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  1. Price not being listed can be an indicator it’s priced “high” jmo

    To soft now days guys busy taking selfies, posting on Facebook or whatever, most would call cops before they took a punch , can’t spank your child heck you gotta watch what you say online .. if someone doesn’t like it or agree.. censorship or get banned off sites
  3. not racing

    Amen, God bless America
  4. 2016 South Texas Nationals status

    Don't know what happened to some of my post but as a racer and a spectator as well as the 12 adults in our party , that was our honest opinion , it wasn't aimed at any person or definitely not track or promoter , I had nothing but praise for them , this was over a dozen spectators opinion of mini stocks , It's pretty sad that it can't be left and I don't understand it , but only on speedzone.
  5. 2016 South Texas Nationals status

    Hi tech I would of loved to see that ! That would of made for a heck of a race , if you ever need a hand in a pinch getting a car ready all you have to do is ask , I'll be there
  6. 2016 South Texas Nationals status

    Great show and great effort by all involved to make it happen tonight after all the rain , hats off to you !
  7. Feature Night Firecracker Spectacular

    Excellent job on covering the race top shelf 12, thanks , very much appreciated
  8. July 2nd and 3rd

    You wrote a book and still didn't get any interest ? Great effort thumper

    That's a reasonable request,
  10. 5-21-16 race at SOS

    Hoping shady Oaks has a great car turnout especially with all rainouts , we're headed south tonight for sure
  11. may 21

    Lmao hi tech
  12. 20,000th post!

    In my opinion (and many others I'm sure) your by far the best at what you do, and pretty cool guy to talk to , thank you reb for all you do for racing
  13. How many sport mods were there Friday?