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  1. Practice went great. Weather was perfect and track was very drivable. For $20.00 I got to run laps until I was tired. Cheapest afternoon of entertainment a person could have. my car, after all, was built to driven not collect dust. Cant wait for the next one in 2 weeks. If I had a kart I would be racing it right now. There is talk (mostly by me) about maybe adding mini stocks to the kart program as a support class. Who is interested ?
  2. Test and Tune

    You haven't seen HiTeck drive ?
  3. Test and Tune

    Lawrence just confirmed its on. HiTec, looks like I get to test my Sport Compact against your Pro Sedan ?
  4. Its official, next Sat, Jan 20 from noon to dark will be a test and tune day At L87 Speedway. $20 bucks a head. Test you car before your season starts. Money in being invested in to facility, great cause. Thumper will be there !
  5. Test and Tune

    Confirmed yet ?
  6. Back to the question. I have raced both asphalt and dirt and love both. The problem as I see it is the same for both, that is the cost of owning/running a race track just got too expensive. With that this cost was somewhat pushed onto to the shoulders of those who are actually the product being sold. This leaves too little for the performers to reap, thus the track becomes more like a club than a contest. The result is the majority of average people are left out of the game. This leads to a diminished interest in the sport overall. After watching the same show a couple of times with nobody to relate to the interest gets lost. The key to success is an open door policy that brings the average Joe back to the competition. With him comes his family, then friends. Each team has a fan base. But look at todays racing and you have a limited number of teams to root for. Back to the cost......a working man or woman with a family usually only has about a hundred dollars a paycheck to spend on entertainment. So how can they spend that hundred at a pit gate to get in and still have money for a car ? Add to that most of todays cars are not built in the junkyard but rather bought from speed shops. Alas the numbers shrink. Now the biggest killer, the prize money. Even cowboys rely on the purse to peruse their sport and for the "average Joe" racer its no different. But look at how its dished out. The top prize money goes to the most expensive cars even though it does very little to enhance their racing budget. The least expensive cars receive the smallest prize money even though a bigger purse would increase the car numbers greatly because more people could afford to get involved. Bring down the entry fee and you will have the numbers needed to make money. Drag racing provides this avenue. Its little cost to enter and most don't need a dedicated car to do it. As far as dirt tracks, they have experienced the same level of closures as the asphalt tracks, there were just more of them so some survived. But for how long will the racers be able to carry them if they cannot make the needed profits by selling the show ? Imagine Willy Nelson being told he must pay a hundred dollars to perform rather than collecting a paycheck. Now imagine ALL musical entertainers having to do the same thing. How many music halls would close ? Some point to northern tracks success but look at their purses. Start money sometimes equals win money at the poorer tracks. Again some of the burden of overhead is lifted from the talent and put on the shoulders of the promoters, as it should be. My solution......host some inexpensive classes like pure stocks, bombers, mini stocks and sport compacts. Make the gate fee low and the purse big. Bring in the big numbers and make profit from selling tickets and concessions along with pictures, T shirts and other related items. Have a band for halftime break and after the races while people are leaving. Change up the show often to make every visit a littler different. We still sell the same show that was playing 50 years ago, only the cars are different. And most importantly have a track with LOW overhead so some of the profit goes to the players rather than overhead. Those tracks up north carve a track into a cornfield, sit on boxes and host a hundred or two cars. We could learn a lot from WWE as they are the absolute best at promoting. They sell out at every event, the longest lasting tv episodically series ever and have more fans on the internet than football, basketball, baseball, soccer combined. And they sell fake feuds and fighting with the same players every week. But the storyline is always changing to keep interest and the performers are really talented professionals. Imagine what they could do with a real competition like circle track racing. That being said the cost of a pavement track has become prohibitive to a larger degree than a dirt track. Asphalt work is expensive and location is expensive as well. With the economy improving now is the best chance for success we have seen in a great while. Lets hope for the best all around.
  7. Test and Tune

    Is the test and tune day still being considered for Jan 20 ?
  8. 2018

    So Im guessing the answer is no.
  9. Mini Stocks

    Most people thought they were done with me but not so. I have been talking to people around the state about the small cars. What I have discovered is the attitude toward us has improved greatly. Many tracks are supporting us like I37, 281 and Rosebowl where they have 2 classes. Very encouraging. That being said it seems that old school mini stocks have given way to stock front wheel drive "pure stock" type of cars and that's great but leaves out a lot of older race cars for a place to race. So I'm asking if there is any interest by both racers and promoters in again hosting/participating in small cars that actually are race cars. Not necessary high dollar fire breathers but more in the line of Thunder cars that were so successful at RGS, CCS, and STS in the past. Done properly this could include Pro Sedans as well as the Mustangs that are sitting about. I have raced with all level of small cars and have discovered the modern car can make a wonderful mini stock that can compete with the fast RWD cars of the past and only need small modifications. At I37 it was a stock Saturn that won most races against a few mini stocks including myself. Considering I run in the top 4 or 5 at outlaw events by only changing tires, this tells me a car like that can also win an outlaw race with a few minor changes. So what I'm asking for is opinions and to see if there is any interest in resurrecting a series like Thunder Cars before I start petitioning promoters for an opening. Or is mini stock racing really finished. If so, is there any interest in a Sport Compact series in Corpus Christi ? Or is I37 the closest track south for small cars ? It is alive and doing well there. Nationwide ,Sport Compact racing is booming. Like the SCDRA traveling series purses paying 5 grand to win for the most part. Every track should have a small car series as most involved will never become big car teams. Why leave that part of society out ? Happy New Year everybody. Hope its great for you.
  10. Kart racing this weekend

    Hoping great success for L87 race track. With the closing of Gator in Houston we are reminded how fragile our sport is and the opening of this track brings with it new optimism that the sport can survive and flourish. The location is perfect and the people are wonderful and I am hoping for the possibility for the mini stock world could do a Phoenix and resurrect itself at such a great new beginning. Most of us just want to have a place to be a part of. Happy New Year.
  11. Wishing you great success. Also hoping STS can again find space to bring back mini stock racing, a series that has been an important part for so many over the years but has been orphaned for the recent times in Corpus. Happy New Year.
  12. Gator Motorplex announces end of racing

    I was lucky enough to race this track in the 2 big mini stock races and really loved this track. Thank you.
  13. Texas track list (paved, dirt, drag)

    Might have to add L87 Speedway to your list for 2018.
  14. 2018

    There are many parked cars around the state.
  15. pit parking

    Where is the non paid parking ?