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  1. Thanks your appreciated

    Speaking for the mini stocks Thank You for giving us what is probably our only shot at a big show this year. The Fall Classic was the one we could count on but under new management we are not on the card.For all of us having the show was more important than how we finished. Not to say we were not drooling to win but having the chance meant a lot. We only had 10 cars show up, 4 from Tyler, near Texicana, one from Talor,near Waco, one from Oklahoma, that team travels the country for only big shows and put on a clinic for what these cars can be, one from Harlingen, who did not do crap, and 3 locals. That's a lot of miles traveled by a few who have been mostly forgotten at most events. This was our 15 minutes of fame. Being older than dirt I have been lucky to race in some big events and have never seen people like the STP crew work so hard to get a show in under such adverse conditions. It took 11 months and a 4th try to getter done. It would have been easy to cancel again because of weather, especially after the downpour Sunday at 4:00 pm. You were thinking about all those who traveled so far and worked hard to succeed. In the end some were happy, some were mad, some were disappointed, some were sad but nobody I talked to was upset we actually did get to race. Its sad how it ended with the attitude of some but that's always going to happen in a sport with so much passion. Just look at the NASCAR truck race. Poor sportsmanship has ended a few tracks and more than a few promoters that stepped up. Small wonder racing in south Texas is disappearing. Just remember those of us that are grateful are usually not heard. OK I shut up now. I mainly wanted to make my point to support whatever event somebody promote, support it, its not all about you. I know at least 3 of the regular winners did not finish and took their loss as part of the deal. Will they ever get another chance?
  2. 3 days

    Only 3 days away but us from out of town are curious about the weather. Any news ?
  3. Thank you for the repost. This clears it for many. For our class its unlikely we see the 24 cars needed but with $75 as start money that's equal to second place pay on a regular night. That's good enough for me. I don't race to be in the back anyway. Im thinking the only classes that will exceede the 24 car count might be the pure stocks and maybe the limited modifieds. So the question I think they are asking is will the purse stop at 24 and will the extra cars also be in the feature. At the modified nationals at RGS only the top 24 qualifiers raced the main feature. Out of 150 cars there were more non qualifiers than qualifiers. It did not stop all the modifieds that showed up to be a part of the show. Just being there was enough. The same holds true for me, I like big shows but rarely win one. But I always learn new stuff and make new friends. One thing I never heard at the nationals was so much crying. Same thing at Gator and H.O.T. So if you cant afford to race you should not. Im going with what I have since I cant afford anything anyway. I just plan to travel niggardly. The $75 will pay most of my weekend, the rest I have saved for. Good luck to everyone that will be there. Lets make history.
  4. 2016 Labor Day Weekend South Texas Nationals

    The mini stocks have cars coming from as far as 400 miles away. And the VW Bugs are coming. Looks to be a fun weekend.
  5. It would be helpful to repost the purse in my opinion. The mini stocks will be bringing cars from as far away as 400 miles. Many of them also would like to win enough to cover expenses so it can sell the show. Our problem with mini stocks is there are not a lot of them left In Texas. Of the tracks that ran them many are closed up and those left decided to instead go with mini bombers or a Jr mini class for kids only. Since STS is looking at running mini stocks again its a great time to show what they can do. I hope everyone with any interest shows up for this event, it seems the only one for this year. Now with Stevensville opening up again they were approached about adding mini stocks again. They said bring enough cars and they will be added. It turns out there are few left since so many quit racing when their class had nowhere left to run. Heart of Texas has decided not to include the mini stocks this year, they are under new management. Their mini stock class is for children only. So STS looks to be the best avenue to revive what has proven to be a great addition to any track when promoted properly. I remember at a couple of tracks mini stocks carried the show at times. So it looks to me like if mini stocks are going to emerge again this race is important. Its the one class where a decent car can score enough to cover much of the trip expenses. For 20 years I have won enough to cover the cost of my racing. That's good because I have no sponsors or financial help and am too poor to fund a car with my income. So for me its this or nothing. But the secret is to have a car that's ready and dependable. I'm ready when I unload. I drive carefully and keep my equipment in good condition. Since I drive 6 hours towing it make no sense to do otherwise. As for the compacts , I know there are some fast cars out there and sense the tires are open many could install a set of good tires and be competitive, just like our Dodge Compact has shown. Why would have thought a family sedan like a Stratus can be as fast as the fastest mini stock ? This car is powered just as the factory built it. So it CAN be done with a modern car just like I have been saying. Hope to see you at the big race. The fun factor is priceless!
  6. South Texas 200 Enduro

