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  1. Event Entry Form

    Just talked to the guys in Tyler. 5 cars are coming and bringing 4 bad as bugs and an Essinger Ford.They race at Armadillo Speedway and I raced them at Waco. Don't be surprised if an old school beetle takes this deal. Along with its 76 year old driver! Please don't rain........we lost Waco this year.
  2. NASCAR must be proud!

    I like NASCAR and watch all the races from the 3 series.I was completely satisfied with Sundays race and all that happened after the 2 car took out the 20. I think the 20 would have won. I am a Kenseth fan since I watched him finish 6th in Bill Elliots car his first time to drive a Cup car.Now I have seen this kind of retaliation since my first race in 1969. It was part of the deal. If you nay sayers noticed Matt took care of business on a slow track while nobody else was involved. Mano A Mano. Not like the feud between Brad and Carl at Talladega. . Nobody got hurt but Joeys feelings. He even has a chance to still make the last cut. NASCAR will not let them really "have at it" or Matt would have kicked Joeys ass. His old mans too. At least that's what my team would have done. Still think its boaring?
  3. Update on South Texas Speedway

    Ken is not asking for anything that is not already expected of us.I for 1 have always given full support at whichever track Im involved with.I travel almost 300 miles to race and have done so for 21 years lately and for 2 years in the 80s.I see no reason to not give full support for 2016 as well. Hiteck theres no reason why the track should not race every week especially with the number of series available.Rotating classes keeps the show active AND gives teams time off.I always believed todays tracks need to be more of an outdoor sports arena with lots of activities not necessarly just dirt car racing.Things like concerts, bike ralleys, club events etc. RGS benifited greatly when the local chapter of the Gypsi Motorcycle Club became seriously involved. One nite we were even going to have a raceling nite with a full card of a wrestling show at halftime.There was a ring set up in the infield where our go cart track is now.We also had quads as a series, there a pretty big club and usually had over 20 racing 4 wheelers per event.We still need to figure out how to get the tuner croud vested here too. Compact racing is a great avenue for them. A mud drag pit also brought a croud we normally don't see and they are always looking for a place to hose events, aka a Sunday afternoon. Even a track and field event or a charity event could prosper the track and give people a place to host such things. The choices are limited only to the imagination of the promoter. I always thought it a good idea to team up with a professional promoter or orginazition that does that for a living to do just that outside of racing. STS can host a crowd, has lights and facilities to handle hundreds of people day or night.And the more money they make, the more they can pay us compacts. Its a win win deal. Why not start a thread about ideas for STS to host events and let our promoter look at them. Meantime no bitching and show up! Everyone is important to the world of racing, spectators, racers, sponsors, safety workers etc, 2016 looks very promising.
  4. Fall Classic has been Rescheduled

    Thank you Nathan for the update. Its going to be a little tougher to reschedule with all the big shows coming. Please keep us informed of the new date. Thanks, G.B.
  5. South Texas Speedway 2016 Schedule

    Thank you Ken and STS for giving the Sport Compacts another chance to develop. I love the "ALL INCLUDED" attitude you guys have. That's what works from my experience. Now I not only get to race some, I have a place to ride my bike to as well. I can get there early on an off day and enjoy the Turn 5 Bar as well. 2016 is going to be a BLAST!!!!!
  6. Fall Classic has been Rescheduled

    Is the track going to be ready by Thursday and is there another date if it is not? Thanks,
  7. South Texas Speedway 2016 Schedule

    Its good the compacts will still have a track.These guys deserve a chance. Now if we could just get the purse up to $500 to win that would also be great.
  8. Weather

    Thumper will be there hopefully for both shows.
  9. New Schedule

    Please keep us out of towners informed.
  10. New Schedule

    This is not a new idea,it has been done down the road at least a couple of time that I know of.What it does is its an incentive for those who crash a lot to drive more carefully in the first segment if they want to race in the second one.Its also a chance to possibly move ahead in points for those who care about such things. The weather has pretty much ruined this year so I applaud this idea as a way for a grand finish. I know a lot of people will complain but the real racers will be racing somewhere.Good luck to everyone and I hope to see you there on the 10th.
  11. Can you please post an entry form that can be printed from.Some people are asking how to register. I could not get the last one to work.Thanks..
  12. LLMS wanting to stay at STS

    In my opinion the LLMs and the Sport Compacts have something in common. STS has 6 regular classes now plus karts and now bikes so the fact is there is just not time to add weak classes like ours.Compacts because of low car counts and LLMs because of the time required to run your races. STS has been battling late conclusions for a while. I have seen over the years classes go and come but lately its the tracks that are going as shown by Edna the latest. Its a tough deal but its reality.I do know ridicule toward the track is not the answer. Compacts don't care about points,our deal is not being taken serious by the V8 guys and looked down on.Its a shame because finally our class is beginning to get new interest. My recommendation to you guys is take any opportunity offered and be grateful, least you fade away like so many other series. But yes, our promoter has spoken. The bombers have taken our slots.So now what?
  13. No rain in the forecast!

