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  1. Wishing you great success. Also hoping STS can again find space to bring back mini stock racing, a series that has been an important part for so many over the years but has been orphaned for the recent times in Corpus. Happy New Year.
  2. Gator Motorplex announces end of racing

    I was lucky enough to race this track in the 2 big mini stock races and really loved this track. Thank you.
  3. Old Texas track list (paved, dirt, drag) as of 2011

    Might have to add L87 Speedway to your list for 2018.
  4. 2018

    There are many parked cars around the state.
  5. 2018

    Curious if there are any plans to run mini stocks at this track.
  6. pit parking

    Where is the non paid parking ?
  7. 2018 schedule

    Are there any plans for a big mini stock race this year ? Thank You
  8. Dirt track fever showdown 9-15/9-16

    What are the rules for Sport Compacts at this race on the 16th ?
  9. DCRST @ I-37 speedway updates 7-8-17

    I just saw these comments. I cannot take credit for the huge success of the Sport Compacts at I37. I am just one car but most of these teams are from Central Texas where they enjoyed the same huge success. I am honored to be invited to join them as I have always run a stock bodied car. The "modern car" has taken the lead in success just as I knew it would. Still its wonderful to be a part of a 20+ field again I did not know any of these drivers other than Jamie Gardner. Jamie and I have raced together at CC Speedway in the mid 90s and had some great battles. That continues today. I am slowly getting to know the other teams and they are all the nicest people you can meet. They offer any help one might need. Make no mistake, when the green flag drops its everyone for themselves as it should be. The best part is there is almost no major wrecks as everybody does their best to control their car while also grabbing the best finish possible. Anyone too strapped to race a big car but still wants the adrenalin rush should give us a try. You will not be disappointed.
  10. Street Stock Bounty

    I am happy I37 racers have decided to use Speedzone again as that is now my home track even though its 200 miles away. Great race track and competition. What I can say about this particular thread is.......your reputation will not win you a race. We have many great racers with great reputations in every class. Each race stands on its own metis and the not knowing the outcome is what makes it so interesting. This particular SS race was no different. The bounty made it more interesting although I personally think it is bad luck for the target. I watched this race and it seemed the engines did not sound the same. Most of the time its the header choice that causes this and its just another point of interest for a fan. It sounded like the leader was turning 10,000 rpm and the 41 was turning 8,000. Added to the excitement. Also it looked like some cars were old modified or sport mod chassis while others were production chassis. Again its just an observation from a fans view. I know that cant be true because a modified or SM is so different from a production chassis, noticeably by the drivers position in the car. But that was a great race and by no means a guarantee of how the next one will turn out. Cant wait for the 22nd. Kudos to you SS racers and all the I37 racers. So glad to be a part of the show.
  11. DCRST @ I-37 speedway updates 7-8-17

    Full invert by points average for heat race starts, 23 cars entered in Sport Compacts. 20 cars start the feature, close racing and no major accidents. All while a tight points battle is raging. This is what I have been petitioning for so many years and I37 stepped up and took advantage. It will only get better.
  12. Dwarf Cars

    This Sat is a full card plus Dwarf cars. All classes racing. Sport Compacts are the nights featured series with meet and greet at halftime. Hero cars and candy for kids. Show off your sponsor. Hoping the weather is more kind this week. I hit a tremendous hail storm 5 miles south of the track, lost it at Three Rivers.. It never made it to Corpus. Weird storm. Harlingen is expecting a similar storm tonight. Grrrrrr.
  13. Sport Compacts

    The Sport Compact class is growing at I37. 22 cars signed in last night. More on the way.
  14. 600 Sprints

    For those interested this Saturday, the 29th I37 is hosting the 600 Sprint car challenge. My friend Adan Arambula has one for his Grandson and let me say these are not go carts. 600 cc fuel injected computer controlled full blown race engines that produce 200 horsepower. It will be a show to see for sure. Also running is the regular classes except for limited late models which will be racing at South Texas Speedway in Corpus that night. The fledgling Sport Compact class has grown to a respectable size, 22 entries last week and have a different look. Drivers from 16 to 76 in age with experience ranging from none to decades. And in all classes the challenge is figuring out the track itself, its kind of like Bristol where there is multiple grooves that keep changing so cars will be everywhere. Great fun for a driver, challenge for crew chief. Any questions call the track, Im just a spectator.
  15. I-37 Speedway live updates 4-22-17