    Also I forgot to add..... forget trying to make your schedule fit other tracks. Its a one sided deal. Just worry about your own neighborhood. I have seen so many promoters try to cater to other tracks and they never return the favor. CORPUS FIRST ! period.
  7. South Texas 200 Enduro

    Corpus is not unlike the Valley, people just don't have the resources in time and money to prep a one time car generally speaking. If I was the Big Race Promotions I would put together a year long schedule at whatever tracks are interested and make a circuit. That would make it worth building an endure car for that circuit. When RGS started hosting monthly demo derbies they saw teams from around the country come to win the $1,000 first place. Many only did these derbies and traveled wherever the next one was. Purpose built cars, legal but prepped to the max to win. Things like big slow reving engines, 6 ply tires, best choice bodies like station wagons. These cars were used over and over. An endure circuit would justify owning a car specially built for endures. Just a thought. Another thing I have seen over the years is how some tracks are always looking elsewhere to create the ultimate Saturday night show. This to me is like going fishing and casting out as far as you can hoping for that "big one" when the big one is actually beneath your boat. The pure Stocks are a good example. They proved they can draw cars and the fans come with them. The Eco Mods are a local class too and there's plenty of interest there. The Street Stocks rely to some degree on out of towners so their presence is unpredictable. The Sport Mods are everywhere and run everywhere so its a competition to keep them at home.The LLMs are not considered a local class and neither are the mini stocks. Bombers are a fledgling class. What would work I think is to use what you already have and create a night of racing that benefits all the locals first because Corpus and area is a huge population to draw from. Keep the big money at home. Most do not want to travel and few want to come south. Maybe rotate a bigger purse night among every class to help them grow. And divide all the classes where each class is racing every other night with an occasional night to race them all. A goofy schedule is too hard to follow for racers and fans. For Fall and Spring the track needs to be open every week. For the hot summer a mid season break would work just fine. Pick the hottest month and not race a month or something like that. I guarantee one thing, a once a month schedule will not boost a car count. Finally, for Compacts..............It is looking like the car of choice is leaning toward being mini stocks rather that front runners. Most of the cars sitting around are that. Now any car can be a mini stock and can be competitive. It just seems there's not much interest in running a 4 cyl bomber. In 2005 both tracks had decent car counts and had both FWD and RWD cars winning races. So give us a purse, simple rules to make race cars and some track time and you might be surprised who comes back from the shadows. We kind of are there now but too much confusion. Time to see what those who actually race want. We can even go as far as having 2 divisions, stock and modified race together like the road course guys do. But its hard to sell the deal we have now. Just too much confusion and name calling.There is more interest growing. And we ARE a local class. Again, just my opinion. Not bashing, only offering my experience.
  8. STS Pure Stocks

    The compacts are always looking for more race dates. We don't take much time and bring in enough money to cover our purse. The big race is the following weekend so the extra track time can be useful. We are your local class that needs kick starting.
  9. minnies and compacts

    Just a reminder we are on the card tomorrow. Our next race is 5 weeks away so don't miss out. Remember when we reach a full field our purse pays $300 to win with good pay down. Beats the heck out of making your car a fancy flower pot. I made a couple of adjustment to try to eliminate a mid turn push. Having to put too much wheel to turn and that kills speed. Our cars depend on momentum for good lap times. I hope the top side works in good, that's where I like to run because the speed is much greater. See you tomorrow boys and girls.
  10. Thank you for the reply. I have another question. Is the Nationals race in September still a go and mini stocks still on the card? Most importantly to us is who is going to be allowed to race with us? Right now the compacts/minnies at STS are being review to see what type of car will be the class choice for 2017 so we are kind of bringing any car wanting to race into the show. Is that going to also be the formula for the Sept race? We really don't have many places to draw from. Its not too early to begin the invitation process. G.B.Carter, mini compact # 77.
  11. + Is it true the East Texas Getshasome race date must be changed? Is it still going to happen and are mini stocks considered at all?
  12. South Texas 200 AUG 13th $3000.00 to win!

