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  1. July 2 day show

    I wish the compact/minnies were on the card. We missed Memorial Day weekend.
  2. Sts make up dates

    The mini/compacts are scheduled for 6_18. If we are on sooner we need to know.
  3. may 21

    Will the compact mini stocks get a make up race? Next week would be OK. Or did we just loose one of out 8 for the year?r
  4. Nascar

    I thought all the NASCAR series races were good. It seems the best drivers shined as it should be. The trucks benefit with the mandatory yellow by breaking up an otherwise predictable finish and the Xfinity series has taken a page from our local racing by incorporating heat races to set the main. And on the cup side it seems like the cars are again needing to be driven like cars rather than relying on air. Bottom line is NASCAR was smart enough to realize the same old show was not selling so they did things to change it. Maybe we all should learn from this.
  5. Compact Update

    Sorry for those who lost this Saturdays race. It happens too often for this track. Now here's the deal. The track officials are looking at the Sport Compacts now, finally, but have not put in stone the rules package we will have to follow just yet. They realize how diverse our cars are and are studying and taking notes about the cars that actually race. Currently they are correcting safety violations to keep us safe. Nobody gets DQed but are told what needs fixing. Not wanting to discourage any contestants they have encouraged ALL racers with any interest in racing compacts/mines to bring your car and race plus show what direction you are inclined to follow. If you don't race you have 0 impute. So bring them, and show them what you got. Once the final draft is established its too late. We have many issues to resolve but the tiny purse does not justify our natural nature to turn to cannibalism We finally have a track that is NOT going away and is NOT going to fail us but we need to do our part. The last 2 shows were as good as any series so keep it going. Show your car and petition your preferences. Right now everything is on the table including reverting back to mini stocks if that's what will be successful. A frontrunner class if that will create success. Or remaining a Sport Compact series including all of the above. What does Corpus Christi want? So I ask, don't stay home because some are bitching and don't bitch about those that come. Bring your best.Make you input count and SHOW what you have. Lets share with our management what we really are. They are willing to learn. Our next race is next week................getter done.
  6. Rest in Peace Rick Rapp

    Very sorry to hear this news. Mr Rapp was always willing to help those who asked including me and My brother back in the 80s. RIP. Racing lost a legend.
  7. Thinking about the problems with short tracks.

    One thing nobody talked about is the fact most tracks have too many classes that are too similar.This thins out the teams to draw from and dilutes the purse so much everybody looses. The most successful tracks I have been associated with had only 3 or 4 classes on a regular basis. So if you wanted to race you picked one of them. The car counts' were higher and the pay was better. The more cars the better the show. The better the purse V/S the cost of the car also equates to higher car count. And the more cars, the more family, friends and fans because EVERY team has all 3 things. But instead we sell the same old show as 50 years ago, remove the passion and pay much less for it "because". Too many have an attitude and vanity is our biggest enemy. The thing to do is go back and seriously look at the venues that had success and figure out why. Its easy to say what others should do so Heres what I do instead. I have been racing a cheap car for about 40 years and have been able to pay for my racing from the purse. Some call me names and think I should "move up" like that actually means something. I tried it but only found out that is a money funnel in the out box. I even tried to race my cheap car and my "moved up" car so the cheap car would help pay for the other one, then the track got the wise idea to make me buy 2 pit passes because I brought 2 cars. Each pit pass cost $50.So again the product being sold has to pay for being sold. I see a loosing pattern here. Even the once best paying series for my kind of car has become too expensive with too little return to justify being involved. So I now run at South Texas Speedway with the junk I already have just like most of us are doing with that series. When that is gone Im done racing. I bet many have already reached that point. So what I hope for is a promoter that realizes the prize money is best spent on the series that brings the best return as far as the numbers game. It has worked in the past. But its complicated to say the least.
  8. Compact Update

