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  1. A good CTS Topic

    I was fortunate enough to have a few races at Thunder Hill in late 90s with my Corpus mini stock as an invited car for TPS. My first Scirroco always finished top 3 but later when I switched to the Karman Ghia I did not run as well. My brother also got to try it with Randy Young"s modified. For my the challenge was not shutting down in turn 1 because there was no turn 1. I finally watched the fast guys and marked where they shut down. I used that mark instead of my "gut" and did much better. What I most remember was the night somebody layered the front stretch with oil and I went the full front stretch backwards. Really a different view. Luckly I did not hit anything. I still have 2 Dr Pepper sodas with Thunder Hill stamped on the top.
  2. This Saturday

    Just a reminder this Saturday, the 18th, the newly reopened I37 Speedway will be open for practice. It would be nice if the racers that can would show up to practice and/or spectate. San Antonio and Austin are fortunate enough to have a track close by. Also in another week. the 25th, will be opening night. Instead of morning the loss of the other fine tracks in the area lets give this wonderful facility a great birth. Hope to see you all there.
  3. Dirt track mini stock

    Bring it to I37 on March 25. Several of us are going. Some are RGS Thunder cars, some are CC Speedway mini stocks and frontrunners, some are mini stocks from other tracks and several Sport Compacts from STS which is what they now run instead of frontrunners. Front wheel and rear wheel drive. All you need is a radio.. Mr. George told me everyone will get to race the first night to get a taste for the track. Call him to confirm. I'm sorry your club lost your last track and now you are one of the "deplorable" ones that love 4 cyl racing but orphans now. We all need to support I37s efforts, its the last track for many of us. It can be great again. Check out the rules on their home webpage. There's not even an engine rule. $35.00 to register. Hope this helps.
  4. NASCAR Critics.

    Its great to see so many opinions, mostly supportive. When we ridicule racing of any venue we actually hurt the sport in general. I have personally experienced that many times. What is interesting is no one mentioned what really determined the outcome of this 500 and that is fuel mileage. I was sitting on the edge of my seat nervous about who was going to run out next. Chase almost made history like his Dad, Larsen, my driver, almost had it in the bag, Truex almost redeemed last years loss but in the end it was a driver who lost 15 tries driving for a roughneck team that scored the brass ring. "My kingdom for a gallon of gas!" Been a while for that one. Sold out ? Empty seats ? Regardless it was a huge crowd both in person and on TV. This can only reflect positively on the sport in general. Perhaps being too judgmental had some part of all the track closings. I have seen that too and might be ongoing as we speak. Support ALL racing, every venue at every track possible least we create more ghost towns. It does no good to live in past glory days when the flathead Ford V8 was king. Success today requires new thinking and NASCAR made an attempt. Now locally.................??????????
  5. NASCAR Critics.

    My favorite weekend. No disappointment here.
  6. Sport Compacts

    To the compact racers..........I just read the updated Sport Compact rules for I37 and they are not that far from our original Sport Compact rules. It is NOT a frontrunner class, more like a mini stock class. Im going to see what Thumper has to do to qualify to race there. Most of our cars can qualify also. At least its something.
  7. drivers meeting.

    FYI, the frontrunners are now Sport Compacts allowing RWD cars. Looks to be huge.
  8. Rules

    All the info is on their website and Mr. Jones will answer any questions. Schedule; is up as well as is payouts. 210-414-1591, George Jones. After speaking with him I believe this is going to be the place to race.
  9. Rules

    Thank you for the link. I read the Sport Compact rules and they are not too far off from the STS Sport Compact rules. I am going to see if Thumper can qualify as a SP car at I37. I notice its not a frontrunner class so some other STS cars including rear wheel drive cars might also qualify. Thanks again., G.B.Carter aka Thumper
  10. Rules

    Im having trouble finding the current website for this track to see the rules. It is now the closest track to me willing to run mini stocks. Link please.
  11. Rules

    Just to be clear there will not be any shows for the mini stocks at STS is what I have interpreted. I just wanted to know so I can relay the message to out of towners that might not be on Speedzone. Thank you,
  12. Racing Cost Effective