    I feel I need to clarify something, bear with me please. Lee Praytor is from Tyler Texas and is part of a groop that races Rosebowl. He came to I37 to see if there is a way the air cooled bugs could adapt to I37 rules. He put on street tires but failed the brake test as many bugs don't use front brakes. I37 honored their policy of allowing 1 race as is for that reason. He was paid for his finish but the track did not want to alter the points race so his finish of 3rd was not official. I don't know if that group can adapt but this was not a cheating thing, just a test. Bottom line is if you go to teck you better pass. Points will not be given to a non conforming car. The rules are simple and posted on their homepage. They don't use a scalpel but do check for different things, safety being the most strict. 4 cyl racers have been looking at different tracks around the state and it looks like this deal is going to be the most popular. Red River is running full blown mini stocks and Rosebowl is running 2 classes, front wheel drive and mini stocks. 281 has offered race dates to any group that can bring a class. There are a few Jr mini stock series like HOT plus a few Eco Stock series. For central Texas I believe I37 is the one to use. 22 entries and more on the way. Again, JMO. BTW, we are on the card for the next 2 weeks in a row including the night of the 600 sprints next week.
  16. Front Gate Admission

    Business people learn early "Price Sells"
  17. Front Gate Admission

    Dern Nick, you already have the lightening bolts and now you steal my thunder. lol. Nothing to add on that subject but along the same lines there are more venues not being used, quads for example. Benard you remember when RGS had an average of 22 quads, mostly from the Corpus aera, a pretty good income addition and show. The biggest crowd ever was the first monster truck Bigfoot making a solo run. Fans were backed up for miles. Also when Steve Austins truck showed up people were turned away. When 8 full time NASCAR drivers showed up for an PR race nobody came. So that's right, its the show that sells. And trying to get more slices out of one pie never works. So MAKE A SHOW, SELL TICKETS and quit crying. Tracks up north are doing wonderful. Learn from them, not from losers.
  18. Great night of racing.

    Last night was another successful night of racing at I37. Track is coming in and getting predictable and drivers are figuring it out. It reminds me a lot of RGS as it is becoming a slick but very raceable surface. Good car counts and lots of action. Somebody will post results Im sure. Our Sport Compact class is growing and the drivers are adapting to dirt from pavement rather nicely. Ages ranging from 67 to 16 and learning every race as am I. I want to thank I37 for having this venue and Im sure it will keep growing. Now if we could just figure a way to up the purse a little.............lol I know theres a lot more of you mini stock racers on the fence waiting to see how this deal goes. I tell you jump in and go. No need to look around, the racing is right here !
  19. This Saturday (4/8/17)

    Just a reminder I37 is racing this Saturday, April 8. Full card. I believe it is the only track within a few hundred miles that has a Sport Compact series as others host a Frontrunner series which is different. 4 cyl racers should look into this series if you want to race. Simple rules and rear wheel drive is included.
  20. Thank You I37

    I want to thank I37 Speedway for a wonderful opening night. Your staff was very professional and friendly. Your attention to detail was impressive considering you were definitely overwhelmed. It takes time to work in a track that has not been used in 5 years but we had a very race able surface. I liked what the Swenson Modified car did by blowing off a groove on top that nobody used and ultimately made the winning difference. This surface reminded me of the slick Rio Grande Speedway track of years past that required steady car control and horsepower was not king. The fact that you sold out of everything showed that racing is alive and well in central Texas. I saw people from all over. Also even with the challenges of having to create additional fan parking while also blading new pit parking plus running 6 classes with heats and features the racing was done early enough. I was paid, loaded up and driving out the gate by 12:00. Got home before daylight. Cant wait for the next race. On a very personal note thank you for adjusting your 4 cyl program to upgrade from a frontrunner only series to a Sport Compact series allowing front AND rear wheel drive cars. All but 2 cars were Sport Compacts from CTS and I'm sure some had never raced on dirt. I saw some wonderful and good looking cars that will be fierce competitors soon. There are a lot of mini stock/ Thunder Car/Sport Compact idle racers watching to see if they too will join the fun. The modern car the factory builds today has a chance to perform in front of an audience that drives home in a similar car. The movie "Fast 8" will be out in a couple of weeks and now that audience has a live show to enjoy as well. Pro Sedans........You might have to downgrade some but here's a place to race if your inclined. Thank you CTS Compacts for allowing me to be a part of your show. I now have to work on Thumper because he got wrote up by the safety crew. It seems seat belts dated 1998 and a window net made before they put dates will not satisfy track officials. Seems they are looking out for us and that feels great. Also thank you Jay for your wonderful photographs and coverage of all the races in general. I get to follow a lot going on other tracks thanks to you and Nick and others. Thank you Speedzone for being there. OK, I shut up now.
  21. Encumber.....

