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  1. Sport compact for sale $2100

    It would be cool to have Thunder Cars again. Its was very successful. Now days 4 cyl cars are only mini bombers at the few tracks that have them. This car would do great at Rose Bowl in Tyler TX.
  2. When

    When is the next show ?
  3. Congrats to Jamie Garner in the #33 Sport Compact for the Championship win. He proved an old guy in a VW can still get it done. Volkswagen has won EVERY feature race in the Compacts since Oct 2017. And Jamie knows his way around a track
  4. Nascar Martinsville

    40 cars racing on a 1/2 mile track with very little crashing is an amazing feat. Where else does this happen ?
  5. Nascar Martinsville

    I enjoyed this race like I enjoy all NASCAR races. This one was better than most , I wish we could have seen all the action because it was all over. Great job NASCAR, that's what getting back to grass roots racing is all about. Don't worry about the whiners, they don't driver race cars anyway. I bet real drivers appreciated how these NASCAR drivers handle their cars and manage their cars for a long run. I know for myself at asphalt tracks I have had to wait many laps to make a pass. When the car in front of you wiggles you know the time is near. These drivers don't make the rules or pick the tracks but do an amazing job of car control. Our local tracks are lucky if 2 drivers can do 5 side by side laps without crashing. These cats do it for over 3 hours. Wish I was one of them. Now to NASCAR. Get more short tracks on the schedule. Make the cars tougher. Let the drivers go for it. And a Flying Carlucci occasionally cant hurt. Just keep it televised.
  6. Talladega

    Well I don't know about the money thing but I do know there is no local track anywhere near where I live. At least no oval track. We do have a huge drag racing community and mud trucks are a big deal as well. I just happen to prefer oval track racing and NASCAR provides that for me and a lot of other people around here. There's not much on TV about local tracks. That does not mean I love everything NASCAR does. Most tracks are too big and the cars are too fragile for real grass roots racing. More like airplanes, they are victims of aerodynamics way too much. This could explain why venues like Bristol and Martinsville have the bigger followings. You have heard the saying "rubbing is racing" and indeed in the early days it was. But today a simple rub can eliminate a drivers chances because wind is deflected wrong or a fender rubs a tire to blow. No rubbing, no racing ? NASCAR incorrectly thinks just speed in enough to keep people on the edge of their seats and possibly live it might. But watch what happens when a leader for an hour or so suddenly has an issue and a couple of others catch up and the race begins. The announcers ask "will he move him over" Everyone wants to know the answer. 3 1/2 hours of buzzing engines for a few minutes od suspense. Well, its worth it for me, I don't care about people chasing balls. Now my idea would be put some bumpers and reinforcement in the bodies and let them rub and race. Slow them down if needed, forget the air and let engines and suspensions be what the drivers control to get the lead. Old school. If you want to race airplanes, go to the airport. The reason dirt track racing is so popular at some areas is it IS contact racing. Could be the same at asphalt tracks, if fact it WAS at CC Speedway a decade or two ago. Wake up NASCAR, you have lost your roots. This is my bashing NASCAR. A suggestion how to improve. Hopefully I'm not stupid enough to " kill the man with the money" and have to learn drag racing instead. The diggers have already figured this racing deal out.
  7. Talladega

    I find it amazing how so many people get on here and preach about not bashing a track but at the same time cut our top tier events to shreds. That's so hypocritical. I like NASCAR, its a pleasant diversion to my everyday life. I agree with toyotatim, if you don't like it don't watch. Stay with your local tracks that are only a private club for members only to show off how much money they can blow. No wonder racing has lost so much appeal. It has nothing for the average fan. So preach to the choir, leave us NASCAR fans to at least one thread.
  8. I-37 Speedway updates 10/6/18

