder Car class.The tracks will be looking to compete so now is the time for any group to add to the show.Just dont expect the track to know what you need,just show them what you have to offer.Hope it works out for you. Thumper
  3. CC Motor Speedway in 06

    I think I smell smoke!Yes,it is,there are bridges burning.CC has an announcement on the webpage.Some things are changing now.Actually the real competetion is going to be with us racers and how we create entertainment to lure the fans and their money while giving them something to come back for.Its time to but SHOW in The Show.We should be talking about things we can do to make our show more intresting.Invite more clubs to show their rides at halftime etc,have 2 announcers keeping all the stories of the racers going,taped interviews to play,special guests when available,live music,thrill show,hot dog races,train races,bekinie contests,figure 8,on and on.Anybody have show ideas?Come on people,we are showbusiness.Something for the whole family.How bout Quad races?Karts?fireworks?Which track will be more fun?It depends on us. Thumper
  4. CC Motor Speedway in 06

    I sure hope CC Motor Speedway will race next year.Doc and Donna and all the people behind the scenes has worked very hard to give us a good place to race and good money to race for.I dont know what people are talking about when they complain about how things go at CC,the only problems I saw were from the drivers themselves.Blaming each other for wrecks and spinouts when the real deal was the level of diffulicity that racing at this track has.The track was built for midgets so theres not a lot of room to work.Watch the traveling classes and you see the fast cars start in front and very little passing is done.The Super Streets invert starts and have to muscle very heavy cars on limited traction tires around traffic to gain positions.The street stocks do the same but with little horsepower so they cant back off.Thunder Cars can race 3 wide but even they crash sometimes.I guess what Im saying is it takes a really good driver to have success at the "Bullring".And a good car and good luck.Many drivers will have better luck on dirt because dirt is more forgiving and theres more room to make mistakes. If I ran CC,I would try to get the big cars more raceable.Better tires and a greatly reduced weight like 2800#s on Super Streets.Maybe 4 BBLs on the street stocks.JMO. In any case I want to thank CC Motor Speedway and Doc in paticular for all they have done for us and am looking foreward to even better things to come.With 2 different tracks to choose from,its like McDonalds and Whataburger on the same block,the popularity of hamburgers goes way up.At a time when many cities are loosing their tracks,Corpus will have 2.How lucky you Corpus people are indeed.Now its time to add exciting things to the overall show.Live music,girls,games,carnival atmosphere.More Thunder Cars. Thumper
  5. It's Alive

    Is this a Friday or Saturday deal? If its Friday,a person can run both. Testing,Testing.........Can any 4 cyls hear this?????? Test test.
  6. pay day

    Looks like I cant spell eather or kint I
  7. pay day

    Must be the same person that spelled Corpou Christie on the bumper stickers. Isnt it wierd Thunders have the most cars,pay the same price for pit passes and get the least points money? No wonder were in the "Getto"
  8. Resignation

    Owen,I am sorry to hear you are leaving CC Motor Speedway.I thought you did a great job as track manager especially with the Thunder Cars.I know we are the most diffucult of groupes to deal with because of the diversity of cars.You have always done what you promised, even paying extra for a high car count.Most mini drivers race for chump change or throphies only in the case of jr.minis upstate.You made me feel like a real racer whenever I raced there.Im not even mad anymore about you stopping a race to put me in the back for a start just because I kicked up a little dirt on the edge of the track.Good luck with whatever you do in the future.It will take someone special to fill your shoes.Thanks for a couple of great seasons. G.B.Carter Texas Thunder 77
  9. Do you see what I see!