    Stir the stew and see what pours out. What I see pouring is a group of people who just want to be a part of something but don't have the resources to buy go fast store bought goodies to impress others who have everything. We buy our stuff from our backyard junk pile and do our best with what we have. And now we are on the same page finally. Bring your contraption and add to the entire experience. You don't want to be a part? Don't!. You want to play? The door is wide open. Forget the IFS and BECAUSES. Are we interesting? I hope so. It depends on who you ask. But see how many people read our posts. Almost 1800 views on this thread alone. So is hiteck reading this over and over or are others interested as well.? Its great to see some of the older members looking at us again, theres hope after all. We are at a point of a new beginning again. Lets make it work by working together. Every team is important and has their own story to tell. Its all about the show and how much fun we have on Saturday night. I will stop whining if everybody else does also. And if a meeting is about meeting everyone and working on improving our show Im there. A meeting to point fingers and gripe about other teams Im not there. People are paying for a show so lets do our part. Until theres a real prize to fight for lets have fun and help each other. I will help anyone who asks. Some have already. Mike is correct about one thing, us old dudes have only our passion to hand over to the younger people. Passion drives this sport, period. Not attitudes. Lets getterdone!
  9. Compact Update

    I for one don't care to go to any more meetings. I have been to over 20 or 30 and they are always the same thing. Argue a bunch, decide nothing. I do know what is happening right now is thanks to the generosity of Ken and Ted and the ones we don't know about the track decided not to cancel our division. Because they never received the last printed set, the 2013 SC rules and the fact we never really had a class we were never looked at. Ted tried to propose a set using other tracks rules as a guide but nobody liked them on either side. So what is happening right now is the track says bring what you want to race and we will see where the interest lies so they can determine what tomorrows car will be. It appears to be a mini bomber or a mini stock race car to choose from. Right now we have a few mini stock race cars, a few bomber type cars and a few that can go either way. What are we meeting about? Who is going to be parked? If so the rest does not matter anyway. There will not be enough cars. Lets start with the most basic problem right now and that is the tire deal. In neither the 2013 or the proposed 2916 rules are racing tires allowed. To enforce that rule disallows 3 cars, two of which have already won features. So what to do? This will be the first item in a meeting as everybody has tires. Choices........enforce the street tire deal and possibly loose 3 cars, one of which already quit? Or do we allow racing tires for those who want to have them? Remember we are the ONLY ones besides bombers that DONT have them. So many of our cars look out of control because they ARE!. The racing tires came from Edna for the Jr mini stocks age 16 and under because THEY did not want their kids running around out of control. I vote to allow them because they are less expensive that a competition DOT radial that's made for asphalt. There is a racing tire for every size and are used at most tracks up north in the Sport Compact classes. So folks what DO we do. To go with racing tires (keeping the 8 inch rule) we will have half a dozen RACING cars and some others will quit claiming a disadvantage. Or eliminate the racing tires and possibly loose some who don't want to conform. Lets sort that item out before we even think about a meeting discussing engines, bodies, chassis and the like that is different for every brand. Meanwhile don't expect the track to solve all our problems. They are looking at the things all cars have in common right now. The simple fact is those who are going to race are racing and those with excuses will never run out of them. By years end the majority of Corpus racers will be the chosen one for 2017. We only have 5 races left weather permitting. I will be at the next race but don't plan on loosing to a tire 2 seconds faster again so Im bringing my Hoosers along with my DOTs. I don't care as long as its even for all. There my wha wha wha. We don't need a meeting to fix this. Just co operation. Im just making a point, I go with the decision you all make. But MAKE ONE! Racers cant make rules, never have, never will. All we can do is petition the brass for our concerns.
  10. April 30th races

    Well I for 1 don't think theres anything to apologize for. Ken was trying to accommodate the tire concerns by adding a little more moisture. The real fact is he could not get enough cooperation from the pits to help roll it in. I heard the call for ALL vehicles to come out and help but what I heard in the pits was how nobody wanted to get their truck dirty. We had a handful of race cars and only 3 4/4 trucks trying to do the roll in. RGS for 15 years AND Riverside always started out super wet so this is nothing new. Its the lack of cooperation that's new. In Navasota every night ALL the vehicles would come out including tow vehicles with trailers and the track was ready in about 20 minutes. I watched one night after a rain out right here as the 4/4 trucks got a track under water to the wall dried out and ready to race in a couple of hours. With all the trucks in the pits not hooked to trailers along with ALL the race cars the track could have been ready sooner. But no big deal, the night provided the best racing I have seen in a while. Multiple grooves and lots of passes. Now heres my peeve. We are too used to showing up and having everything so perfect we forget this is OUR playground and we have a responsibility to help wherever we can. Ken does not have enough vehicles to roll in a heavy track without help. It is much harder to prep a clay dirt track in south Texas than it is to prep a race car. So no more "live and learn" lectures if you have not done it. Robert Theser once got so frustrated at RGS he threatened to pave the track. What finally did work there was putting a zillion truck loads of deep drilling clay as an artificial surface and that held. So the show started a little late. BIG DEAL. You want an absolute time schedule, go to the movies. You want real action, come out to the dirt track where you not only have to beat the competition, you have to beat the track. The best drivers did get to the front and I know they had a blast. In closing, don't gripe, help out. Remember the guy that just kicked your azz was racing on the same track you were. ( a really smart promoter once told me that!) Here we don't drink tea, we eat dirt and love it! JMO.
  11. Racing....the good, the bad, the ugly