    Today is the first time to see this thread. I would like to clear something up. The DQs last race had less to do with the cars and everything to do with the class itself. Like at every track, the mini stocks (regardless of what name is used) are full of passion but most lack the resources to be involved with store bought cars. That passion boils over and usually lands in the lap of the top person running the facility Now consider that the upper management already has distain for this series and the noise being made by them its no surprise the top man had enough and came down from the office to "show" the officials how to handle things. Although my car was accepted by part of management as being an invited car it did not fit the exact interpretation being used that night. My car was built for Corpus under their Sport Compact rules which allowed for front and rear loops. Nothing hidden, I asked for and was granted permission to race my car as is by management and teck. Was checked at teck pad over 30 times and 2 annual inspections. The only changes required were a new window net and seat belts as 1999 was not considered up to date. No different that how the Pro Sedans allowed invited non series cars to compete with some basic restrictions. Now it would be silly to think nobody noticed my braced radiator support until 2 years later. Nay it was not the car but actually the complaining many of the members of the series irritated top management to the point he made this deliration to shut us up. Over the years we have argued and fought publically at every track we have raced at. Nothing new about that, we are our own worse enemies and Hiteck you know that as well as anybody. Its in the archives if you want to look it up. Now on a personal note, when told I was not allowed to race my car anymore,(I could not change it to meet their standards) I was done. Now me, like the Pro Sedans have no home. In Texas mini stocks are defined as mini bombers and that series is doing fine. I don't agree how that track carved into that nights lineup and DQed 2 of the top 6 cars at the top of the points 2 races before the end but its their right. My point is, I did not go there to cheat. A 420 mile round trip is too costly to risk. Me and the 57 were just tools being used to clean house. The problem is, and even Nick would agree, people complaining. Weather on public media, in personal messages or by phone, if you irritate top management eventually you spur a response that might not be what you expect. So race your cars, not your mouths least you become a tumbleweed. Nick, this is not bashing.
  9. Not sure what your getting at.
  10. Is this new asphalt track really happening ? If so, will they race 4 cyl cars ? And will they be real race cars or mini bombers ? I have a SCCA pavement car that would be a good oval car is why Im asking.
  11. Publication

    Does anyone know of any publications about how to set up and tune a FWD car's chassis ? There's a ton of info fro RWD but I have not seen any tunning guides for Compacts. Steve Smith makes mini stock manuals but again its RWD. Seems like an untapped market. Thanks.
  12. Another NASCAR discussion

    NASCAR has lost touch with todays car enthusiasts as they still use dinosaur technology Push rod engines are obsolete. Cookie cutter cars are boring. RWD doesn't exist much anymore. Racing in general is still selling the same show for 50 years. The "fast and the furious" crowd are todays hot-rodder.. What oval track has cars that interest them ? They are at the drag strip. All we do is preach to the choir. Now with this in mind and seeing what's going on around the Country, I think a new series is badly needed. It would be a 6 cyl, front wheel drive car like we drive today. The cars would be set up to race oval, suspension and tires. Soup up the engines and make them race cars. Then more people might be interested because they can relate, just like the old days. Modern cars with modern parts including fuel injection, overhead cam, multi valve and VTEC. They would be very fast, cheaper and have more variety. No modern cars race today except for Sport Compacts.. This new series could be the new "street stocks" or something like that. New challenges for builders, mechanics and drivers. Unpredictable performances. "NEW" is what's missing.
  13. General Rules Question

    I don't see a problem with any car running with a higher class if it conforms with the rules. Sometimes you need the car count to make a show. Making a show is what sells tickets. Sometimes a written rule needs to deal with intent. If a rule is unfavorable, petition the track for a change just like I have been doing to try to get our 2017 Sport Compact Champion permission to race compacts again, seeing he has a ready car and we need more cars. I don't agree racing a pure stock is "moving up" from a winning compact, a fact that was proven at STS when some compacts actually raced with them. To me it would be like a Frontrunner running with the Sport Compacts and placing high up. If its fits, go for it. Every class can use more cars, there's never too many. JMO. Now the STS/ compact deal was not fair because of the weight requirement so that's different.