    If this is the old Saratoga track,its been going to re-open every year.I think its great if it really does,and would be really great if they had a Thunder class too.Every track should have a Thunder Car class,its a great place to start or enjoy racing without spending tons of money or time.Thunder Cars work well on dirt or pavement.In 1992,the first year of Thunders in McAllen,the top 2 in points for the year were females.They were wives of modified drivers. Thunder Cars are a great way to keep the crewmembers of top classes involved having team cars reflecting the main car.Wives too.South Texas Speedway,you would not do bad to consider including 4 cyl cars in your program.With 2 tracks racing Thunder Cars,there could be special big races with lots of cars.If San Antonio and Kyle also added Thunder Cars,there could be 100 cars at a big show. Todd,I raced there before in modified and they dont have a "Getto" Could you be a "citizen "? LOL
  10. Racing Club

    I have seen every combination of 4 cyl rules.The problem is every car needs something different to be fast.The rules at CC Speedway have evolved from years of tried and succeded/failed attempts to create parody between makes.The word STOCK is the worse rule because it has many meanings.Stock by brand?year model? How is it enforced?A true stock 4 cyl class will lead to 1 or 2 brands dominateing.There are not enough front drivers to make a field eather.And this "beginner class" idea has never worked.RGS went to a pure stock rule class and beginner driver status and has 5 or 6 cars,most of which are left over Thunder cars.And most of the people who race 4 cyls will never race a V8 car for various reasons,mostly resourses.If any track would copy the Thunder Car pholisiphy they would be very successful.Every rule has a reason for being.Look at CC Speedway,Thunder cars thrive.I have raced everything from pure stock to modified to outlaw 4 cyls and the true Thunder car program worked the best.RGS had 25 cars regulary until they started to eliminate drivers they thought were too good.Some were 1st year drivers.The ones that left quit racing alltogher.It seems the people who make rules for 4 cyl cars usually dont understand them at all.LOOK AT WHAT WORKS for goodness sake. THUMPER
  11. Kurt Busch, reckless? no way !

    Nobody should drink and drive.Especially a 150 mile trip at 4AM. I also know what its like to deal with a small town cop or county sherrif who thinks he is the law when in reality he only represents the law.Hard to respect someone who acts like a jerk on eather side.JMO
  12. Who says wrestling isn't real

    The wrestling promoters dont try to make it real anymore.They call it Sports Entertainment now.Only a moron would think the fight is real.The show is very real and dangerious,kind of like racing.When the racing promoters learn to do what wresteling promoters have done,the stands will be full again.At Rio Grande Speedway several years ago they even set up a wrestling show for the halftime entertainment,had a ring moved in with a forklift to the front straightaway.Mother Nature won,it poured rain right after the heat races.Theser did not want to pay those guys but they came to an " AGGREEMENT " As far as wrestling fans go,a wise man once asked "what is the measure of society when it imagines violence,or is it better that the violence is imagined" or something like that.And Eddie knew that.He always preformed as good as he could.Vaya Con Dios Eddie......... Thumper
  13. CCMS Night of Destruction II

    Whats the difference in a 2000# Neon? And how did you get a CRX to weigh 2100#s ? You must have had the farm trucks load for the halftime break..
  14. 4 cyl. run what you brung race

    I count a total of 17 cars wanting to have this race.7 Allisons,8 thunders,2 Dwarf cars.I believe the lack of sincere intrest put this race on hold for now.Even with no rules,4 cyl people are arguing about rules.The whole point to this kind of race IS to try stuff to go faster than ever and allow any race car to be a part without buying stuff to be legal.And the Houston people were intrested too,many want to have a pavement experience.It still could happen but not with 17 cars and bickering.What happens now?
  15. CCMS Night of Destruction II