    Toyotstim has a valid point. Make the race night a party where a race breaks out and you have a product that can generate income. He might be a little too relying on booze but the idea is spot on. So many people look at NASCAR as boring but guess what......its the same thing for a spectator who does not know anybody in the race. Not a problem for monster trucks because each truck is a personality. Like WWE, racing needs storylines, identifiable characters, and good guys V/S bad guys along with the adult beverages and Dasey Dukes plus music to make it a night out. Few people with disposable income want to spend Saturday night at a day care center. Everything has a place. People go where people are having fun.
  12. Compact Update

    Theres an easy fix for that but you don't want to. Find someone to loan you a set of sumotomos and see what you got. There goes easy.
  13. Compact Update

    As far as Pro Sedans, they might find it somewhat a challenge to race the track first like we do. That fish out of water deal. They might soemeday have to however.
  14. Compact Update

    I have one and Thumper wants another shot at you Mr Fast Ford! And with the others picking up the pace it might not be so easy next time. Don't be scart.
  15. kgould, you are exactly right. Because rent is too dang high todays tracks need to evolve into an outdoor sports arena hosting multiple events, not just a race. It works for indoor arenas and will help pay the bills. So what every track could benefit from is a dedicated outdoor sports arena promoter. Remember stock car racing began in many cases from a fairground being a part of the show. I believe a person who sells events for a living could put together many events that can draw crowds on multiple days. You have the seating, parking, facilities and concessions to handle crowds but too much time is spent vacant not generating income. Ideas will save racing, not bitching about everything by everybody. Forget the blame game, start thinking. Sounds like a good thread to start.

    Actually this issue was addressed in our original rules. I still don't know why the track doesn't just use them. Its what everybody got used to and I built my car for. They just got lost with the owner change. It said.........DOT with a treadwear. number. Racing tires, snow tires, trailer tires and implement tires have no treadwear. Im curious what all the other classes are using? Im also trying to find a decient tire for the 13 inch wheel guys considering theres so many wheels out there. So far nobody sells a 205/60/13. The last 13s we had success with were the Sumotomos, 215.50/13. They became universally used at CC Speedway but no longer available. So any thougts? If I knew how to navigate this computer thingy I would begin a post with the 2013 rules so everyone could read them and go from there. I thought they were pretty well thought out except for the door plate rather than roll bar thing and that is settled.