    Well all of these replies are correct in my opinion. The available money from purses has remained the same for years while the cost of racing has sky rocked. Plus the sponsor money has also been diminished so the sport has developed into being like gambling, that is don't invest what you cant afford to loose. So the show becomes an elite group who has disposable income. While this can make a wonderful show it does not quell the slight resentment or envy of many who can only watch others bask in the enjoyment of participating. Thus a large segment of people leave the sport altogether. Poorboy your logic reflects the ideas of 2 very successful promoters, Robert Theser and Donnie Yocum. Robert used to hate a fast tacky track because as I heard him say the cars would wreck easier and have much more mechanical failure, thus many teams would miss events. This is why the fledgling modified class switched from using 11 Marsh recaps to the G60 American Racer tires at a time before he dealt with the huge IMCA influence. Same reason he spent a fortune of time and money to finally achieve the famous smooth but extremely slick surface memorable to those that tried it. Attrition diminished greatly. Bobby Maupin negated the tire deal by posting lap times in excess of what the 11 inch recaps would do but nobody overcame the surface. Mr Yocum had a different approach. In my first race for him I heard him say "racing is expensive and Im not going to let you spend any more than you have to. That included tires and that's why for so long our feature series, Super Streets used street tires . The racing was more challenging with less attrition than faster cars on racing tires. Another thing I have seen is how the most expensive cars don't equal the best race. Mr Yocum knew this when he started going to public auctions buying cars for his new bomber series. He would install a basic cage and sell them cheaply so more people could afford to race. Some thought he was crazy but his series became one of the most popular series of any. Not as fast as the Super Streets, they showed the guts and determination of years past and were responsible for the term "bull ring" equating cowboys riding unpredictable wild animals. It also was the first time bombers were constructed out of the box, meaning instead of Cadillacs and Lincolns, he used the metric cars. More recently Ken Hobbs realized the importance of return v/s investment and invested in his pure stock class that undisputedly has become the most popular and exciting series at STS. Its because it affords more people to be a part. Unfortunately because of technology a good Pure Stock today costs like a hobby stock cost in past years. Part of the reason is the modern available parts deal. Much of that car today comes from the racing stores rather than the junkyard. When was the last conventional metric car built ? More importantly will a modern car be allowed as a Pure Stock? As a rule, no. Finally the idea you cant race for a nickel. Speaking strictly for myself, I have been lucky enough to race thousands of races ate multiple tracks for multiple promoters in multiple cities and been able to pay for it all with my winnings and my junkyard. I have 229 trophies that have 0 value to anyone other than myself. Through it all I felt like Trump sometimes being chastised for remaining in this type of cars for so long. Fact it I could not afford anything else. I would rather race a car with no prestige than not race at all.I did try it once, buying a throw away chassis, using as many junk yard parts as possible, selling my money winning car and investing everything I could muster to "move up" I took a last place car and got it to a sometimes podium finish. I realized soon enough just having a car is only a small part of a campaign. I quickly built another mini stock and started taking both to race so my little car could pay part of the big car. Bottom line is we are not or will ever be NASCAR. We need to stop spending on cars and tracks like we are. Get back to grabbing a car and race it instead of building a masterpiece to expensive to enjoy. Make it so more can participate. Change up the show to make it interesting. You will fill the stands with friends and relatives.Most importantly to promoters, put your prize money where that gives you the most return. Asphalt tracks lost sight of this to some degree. My advice is study history with an open mind and reflect what has worked, forget about trying to impress.
  13. Rumours in the air

    Will it be frontrunners only or is there a place for rear wheel drive cars too? Many of the STS cars are RWD. Are your rules posted somewhere ? Thanks.
  14. Rumours in the air

    Congratulations on your reopening. I wish you great success. I know San Antonio and Austin racers can benefit mutually with a local track. I personally know the grief of loosing your home track as mine closed in 2013, Rio Grande Speedway I am curious if you might be considering a 4 cyl class. Some tracks have them, some don't. I know Mary Ann hosted a class at what's now called CTS with some success as well as Owen did at CC Speedway and South Texas Speedway. 281 Speedway in Stevensville and Rose Bowl in Tyler are also considering adding 4 cyl cars. It makes since more now considering that is the majority of current street cars.. Unfortunately STS has dropped us because they are too busy already. A 4 cyl class can be a great asset if promoted properly. What I have seen of late is the interest in real race 4 cyl cars, having friends in Tyler, Waco and Corpus. Once upon a time mini stocks was a great program having success at RGS, Riverside, Beaumont, Houston, and even Heart of Texas. I heard your track also had a class that was not so restrictive. It could be again as many like to go fast but are not interested in racing Chevrolet V8s or ill handeling small cars., At least one traveling series has now lost the last place to race because they were strictly asphalt but might be open to converting to dirt. What has become the modern definition of a 4 cyl race car is a 100% factory stock vehicle with no upgrades. That has shown some successes like CTS and CBS. That leaves out many already build older cars but if enough new ones arrive it works. At STS we had a collection of everything . In any case congrats and god speed to your success. I know the LLMs are happy to again have a home track.
  15. 2017

    Congratulations to STS on deciding to remain open another year. Texas cant really afford another track closing if racing as a family sport is to survive. I wish you great success overcoming the obstacles that have thwarted so many in the past. Now there's no reason to not support your endeavors On a personal note its no surprise to see the demise of 4 cyl cars at this track. Its has become the normal to eliminate mini stocks from the regular show in Texas.Its has had little support since its inception in 2011. I don't feel the track will notice our absence financially. Some will move to another series and some will find other recreation endeavors. No series can survive without a minimum of support from the establishment and the players. It would be like throwing a seed on concrete and hoping it would grow. STS has enough on their plate to not need this added responsibility. Many will be happy now thinking we did not fit the usual parameters. Perhaps one day when the facility is reaping great success you might again consider adding some form of small cars. It was a pleasure to have been a part of STS for the last 5 years and a big Thank You is in order. Keep the engines screaming and the rubber burning.
  16. 2017 Announcer Has been Filled!