    I hope the rain stays away,Its been tough to promote the compacts when we only race a couple of times a year.Im just glad I don't have a ton of money or time invested.Im guessing so are the others. All that aside the compacts are scheduled to race Sat,only 2 chances to get ready for our big end of year race. See you all Sat.
  14. Bomber Rules

    Its great that STS is looking for the least expensive way for the average working stiff to get involved with the sport so many of us enjoy and I hope this bomber deal can do it.With todays economy few people have the extra dough to invest. that's one reason many have left the sport Just a brief look at history,another man had the same idea.Many people thought he was nuts but he treaded on with his vison.His name was Donnie Yocum and to me a hero because he always had the common man (working stiff) in mind with his promotions.He went to the city impound auctions and bought every car that looked like it might still run and started putting roll bars to sell/loan to potential racers.By example others started doing the same.The result was the biggest most exciting racing CC Speedway had for a while.They were not fast but full of action.So this class has been proven to work if done right. What Im reading on this thread has me concerned.I see people with good intentions have bad ideas that I have also seen in my, 46 years.The talk about who should be allowed to race can and WILL be a destructive force.Its great to say give the newbees a chance but what happens is its impossible to enforce without somebody being a dictator pointing fingers.At RGS this evolved into the majority deciding with witch hunts.First it was no modified drivers in Thunder cars.Then it became no past Thunder car champions allowed to return.Then it was somebody who wins a lot bumped out.It even evolved into modified drivers not allowed in hobby stocks,a real race car class.The word "experienced" became a deadly term that would end a lot of racers tenure.Some racers were pulled from their class in their first year.What happened was it was racer against racer and the bad blood spilled over the entire facility.Hate is an evil germ that is easily spread in places you don't imagine.Reading this thread its already started. Let me give you an example.Lets say I decided I want to race one of these bombers.I have not raced a modified for over 10 years but If I raced one of these bombers it would be a good car with an experienced driver and I plan to win. How long before somebody complains because their new driver is not winning."Kick that guy out!" becomes the chant.OK, I brought a few friends to also get into racing and now they are angry because one of theirs has been axed.Now some other series racers are angry because some of theit friends have been put on the outside.Soon its a big mess.So the question is. WHO DECIDES who is allowed in this cherry picked series.It becomes a handful of the "special" ones.Boom the series is killed becaust it lost site of the very reason it was formed, Inexpensive racing.I have seen this at more than one place.Its always the same result. You cant force someone to spend money they don't have. This "moving up" crap is just that. Rookies benefit the most learning from people who know stuff and you cant make rules that make winners out of lesser talent.You want this class to grow,open it to EVERYONE.If your worried about a ringer, put a claim rule on the car. Don't witch hunt the driver entry list.I will never forget what Mr Youum told me the first nit I raced for him. "Racing is expensive and Im not going to let you spend one dime more than you have to!" Words to live by for most. Bad idea to already cherry pick the roister.It cant be enforced.Only manilupited. Its your deal,you decide what works best.Eligibility by popular vote or an open door policy for everyone. We from the south learned the hard way what happens when a track becomes a private club.Its a memory now. Good Luck.
  15. Alright Mini Stocks who has the stones?

    OK guys. I just talked to the promoter to clarify the tire deal.It is any street tire for any car,grooving allowed including TPS slicks OR your home track rules tires. This means the frontrunners and eco stocks may upgrade from the OEM tires required at home.Mike you CAN groove your slicks and Edna can run your track tires as well as Armadillo Raceway in Taylor and H.O.T. Raceway in Waco. Please correct me if this is not correct.I am not an official, just trying to help get info out. And quit picking on Thumper. (lol) any liquid enhancement is strictly medicinal I cant imagine anyone being intimidated by an old, blind, crippled over the hill fart in a 35 year old car but thanks for the thought. Hope to see everybody at this race.We don't use transponders and no age restrictions. or driver restrictions from other series. Comegetsome !
  16. Sept 26th

    I just got confirmation the Compacts are on the STS card for Sept 26th.That makes 2 races left before the big Nov race. Time flies.
  17. Weather

    Next week?
  18. Weather

    In Harlingen we got real dark and looked like a torrid storm, then it went away and got hot again.
  19. Sept 12th

    Just a reminder the Compacts are on the card for Sept 12th.The open invitation is there as always. Great time to prep for our big race. Come get some to get ready for "Come Get Some"
  20. Pures vs factory (Stock)

    Just curious but how new are the latest year model cars in either division, I don't remember any RWD cars in about 20 years , am I mistaken?
  21. OK,the 2013 STS tire rule was any street tire with any treadwear number,205 max diameter with 50 to 70 aspect ratio,any wheel size 13 to 17 inch,any combination is allowed.Also the same year we merged the RGS Thunder cars and their tire rule was max of 235. Edna uses Hooser dirt bosses,CTS and others say only what came on the car.The Texas Thunders at CCS tire were 7 inch max thread.That's why the compacts are using the 2015 rules posted on the homepage.
  22. I am trying to find the current rules but I know theres no restriction on grooving any tire.
  23. 2016 Info

    Not my business but when RGS started allowing old modifieds to become super stocks it killed the class.Its all about weight distrubition.The driver and engine location plus the weight of the chassis allowed for more rear %s. and easier weight placement.The limiteds use a more complete frame so maybe not such an issue.But I have raced a unibody car against frame cars and they have advantages.Just remember splitting the class has very negative results so be careful.The outdated sport mods might be better served as eco mods.JMO.
  24. The Compacts are on the card for Sept 12th for anyone wanting to get practice for the big race.Racing the track will result in a better finish than a big engine will.This is a very challenging track as shown by the comments from the other classes drivers.Im excited for a chance to race any TPS cars on MY track since they always spank me on theirs.I have read they were considering adding some dirt racing to their program so this is an excellent opportunity for everyone to see the results. Even the NASCAR trucks are at El Dora now. For me its the chance to race for a real purse and against some serious competition that makes the big races attractive.I don't worry about who wins as much as going all out for a shot.The open comp mini races are almost non existent now.I understand why the rules are so open,there are too many differences between tracks and series to make everybody happy.We will see which series has the best rules package for this track in this race. Remember the invitation has been open at STS for the past couple of years.This one race is no different.A 3 day party with some racing thrown in? Outtasite. I think some other classes are also racing.