    Are you saying you were DQed? I don't remember that. What I remember was a couple of cars without battery cover asked to install them. I understood the tire deal was under review since nobody knows anything about tires. I was told they did not like what mine looked like but I told them black walls matter. A DOT is a DOT, period. I noticed many cars ran 7 inch and smaller tires even though we are allowed 8 inch but I guys they have their reasons. Other than the battery covers everyone passed our first check. Roll cages were the main concern. I hope the CC crap does not start up again, that's what ruined ministocks to begin with. Be cool people, we now have something to work with. We don't need to re invent the wheel.
  18. I would like to comment on a couple of things respectfully. First, the more cars in the pits, the more people will be in the stands and pits. Every car has a fan base even if its only one person like my team. I do have friends that attend when Im racing that don't when Im not and I know sever others the same.. That being said lets see how Ken does with his idea of investing in the affordable entries (pure stocks) to see how large this series can become. Already some top drivers are looking at this venue. At RGS the local chapter of Gypsy Motorcycle Club became heavily involved with the Thunder car series. What came with them was new teams in every division along with various sponsorship opportunities for the track. A similar thing happened at Riverside Speedway as the Navel Air Base fellows also got heavily involved with the outlaw ministocks which led to many moving to other classes as well. This is the same for all divisions, remembering the tremendous success the modifieds enjoyed also at RGS which packed the stands. So more cars means more ticket sales but its up to the owner to decide how and what to sell them for profit. Im glad STS has figured out the same old way that has not worked might not be the best avenue. On the Facebook deal. Only an uneducated person will take anything on Facebook serious. Yes you can get your feelings hurt but the tough guys don't give a flip about what somebody is crying about. Instead this could be a valuable tool because it offers a door to passion which is what fuels any sport. When somebody is bitching, others what to know why.Its better than being ignored. Kudos to Nick for this website that specializes in facts and educated opinions but lets face it, people have to vent somewhere. Facebook is like a comic book, not Wikipedia Now every failed track has one common denomater . I have only seen the Texas side of things but I notice is how the operations money is commonly used. Use 90% of your resources on your store (track) use 5% of your operating money on your employees and the last 5% of your budget on the the actual product your selling. Not many other types of businesses can operate this way. I noticed in Missouri they would cut a track out of a cornfield, sit on boxes and hillsides and pay start money equal sometimes to feature payouts here in some classes. And I saw huge car counts and spectator counts at several tracks I visited. Its nobodys fault, its just our tracks have a rent that's too dam high. I believe that's where some of the problems lie. It leads to the product being sold (racers) having to actually pay to be on the shelf. How to fix this? I believe we just saw a beginning. I do promise one thing. If you cant get your product (racers) happy to be on the shelf, the shelf will be sparse. Nobody shops at a sparse shelf store. Promoters HAVE to stop trying to lay the blame of failure on the product and look at the store manager. Nick, respectfully, every promoter needs to love if not like every person that comes down the driveway no matter the politics. To recap, get huge car counts. In todays economy that means having an affordable product. Pay that product enough to profit and it will grow. Invest in the "product" that has the best return, not the most vane. Growth is contagious. I will always remember what a successful promoter once told me when I was bitchen about rules...."Racing is expensive and Im not going to let you spend one penny you don't have to!" His philosophy worked. Nobody can argue some of the most exciting racing ever was at CC Speedway when Mr Yocum introduced a new type of bomber, the metric bomber. Huge success because he ignored all those who said it will never work. I believe that was the basis of todays pure stocks. New ideas do work.
  19. South Texas Speedway Analysis

    The 17 mini was trying to re enter the race after the tire change but was blocked by the next race staged. He is good to go.
  20. No, my brother Austin was one of the best drivers in anything he drove including the alcohol burning 406 modifieds of the past but he has health problems that ended his racing. Man he was fun to watch, an old school Kyle Bush.
  21. South Texas Speedway Analysis

    Sorry guys, I just had to chime in. My suggestion is to start the heat races with an inverted points average. We did this at CC Speedway and it worked out great. At the halfway car count of the night you split the field for heats. A third for 3 heats, a 4th for 4. What you have is a series of mini features using heat races with most of the entries racing their peers. I loved watching drivers that never won a feature carry the checkered and getting a photo doing that even though its just a heat race. It would mean a great deal to somebody you never hear from. Its great to watch for the fans also, its a different kind of race. The heats become more interesting. The fast guys don't have to dodge the slower ones and the slower ones get to race among themselves for a win. For the feature you can do inside/outside or however you want to line them up using the heats finishes. This will mix the field and end the predictable outcome plus make everybody a better driver.You don't even need a draw for a tiny invert that does not do a lot anyway. You will put joy to somebody that otherwise will never have that memory.
  22. Please explain/clarify these rules