    Why were you DQed?Were you outrunning those V8 cars?Or did someone halfway through the race realize you were outweighed?We know how dangerious that would be by reading all the comments about the Kahonies race.Had I known 4 cyl were allowed I could have found something.All I saw was 110" wheelbase.I raced a Karman Ghia against hobbie stocks back in 1974,it was fun but they didnt like it.They said I had an unfair advantage.They had a game they called "CRUSH THE BUG " but I could outmanaver them or take them into the corner too fast for them to make it.My average finish was 3rd and got paid for it.Merle Shepard was running Edinburgh Speedway at that time and eventually pulled me out of the class,worried for my safty.The hobbies were built with drill stem and weighed close to 4000#s.At the end of the season they had a RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG race.A Karman Ghia owned by Mike Gebheart from Corpus : with a 2180 won his heat and looked good to win the whole deal.He started on the pole for the feature but Steve Thompson started right behind him and in true hobbie fasion,he noticed the KG had a long exaust header comming from beneath the rear.He remarked " I wonder how that VW will run with a pinched off exaust "Sure enough,just before the start,Steve hit the Ghia in the rear and smashed the exaust closed.The entire pack of cars,around 22,passed the VW on both sides.On the back straightaway the VW looked like the Armidillo Car Lone Star beer was using for commercials.It was bent everywhere,wheels wobbling,wiggeling up and down.I think every car took a shot at him.They were not going to let a 4 cyl show them up.He was the fastest car on the track but wasnt tough enough.Funniest thing I ever saw even though I was rooting for the VW.The winner?Some guy from Corpus in a purple car.His name was Rick Rapp. Congrats to you Rick,glad you didnt meet the Armidillo. Thumper
  16. Racing Club

    If they are filling their stands on Sat nite,we should look at why.
  17. Racing Club

    I get a laugh when I read a thread like this.Someone thinks the key to a better show is make the racers pay more money.Ha Ha.Some thinks catering to the ritch will save racing.More Ha Ha.Some think ( those without sin ) getting rid of undesirables will sell more tickets.Biggest Ha Ha. The fact is,no matter what tricks you try to sell a show,the show must sell itself!Nascar took our show and elevated it to a level unattainable by any local track.Nascar is the biggest enemy of local racing there is.Now is the time to fight back by CHANGING THE SHOW!!!!.The race nite is basically the same as it has been for 50 years,only more refined.Watch the ticket sales go down as we try to emulate Nascar without the resourses to back it up.I say,CATER TO THOSE Rif Raf types,most are hard working,hands on ,sweating,bleading workers supporting a family who on Sat nite want to get away from everyday drudgery.They have limited entertainment money and must include their family.Give them a show they can remember,food they can afford to feed the family,tickets they can afford and they will be regulars.Make the show one they can relate to.Get more women drivers,a childs competetion,and a little of plain old roughness for Dad,Add music,games,pretty girls and comedy.Have stories,happy ones and sad ones,heros and villans.A carnival deal.Let them hail their heros and boo their villans.Another words,INVOLVEMENT. There are more blue than white collar workers in America.Those tracks that cater to the ritch are gone or small.Those who want to be like Nascar should RACE Nascar.The rest of us need to re-think our show.All life changes,those that do not become extinct.Shed the "Holier Than Thou " attitude.Our show now is akin to the Hi School Bands halftime marches when you dont have a kid in it.Orderly,respectable,repetitive.Would you want that to be YOUR weekend entertainment??? Thumper
  18. Another track bites the dust...

    In a twist of irony,the State just passes Senat Bill 150 which creates a Motor Sports Racing Trust Fund to be paid for with sales,motor vehicle,hotel,mixed beverage,and alcohol excise taxes increases.The purpose is to promote auto racing in Texas. Who in hades is really going to get this money?I would investagate and file for a part of this if I owned a track or franchise.The comptrolles office is a place to start.The Government is telling us which racing will be supported by tax dollars.Another good reason to implement TERM LIMITS for State and Federal Senators and House Members.Time to regain some control.Before its too late. This report is from Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts:Taxpayer Publications (Revised Septemember 2005 ) This is for real,They mailed it to me.//www.window.state.tx.us Thumper
  19. Good news

    Will,dont you know pork is a breakfast food? After a nite of racing followed by lots of wine and beer along with fahitas,a big bowl of menudo will fix you up.And if you dont have the guts,a plate of tripas will get you there.B.J,if the winter off season is too long,theres a dunking booth job here with the carnival.Maybe they can tune it to where they can knock you off the seat directly so you can feel at home.Todd,be sure to cook all those animal parts you find in your car well done,you dont know where they have been.The Getto is always SMOKING!!!! Is it pride? nope,just cheapscates.Or maybe a political statement.One things for sure,even security doesnt enter there.How will we get along without the beer......uh farm truck next year? Oh well,more for me. Ghetto Dweller
  20. time to Re-Pave CCMS