    Interesting definition for the word "encumber" After reading Reb"s British definition and 40 years pestering every promoter at every track while twisting the arms of anyone interested I came up with an example to use the word with. Trying to bring into the world of local oval track racing the modern generation with the modern car known as the "fast and furious" generation has been an "encumbered" effort. Its just crazy to me that so much talk goes on about how to fill the pits and stands does not include the largest overlooked group of car enthusiast in America today. In the past and currently up north the 4 cyl racer is a definite part of the show bring their own drivers ,pit crews, mechanics and fans that otherwise would be at the drag strip or street racing. Education and promotion would be an avenue to get a lot of todays car people off the streets and into the track just like what was done in the 50s to get kids off the street racing into the drag strip. Todays younger generation is into electronic devices and so are automobiles. I read a lot of forums from Sport Compact racers and they understand every electronic device of the car. Things like how to disarm a security device or bump up a RPM limiter. I read about failure of cam sensors, map sensors, air flow meters and some things I don't even know about. These guys are very smart and the information is shared openly. They are not running to the race shop to buy speed and possibly that's the source of the unpopularity. What they are doing is learning how to interchange parts from different models to enhance performance. Example : Using Dodge Caravan RR hubs on Chevys to avoid breakage. Did you know that ? Or what trans works best for gear ratio or what head on what engine makes the most power. A lot of talk about throttle bodies and intakes. In other words these guys are very knowledgeable and are great mechanics. For the most part they are not interested in how to build a monster Chevy V8 with race car shop parts. I hear so much about how nobody cares about mini stocks, Sport Compacts, Thunder Cars or whatever name chosen but the comments are always from the V8 crowd. Not knocking them, they are the feature show everywhere. But in todays world you only have a limited population that can even invest time and resources in oval track racing. Omitting this segment is not rational to me. There will never be a bunch of new racers coming from nowhere to build late models or modifieds or even pure stocks. Its like fishing, throwing the line a long distance even when the good fish are under the boat. But the F&F crowd usually are club types and seldom travel alone. Im too old now to make a difference but someday I hope to see Sport Compacts become as popular as stock cars of the 60s and 70s. Like the Honda racer that just won $12.000 in February In Georgia and another $5.000 in March in South Carolina with a factory built Honda. You will not read about him in any racing book because like the publishers tell me its all about who advertises in their magazine. We don't have to choose one type of race car over another in my opinion there's room for both. One day a really smart promoter will see this. Its always difficult to think out of the box. Just remember Sport Compact racing IS exactly like racing was in the "good old days" before everybody went to the race shops to buy parts. Grab a current model car and build it out of the junkyard. Only now you have to be pretty smart, not wealthy. BTW a good car like a top "Sport Compact Dirt Racing Association" entry is probably as fast as one of those "good old days" cars. Thank the factory for that !
  22. Race time near for I-37 and Texana !

    Which one are you going to ? Sport Compacts will be at I37.
  23. First race

    #77 Sport Compact, trying for rookie of the year.
  24. NASCAR

    I don't pretend to knw the politics but it seems to me NASCAR would benefit by having a road course race in Austin. Does not have to be Cup, trucks or Xfinity would be a good start. Taxpayers have invested a great deal in this facility and NASCAR is looking to recover an audience. Austin is close enough to draw from San Antonio,Houston, Dallas etc. That's a huge population. Seems a waste to not use this place. Maybe they should add a 1/2 mile paved oval.
  25. Sad end to another Texas track....

    I was lucky enough to race on this track a couple of times. It was home track for Joe Graham and family in Beaumont. Confirmed sold and will go away. What I remember was the tall metal walls and the "skinny" cars. Watching those guys fly around that track 2 and 3 wide sideways was a sight to see. Also those mini modifies with the big wings was cool. I wonder where the GT racers will go to race now ?