    Hey our class will be happy to run for $325. Our gas and pit passes cost the same as the pure stocks.lol. Im very happy how the pure stocks got paid. I have always supported the idea that an inexpensive car with a big reward make the series grow thus makes the track more money with more spectators and family/friends of the racer. Kudos to the pure stocks for achieving this and to Ken to provide this. None of the now closed tracks did this that I know of. Only thing Ken is you might be doing this all year especially if Lawrence really does this because many will follow his lead. I think a 30 car field of pure stocks can sell as much tickets as a 14 car modified show. Now about compacts. Only because this was moved to the STS page. We are slowly coming together bring a sultry group of old and young, modern and antique but now involved left out racers and with the tracks evident success and new found interest in all the classes we might be able to put a program together. When a place become fun everybody wants a piece and we offer a place where some of us will only fit. Don't let the mouthy ones mess it up like they did everywhere else. One day we will get that second bonus level and you will be paying us $300 to win. No Lawrence you cant drive every class........on second thought you probably could.I would love to race you in my kind of car. Back to the original post. We have a similar deal in compacts where some cars are gutted and some are complete. I believe all this for the street stocks came about because many cars came from the asphalt track built when it was very successful. Asphalt cars are built this way.As they shut down the cars started to migrate to the dirt and this might be why some are like this. Most body racers cant just toss a car and start over so this is a difficult issue to resolve. I think make any NEW car follow the current guidelines and grandfather the old ones. Gradually bring them into compliance. If a non conforming car proves to be superior because of the non conformity then deal with that. We have too good of a start this season to screw I up over a door skin. Again, JMO and like everybody. I have one.(opinion)
  23. Slidejob, I agree with almost everything except one point. To rely on other tracks cars to fill fields has never worked to the point they can ignore what their own neighborhood racers need. To build a set of local rules biased on another part of the country is a dangerous venue. Example....lets say the average mechanic makes $800 per week in Corpus but $1500 a week in Housten. Add the Valley guys that are happy to earn $500 a week. While this is no concern to the well endowed guys it is a concern for the average guy and there the ones that finish filling the pits after the huge haulers are parked. Its true to not spend what you don't have but the street stock was not intended to replace late models. So can the average joe from the Valley or Corpus match the spending of Houston guys? No. So if the Corpus track tried to match the cars from Houston they will loose cars, purses would drop and not enough Houston cars will travel to Corpus. So Corpus needs local rules to reflect Corpus racers. And indeed the well endowed should move to the big sanctioned series like USMTS or Nesmith. At RGS there was a great Hobby class that was similar to the current Street Stocks. But the promoter at the time thought is was a good idea to use the obsolete modifieds (every year last years car was obsolete by racing evolution) to become Hobies. Of course even a crappy modified was superior to an original chassis car no matter how much weight they jacked with so there was a civil war and the class ultimately died. My point is don't redefine the class you have if its working just because the grass looks greener elsewhere. If you do it becomes something else. Farther north the full modifieds and late models are at almost every track in numbers but not here. If Street Stocks become too expensive people will quit. Its not worth killing Corpus car just for an occasional big show. Now this is where everyone can quit reading. You say theres no racing for those who want to use knowledge rather than your local speed shop to race and go fast.But there is, there called Sport Compacts.Theres not much you can buy but there is tons of ways to improve performance. I read what the guys up north are doing and they are screaming at the tracks that don't tie their hands. Many are faster than their local Street Stocks. Ultimately they will be the feature classes everywhere because the supply of metric Chevys is dwindling. So heres what I advise all promoters.....build your classes around you own neighborhood and don't worry about other tracks. Work with them but not at the expense of you own neighborhood families.What I have seen in 40+ years is its the same families at the local track year after year.Listen to them first. They are after all the actual product your selling. JMO.
  24. Loosing tracks is not a good thing as most will not recover. In south Texas the loss of Rio Grande Speedway in 2013 is still being felt. It would be interesting if you would post sometime what Texas tracks are doing well, the classes they host, the success of each class and location./ Believe it or not many racers are not aware of other places. Its true communication is our greatest hurdle.
  25. South Texas Speedway Analysis

    Thank You South Texas Speedway and everybody involved for your dedication and patience. The track was race ready for even hot laps and there is almost no mud on my car. Its was great to have hot laps again thanks to having fewer classes each night. Having a mini concert during halftime is a great idea as well. Double entertainment for the same ticket. Having showers in the pits is also a boon. And payout was quick. All this leaves no doubt this track is not going away like so many others. Corpus Christi is indeed lucky to have an outdoor sports arena and is definitely worth the 3 hour drive for me. The track itself was great and afforded several grooves for options. Smoothest surface so far too. It was a pleasure to race on. Talent had everything needed to perform. Compacts even had 2 heats for the first time on a regular night and that was cool to watch some of our own cars run. Again thanks to the greatest track in Texas. Maybe the world!