    Great choice. He is very experienced and enjoyed great success at not only the dirt track but also the asphalt track. I believe TRP will also benefit from his involvement.
  17. Merry Christmas

    Thumper and I want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. Lets remember the real purpose of this special day. Everybody has a story that contains happiness and sorrow but because we were special enough someone suffered the ultimate pain so we could be here today. Happy birthday Jesus. To my racing family, my home away from home thank you all for making me feel special. I have met so many wonderful people over the years and have made friends that last a lifetime. My Christmas wish is that racing can keep going so that others can also create lasting friendships that only a sport like racing can create. Its beyond being rational and often we question our own sanity for indulging so much for so little return.........that is until you consider the friendship and love we also were beneficiaries of, that IS the most valuable trophies we achieve doing this. I would do it all over if given the chance. May the Lord smile down upon us and keep us safe so in this coming year we find cause to celebrate the wonderful blessings we are privy to. May the track stay green and our engines scream with life. See you all at the checkers.
  18. NASCAR

    I think its worthy of mention that Bristol Motor Speedway has opened the infield camping grounds free of charge for victims of the deadly Tennessee fires. Has water and electricity. Just another event showing NASCAR's generosity. A boon for those lucky enough to score a camper. People helping people.
  19. Mini Stocks

    The season is over for Sport Compacts and I think its not too early to start conversation about next year. If STS does consider retaining us what direction does anyone want to go if any ? We need to get defined so we are clear to possible new teams. In the past there has been........ Mini Stocks= 4 cyl race cars with beefed up engines, suspensions and race tires. These cars are full race cars built for speed and consist of many brands but primarily Ford Mustangs as there are tremendous supplies of parts. The rivalry between the VWs and Fords has continued for 5 decades with other brands joining the fray. Now with the improvement of factory built performance cars the availability of downer cars has increased dramatically. Unlike asphalt, tires are a big deal to overcome the constantly changing dirt track conditions. This class was very successful at CC Speedway in the 90s. Then came the Thunder Cars. These cars were somewhat performance models with limits on suspension and tires. Engines were not regulated so much but the cars did have a claim rule that discouraged overspending on performance items. It started at Rio Grande Speedway in 1992 and was added to CC Speedway in 2000 when the mini stocks became to expensive and too few entries. It had huge success at RGS for over 2 decades and a really huge success at CCS in the 2000s. Its was also successful at STS in the mid 2000s. The next phase was the Frontrunners. This series was biased on purely stock modern cars with absolutely NO upgrades, even requiting the use of original factory size tires, a fact that made obsolete some older models that had no tire options available anymore. It was an inexpensive series aimed at first time racers. Very successful farther north and somewhat successful at some Texas tracks. Finally at STS came the Sport Compacts, a series that attempted to combine all of the above. Another words race cars of modern design tuned for oval track racing. Similar to Thunder Cars but with some restrictions on power plants and favoring the modern cars. This series had very little success I believe mainly because it was not so well understood. What it ended with was a collection of old and new cars and not much respect from the racing community in general. The rules were lost during the management change in 2014 and the series was left undefined. We had a collection of Mini Stocks, Thunder Cars And Frontrunners with nobody willing to change so STS just ran what showed up. With the closing of many tracks plus more this year STS looks to be not only the best option but the only one for a lot of people. If the 4 cyl racers anywhere want a place to race this might be it if they allow it. So this post is asking for impute of any kind to see if 4 cyl race cars can prevent becoming obsolete here in Corpus. The fact that many racers came from far away shows a place is needed. At Waco this year it was oblivious mini stocks have almost become extinct Most of the contestants said their home track was gone or eliminated their series. It might be time to resurrect the mini stocks or at least tweek the Sport Compact rules to clearly define an overlooked segment of local short track racing. Corpus is a big city and has had great success at times with the 4 cly guys when properly defined, paid and promoted. Should it become just another memory like too many tracks have ? Please post your opinion only if you are a supporter of this series sustained existence. Any or all ideas are appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  20. Oct 15

    Oct 7 and 8 are the dates for the motorcycle rally at the track in case nobody is paying attention.
  21. Fall Classic

    Well the Fall Classic has again added mini stocks to the program Oct 20 - 22. The new twist is the Twisters (sport compacts) will run with them. These are outlaw Twisters not unlike the Sport Compacts from STS. Some of those Twisters scream. Thursday Oct 20 will be a practice night. Friday will be qualifying with Saturday last chance and features. Transponders and radios mandatory but rented there pretty cheap. I think 6 of the cars from the Nationals will be there. There are also many other classes running and total car count is always over 200. Cool !
  22. September 17 - Saturday

    Thumper is fixed and ready to rumble
  23. This weekend

    Curious about the weather for our big show starting Friday. Any help ?
  24. This weekend

    I don't think compacts are on the card Sept 10 but it doesn't matter because nobody shows up anyway. I will be there on the 17th.