    More people= Thunder Cars= low start up costs= more teams= more family and friends buy tickets= largest car counts,smallest purse= more money for improvements=cars can run on any surface=cars that do the least damage to surface and walls. Most needed items at CC Motor Speedway? More Thunder Cars. Anybody can race a Thunder Car no matter skill,talent or financial level.Thats how you fill the stands.
  21. Retirement Announcement

    Sly,I waited to respond because I dont know what to say.I understand your motives completely but will miss the things you bring to the track.A good humor,patience,determanation and wonderful parents.I know you did not make this decision litely and anyone else I would not believe.Racing does take a lot and does not give back much,but we only get one life and must manage time.Kids are the most important thing in a parents life.I parked my motorcycle when my first was born because I didnt want them to grow up without a Dad.I had used up all my free passes.I did not quit racing because I thought it safe enough.I dont know if that was a right choice.I tried to make time for everything.Their grown now,that time is gone forever.I know your Dad will miss racing too,we had many mechanical conversations.He is very smart.Your Mom had a glow in her eyes watching both her "boys" having a second childhood.And you were a kid in a candy store.You gave all of us something we all need,respect.Your are truly a Thunder Racer.I will miss your team and wish you all the best.Im sure everyone else feels the same. G.B.Carter Texas Thunder 77

    Did somebody say money?????I do think its possible.Looking at possibly a 15.97.Lots of variables,weather,track surface etc.I do know a great charity,the OLD VOLKS home here in the Valley. Seriously though,there are a couple of items to be concerned with.Although I have not heard anything,this is the time of year someone wants to rewrite the rulebook to "make it more fair "I dont know what that means considering 4 completely different kinds of cars won races and 3 different brands in the top 3 in points.Im confident our track manager will not want to fix what is not broken............. Next thing to fix is the gap between the V8 cars and the Thunder cars.I know for a fact (maybee) there are V8 drivers that are not racing now because of financial,time restraints,age or politics.They need to understand that they are welcome in Thunder racing and no one will think they are stepping down or have to proove anything.Another words Thunder racing is OK for anyone.You think we push the envelop now,wait till some really good chassis guys see what they can do with one of our cars.A modified or super street racer could take 3/10 off any car running right now.A street stock racer can find that even though we cant spend money on fancy suspension parts,we have more flexability to adjust a car by swaping pieces from the junkyard to improve handeling.The expense and time requirements are simply greatly less compaired to an equally prepaired V8.Racing an entry level thunder car is better than watching from the stands.A top level thunder car is as exciting a ride as there is.And in between there is RACING GOING ON.Everybodys racing someone. The most important thing is next years goals.Its no secret thunders have a great dispairity in speeds.Some want to modify the rules,others want to split the class,etc.The best solution is the one that not only work but will have positive influence on the entire class.I believe if we can get at least 35 cars a nite,our manager would consider having 2 completely different features,determanded by heat finishes or points or something. This way,everyone races a car more reflective of their own.We saw how this worked by changing the heat race lineups.3 really good races.Each one exciting.This happens because thunder racing has a place for everyone.And its not impossible,we only need 15 more cars.I know theres people out there who want to have fun.Everyone needs to solicit new teams.Prehaps with about 40 or more cars,there could be 2 classes of thunders,one with go getters like turbos,superchargers,etc,the factories already build them.That may be farther down the road.Major rule changes or splitting the class will be a DEATH BLOW.Who agrees the future should include more cars 2 features and more money? Start recruting boys and girls,the future is now. Hey BJ hows that for bs
  23. I have been waiting for official results but I guess there is none.This post is for the Texas Thunder racers at CC Motor Speedway who might be intrested so Nick,keep your lightining bolts and moving van parked please. There were 45 minis at Gator last weekend fron Tx,La,Ak,and Ok.There were 2 front wheel drive and 4 rear engined VWs all the rest were Fords,most were called Mini Late Models.There were 5 heat races with 9 cars each to set the line up for the qualifiers.There were 4 qualifiers with 11 cars each,12 in one,with the top 3 transfering to Sats main.The other 12 cars were from the remaining 33 cars running qualifiers on Sat,taking 4 cars from 3 races.Fridays qualifiers drew for position and Sats qualifiers started by finish.The non-qualifiers ran a 20 lap feature for a regular purse which pays 300 to win. I was lucky in the heat race draw and got a pole start for my heat.I finished 2nd so I started outside pole for the qualifier.I fell back to 5th on a caution but managed to get back to 2nd on the last lap (15 lap race )I drew a 2 and got a outside pole start for the 50 lapper.I ran 2nd for about 8 laps,then slipped back to batteling for 10th.Found a rithim that was working and was racing the car I battled with in the qualifier when yellow came out on lap 31.Then mass confusion set in and it took 20 minutes to get a lineup.All but 5 cars were lapped.For some reason they started me last with all the lap cars in front of me.The car I was racing was way ahead of me at that point.I started to quit but decided I worked hard to get here and continued.I passed a few cars,even the lap cars were really fast.I really enjoyed racing 3 deep or more with really fast cars and good drivers.When someone would slip.someone else would adjust for that.The track was dry slick so you could not hammer the throttle.Reminded me of Modified racing.They do not even have a move over flag so you race every car your around.In the end,the wedge bodied air cooled methanol burning VW won again,in a class of his own.I finished 5th but was credited with a 14th place finish,1 lap down.I protested the results but was told the lap counters were overworked.2 girls counting 25 cars.The car I was racing finished 4th.I believe I could have made 3rd.Still had a good time but next year I will be at CC instead.Cant beat the referee. Point is,the Texas Thunder cars are as good as any 4 cyl race cars even on dirt.If I37 was to make a Thunder Car class our cars could race both. G.B.
  24. Texas Thunder on dirt