    Did the rules say asphalt slicks only?
  13. July 4th in Review

    Driver safety has to be forefront at any motorsports event and how to handle it is the responsibility of the race director and management. Its been for some time STS does not restart a race on the last lap and does not race back to the checkered under caution. So if you want a good finish position get it and keep it rather than trying to take advantage of an unfortunate event. Its was the same deal for Late Models as the Pure Stocks and the call was uniform. Not unlike the Xfinity race at Daytona. As a fan I thought the PS race was a great one as were the other races. I don't think the winning position would have changed regardless of how the race was called. What I saw looked like perhaps there was a spill on the racing surface in 3-4. Watch all the cars start spinning in the same spot. How do you have at least 3 cars race 25 laps and all of a sudden loose talent? All it takes is a leaking radiator because water on a prepped dirt track is like oil on pavement. It is clarified that a finish under caution will be scored the previous lap like all cautions. Congrats to EJ for finishing first after starting 28th in a 25 lap race. I hope this confusion does not tarnish your accomplishment because you don't see this very often. Thank you STS for giving all of us a weekend we will remember for a long time. You have demonstrated the key to success is indeed leadership.
  14. Really enjoyed the video. It was like 10 years earlier racing my brother Austin in the #3 Toyota Corolla when we raced together at Riverside Speedway. What I liked was being able to watch the other classes as well because I am a fan too. The racing was serious. On a personal note, the majority of mini stock racers was saying a rear wheel drive car could not run with a front wheel drive car. David Horton was destroying the competition and later I was able to keep pace. Now the feeling was something needed to be done to slow down FWD cars but a few weeks after this video Austin set a new track record with that RWD car under current rules and went on to win several features. So the drive end was not what mattered. Eventually pure stocks are going to have to embrace front wheel drive and fuel injected cars if they want to carry on. When was the last carbureted rear drive car built?.
  15. July 2nd and 3rd

    Since nobody is answering, for the long distance travelers (racers only) the track will be open for camping Friday night. ONLY towing trucks will be allowed in the pits, no personal vehicles.
  16. July 2nd and 3rd

    Just got word the VW Posse are coming along wit a 4 cyl modified.
  17. July 2nd and 3rd

    Bring your car and sell your ideas. That's how. The majority will have influence. Too many just talk and find excuses to do nothing. Looks to be quite a collection for this special race.
  18. July 2nd and 3rd

    OK, its official, our motley crew of minnies and compacts are indeed on the schedule for July 2 & 3. Sorry about the confusion, just another example of what we deal with as a group. Bring anything you want to showcase the type of car you want to see become the track car. While Im here, if my long posts bother you just skip over. I thought this IS the place to promote your track and series. I put my promo where I thought it belonged. Im not sorry!
  19. July 2nd and 3rd

    There is a group from Tyler Tx Armadillo Speedway interested in coming. 400 miles one way. I read this thread from Ken we are added but jj&s says we are not. Unsure now and cant confirm. I will try to keep posts short for the reading challenged.
  20. July 2nd and 3rd

    Well according to jj&s we are not on the schedule after all. My mistake. I will call my people.
  21. Texas Dirt | Videos from Dirt Tracks in Texas

    This was the first time to use a Pinto engine in my mini stock modified #77. I still did not know squat about chassis. After this race I installed a 302 Ford Mustang engine. Car was not fast but still a lot of fun. Thanks again Richard.
  22. Thanks Richard for the memories. That was indeed a learning period for me. I loved racing and watching races. Still do. Mr Yocum was a great leader and truly loved racing. That passion was shared with the rest of us. I am blessed to have been a small part of that decade. Great people, serious racing.
  23. July 2nd and 3rd