    I did forget to mention there were 196 cars racing altogether.And congrats to you Bill for an awsome 2nd win in a row.If that yellow did not happen,I think you would have lapped the field.
  25. CC Race

    First I would like to say Im sorry I missed your race weekend and very sorry to EJ to have lost a great car.The common denomoter is the race track itself,being a tight track that is very fast.The second thing is the fact that Texas Thunder Cars are a place that welcomes new drivers and teams and each new driver has a learning curve that sometimes can cause unpleasant circumstances.I feel that its the experienced drivers duty to try and teach the inexperienced drivers how to race with the groupe and do it safely.I dont believe anyone comes to the track to cause harm to another driver,if he did we would tar and feather him and run him off,because hurting one person hurts us all.When one person makes a mistake it sometimes involves many drivers and usually the one that pays is innocent.I dont think Sharky meant to cause a chain reaction wreck no more than Tim wanted to knock Will out of Fridays race or Todd when he drove me into the wall last year or even Ronald when he drove my brand new car into the flagstand.Last years 2 terrible crashes with me and the 50 car were just racing accidents,chain reaction deals that I paid for and was not involved in starting.When I totalled the Rabbit,it was totally my fault for making an impatient move to pass 2 lap cars with Todd all over the back of me.This is very diffucult racing with all the different speeds and talent levels and thats what makes our class special.Our new drivers and lap cars are important to us as part of the show.I dont anyone to quit.They will improve or fade away on their own.I remember Timmy cursing me out 2 years ago in the pit stands not knowing my camera was a couple of steps above him.We got a kick out of him calling me #@$%* OLD MAN.Now he has matured to a competitive driver and so will the others who stick with it.Bobby was an awsom racer but couldnt get the attitude thing going and now he is gone.Racing lost something special there.All Im saying is there is no ME in WE.We are not in the racing business,we are in the SHOW business.Lets keep our show the best.EJ,when you build your new car,you might consider having a crush zone in the front and rear where on a hard crash the crumple zone will absorb the energy and the main structure will stay intact.The Rabbit was like that and is repairable,it was just quicker to transfer componets than rebuild the nose.None of my business,just thought it might help. OLD MAN 77