    I have talked to most of the teams that I can get in touch with. I have 5 yes, 4 maybes and 3 nos. The nos are because of other plans. There might be others, cant confirm. This year it seems the ministocks/compacts are being allowed to define themselves. Basically it comes down to...... stock bomber style cars or modified stock cars. I can see the advantages of both. What we lack is organization and leadership. I think its a good idea the track is allowing us to figure this out. What I do know is how important it is for us to be seen. In that respect thank you STS for giving us a stage. As difficult as it is to make a successful and profitable race track its important to include everyone interested, like our little group. Its tough for us because we have the least amount of resources and talent.. But to us our cars mean as much as the most expensive modified or late model. It would be a shame to loose this group as almost none of us will ever race anything else. The potential here is unlimited. Either way we end up we still have the most affordable race cars requiring the least investment of time and money. And lately we have seen these cars can actually make a real race. 3 different winners from 4 races by 3 different cars. More to come. While most classes are so predictable, meaning they have been around for so long most everyone knows what is needed to create success. The chassis tuning info, engine building info and driving techniques are well documented. It becomes more of resources. With our cars its more of creating ideas and learning. An exciting time for me was the early days of modified racing in McAllen. We started near the end of 1989 by removing front fenders of super stocks and beginning the process of defining what a modified will be. It was exciting to the point I bought my first car, a once pavement car converted to dirt that ran well. I learned the hard way you cannot race one niggardly like a small car. I went through the growing pains even as I received great help from some of the best. By the end of the second year I was extremely frustrated and had secured a driver so I could wrench 100% of the time. At the end of 1991 RGS had the basis for the first Modified Nationals, paying $2000 to win. It was all local cars, about 19. I really did not know squat about chassis then. I then built the closest thing to a mini stock I could have a place to race. With a Force 4 chassis and a Chevy front clip I built a modified with an air cooled front mounted VW engine. At that time modifieds at RGS were using Marsh 11 inch recap tires and powerful engines but when the track got slick (seldom back then) I ran fairly well. Later it was time to become one of "them" and bought a legal IMCA chassis, built a 347 small block Ford and my learning began. The exciting part of this period was invention. Lots of people had different ideas of how to make a car handle on a smooth slick track that was now RGS. With the hard hockey puck tires and little traction it was about car control rather than horsepower. The "Nationals" was a 4 day event with the track open for practice about 10AM daily to race time I must have ran a couple thousand laps of testing and practice like many other teams. I saw dozens of different constructed ideas.The rules did not allow for a lot of aftermarket stuff so imagination was king. Nowadays you just buy a car or kit. Now to my point. The mini stocks and compact today are at that stage of development that the early modifieds were way back. To race one means you build one or buy somebody elses car. Adding front wheel drive cars has opened an entirely new concept that is open for invention. With the new cars the factory builds power is no longer the ultimate device as most new cars with twin cams and multi valves make as much power as the older built up cars for no additional cost.Right now we have several old style cars and a few modern ones. But the potential is wide open for new ideas. That's why its so important to not let this series fade away. Compacts are the closest thing to old school racing today. Remember in the 60s and 70s to race on an oval you bought an old car with the correct platform, gutted it, add the safety equipment and go race? Remember adding 3/4 ton RF spindles? Headers, cam, big tires and all the things you could invent to make the car better? And the car looked like most of the cars in the spectator parking. Compacts and minnies are that today. And don't think they are slow turtles creeping around. Which leads us to us today. For a mini stock the car of choice is a Mustang. There are tons of parts both used and aftermarket to build a real race car and on a budget if done right. Its a shame Mustangs were never allowed to compete with Camaros on an equal basis but ours is a place to bring your RWD hot rod. Instead of Camaros the challenge is beating FWD units.As far as a Compact its been proven a modern FWD car CAN be tuned up to race with the best Fords.It was done both here and the neighboring pavement track . The mini stocks up north are considered the ultimate go fast 4 cyl. The most popular compact up north where the car count averages 30 is a Chevy Cavilier by the numbers. The twin cam Saturn is another popular choice. The Honda guys already know what parts to swap from other Honda models. The Neons have a proven track record. Plus many other models are showing up. The builder has a wide open field to explore their ideas. The now generation has grown up with the "Fast and Furious" group for upgrading their cars. In my day it was big engines and light chassis with bolt on power. The cars drag raced good but would not stop or corner and tires sucked. Today the hot rodders add headers, nitrous, turbos big rims and low profile tires to not only drag fast but to road race as well. So when these guys (and theres a lot of them) happen to go to an oval track what can they identify with? Adding this generation would greatly increase the head count and car count. That's what we can offer. Finally, you know how many tracks are now just a memory. No problem if racing is not your thing. But if it IS, its up to all of us to make it happen. Every car is just as important to the show as another. For us, minnies, compacts, and ecos it might be our last track to build race cars and race. The owners and managers of South Texas Speedway have shown more determination for success than I have seen from promoters of late. Not once have I heard that bullcrap "we don't make money so you guys have to help out.. Don't ask for money or cheap pit passes. Feel lucky you even have a place to race!" One day STS will be the best known track in the region. Its all about attitude. The fourth of July weekend promises to be an event not to miss. A 2 day party with some racing thrown in. Weather your a part of a race team or a racing fan this is where to be for music, fireworks and loud cars. Don't miss out!
  24. July 2nd and 3rd

    It would be helpful if someone with the driver information called these teams, some do not do internet stuff. I will contact who I can.
  25. July 2nd and 3rd

    Yes I can but I cant speak for anyone else. Sounds like a fun weekend. Let us know ASAP. Points mean nothing at this point, exposure does.